Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod Review – Affordable Strength & Quality Parts

Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod Review – Affordable Strength & Quality Parts

Like so many other sporting activities that require equipment to enjoy, fishing gear comes in a wide range of value. Offshore fishing rods are the same way. Anglers want top of the line rods like those that Seeker, CalStar, and Phenix put forth. But more often than not, paying top dollar isn’t the right choice. It isn’t for the beginner. Nor does it always fit into the profile of the avid saltwater angler. The danger in going away from high end brands is ending up with a stick that fails or doesn’t stand up to the job. The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod drops safely out of that “most expensive fishing rod” category. Penn Bluewater Carnage rods do this by offering outstanding strength and quality components, at a price fishermen can afford. Let’s get right into the review.


Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod


The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod Review

Product: Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods.

Overall Ranking: 90 out 100.

Price: Middle to Lower Middle.

Owner/Company: Pure Fishing, Inc.


Intro To The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod

Before getting into the description of the Penn Bluwater Carnage Rod, note that many of the models are out of stock. The reason being that the Bluewater Carnage series appears to be going bye bye. It seems the Carnage II series is repalcing them. There’s only the Boat Casting model left on the Penn website, though a few still for sale from other sellers. Click any of the big links to check prices. There’s some pretty good deals on the last few models.

Calling points of the Penn Carnage Bluewater Rod start with a one piece blank of graphite composite fiber. Blanks have a woven fiber finish that serves to both reinforce the rod and protect the inner material. Handles are different per model, but use EVA grips and strong Fuji reels seats. You’ll also see the torque fore grips at the top of the handles. Line guides change per model as well, but stay consistently Fuji or Aftco roller guide. Hardloy inserts make a fine choice in addition to Fuji frames with a wider ring footprint. You can see why Bluewater Carnage rods are no big secret to offshore anglers.

Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod Models, Specifications, & Features

Bluewater Carnage Rod Models

Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod

These rods are bouncing out quick but it’s still worth going over the ones still available. When the full line was running, anglers could get Bluewater Carnage rods in 3 spinning and 14 casting models. The jigging rods exist in 5 spinning and 5 casting models. Finally, the Bluewater Carnage trolling rod is a 6 foot long heavy power model that uses Aftco roller guides. There are three categories of models as you can see below:

  • Penn Bluewater Carnage Boat Rods
  • Bluewater Carnage Jigging Rods
  • Penn Bluewater Carnage Trolling Rod

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Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod Specifications

Boat Rods

Penn Bluewater Carnage RodOf the models available,  you’ll see 3 boat rods and one jigging rod. The first boat rod is a 6’6″ heavy power rod that rates for 30 – 80 pound mono line. It’s model # is CARBW3080C66 and it uses a total of 8 line guides. Guides use the Fuji LR Turbo frames and Hardloy inserts on this model. It does use the J style handle you see in the image with the aluminum Fuji reel seat.

Second on the list of boat rods is the Penn Bluewater Carnage wire line. The listing is correct in calling it a trolling rod, though it’s 7 feet 10 inches long with 9 line guides. It does use tungsten carbide guide rings that are durable enough for wire line.  The model # on this rod is CARBW3080C80WL and it rates for 30 – 80 mono or 80 wire line. Wire line works perfect for deep trolling without having to use dropper weights. Check handle style K in the image for reference.

Third on the list of boat rods is the CARBW700XL. Another casting rod model that stretches out to 7 feet, the 700XL offers medium light power. 10 – 25 pound mono line works perfect as it flows through 10 Fuji N Flared Frames. Inserts return to Hardloy for strength and durability. 700XL Bluewater Carnage rods feature the C style slick butt handle.

Penn Bluewater Carnage Jigging Rod

The jigging rods exist in 5 different models, with only the 5′ 8″ model still  available. This beast rates for 80 – 130 pound line and comes with 8 Fuji guides plus the tip. Yes the inserts are Hardloy and tough graphite Fuji reel seats sit between split grip EVA handles.

Features Of The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod

Graphite Composite Blanks

One piece blanks of fiber composite graphite material make the base of each Bluewater Carnage rod. Blanks also have a woven outside wrap before the final resin clear coat goes on. This extra woven layer protects the blank from ding damage and acts to reinforce for even more rod strength.

Quality Fuji Line Guides

Fuji frames are high quality components for line guides. Notice that the 6’6″ boat rod uses Fuji LR Turbo frames while the 5’8″ jigging rod employs Fuji SS “HN” flared frames. The only model that parts from Fuji guides is the 7’10” wire line rod which uses a stainless steel double foot frame.

Hardloy Inserts

Penn Bluewater Carnage RodFuji and Hardloy are partners in guide making, with Fuji specializing in frames and Hardloy in inserts. The Hardloy insert claims a wider and more stable grip around the ring frame. Hardloy inserts use a an incredibly strong aluminum oxide material that stands up to the beating fishing line applies.

Tungsten Alloy Inserts

Normal aluminum oxide and alconite inserts won’t hold up to wire line. It takes hard tempered steel to resist the metal properties of wire line. Tungsten alloy is the material of choice for this job and you see its use in that long 7’10” trolling rod.

Fuji Reel Seats

Reel seats are Fuji graphite units on select models. Check the handle type in the image and you’ll see if the rod uses an aluminum reel seat or Fuji graphite.

Split EVA Handles With Torque Grip

All Penn Bluewater Carnage rods use a split style grip with the reel seat in the middle. You’ll also find what Penn call their torque grip at the top most section of the upper grip. It’s a diamond shape taper that brings the handle to blank and helps the angler resist rod twist.

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Pros And Cons Of The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod


Performance fishing gear at an affordable price describes the Penn Bluewater Carnage rod series. Pair these rods accordingly with a Penn Fathom, Penn Torque, or other conventional reel of your choice. While companies are clearing these discontinued rods out, angler can find an even better deal. That’s their strongest pro at the moment.


The biggest con that exists is the lack of choice as the final rods blow out.

Which Offshore Angler Benefits The Most Using Bluewater Carnage Rods?

Penn Bluewater Carnage RodIt’s easy to see with the remaining models. There’s a great deep trolling rod for anglers that know the use of wire line. The heavy 6’6″ model makes a great tuna stick and there’s the lighter 700X. Finally the short 5’8″ jigging rod is perfect for flipping live bait or fast vertical jigging.

Penn Fishing Rod Support

All Penn products come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Getting help from Penn is as simple as a visit to their website and a click on their customer support link. There you’ll find a list of frequent questions, maintenance suggestions, customer support phone number, email form, and more.

Closing Out The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod Review

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100 offshore anglers approve of Penn Bluewater Carnage rods.

As Penn Carnage II rods move in to take the place of the Bluewater series, it’s worth getting your hands on one of the last few models. There aren’t too many model choices left, unfortunately, but take advantage of great rates if you happen to see a style that works for your angling needs. Tight lines anglers and farewell til next time. Keep those hooks wet and rods bent.



  1. Ben

    I have a Penn Bluewater Carnage (CARB W 1525 C 70LB) 7′, with ratings: “15# – 25# mono; 20# – 50# braid”. What is this rod good for, and what reel would be a good match? I usually go on overnight boats out of SD, currently (summer 2020) targeting BFTs (hoping for smaller ones). I already have a 9′ rod with a Torium 16 which I use to toss surface iron, or yoyo jig. And I have a TLD 20 I inherited that I use to flyline sardines (though it’s not a great reel for that). I’d be happy to sell the Penn, it’s never been used. Thank you.

    1. I don’t own that rod though I’ve had the pleasure of testing one out. It has incredible action for casting as I was throwing out a Shimano Orca jig.

      For use? Yellowtail or pretty much anything else on the inside. White Sea Bass? Yes! Penn makes the Fathom in a 25, 25 narrow, or 30 star drag. That would be my choice of pairing.

      I haven’t got into trading or buying/selling equipment here…..yet. But I’ll leave your comment to be seen and who knows? Maybe you’ll get a hit if you want to sell.

      Thanks for the comment and tight lines! Geoff.

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