Kicker Jigs Review – Heavy Deck Thud Is The Kicker

Kicker Jigs Review – Heavy Deck Thud Is The Kicker

I call it the heavy deck thud. It happens when one, two, or more men pull a heavy fish over the boat rail. Army drum flapping often follows the sound of the heavy deck thud, and Kicker Jigs makes it all happen. Kicker keeps the design of their iron jigs simple, but the color schemes complex. Yellowtail, jack crevalle, tuna, amber jack, dorado, and wahoo hone in like a radar on Kicker surface and yo yo iron lures. Since 1998 Kicker Jigs has been perfecting the art of saltwater iron design. They make a fine addition to any jig rod and reel combo.


Kicker Jigs
An Assortment Of Kicker Iron Jigs

Product: Kicker Jigs. Iron lures for surface or yo yo style fishing.

Overall Ranking: 92 out of 100.

Price: Mid range.

Company: Kicker Fishing. A privately held company.


Introduction To Kicker Jigs

Kicker Jigs
Calico Bass

Much in the style of Tady, Salas, and Sumo iron lures, Kicker makes jigs for offshore casting fishermen. Using an iron mold with the right curves and weight, Kicker adds colorful laminates in a huge variety of patterns. The success of Kicker Jigs is apparent on the videos cast by Radio Silence Fishing. Another sign of popularity shows in the out of stock products in the Kicker Jigs line on any given day. Let’s reel the Kicker iron jig in to take a closer look.

Models, Specifications, & Features Of Kicker Jigs

Kicker Jigs Models

When it comes to patterns, Kicker Jigs has a huge selection, many ideal for inshore bass fishing. The senorita fish will bring calico bass out in droves. As far as design goes, Kicker Jigs really does keep their iron simple. Not withstanding out of stock product, you’ll have 4 model choices in Kicker iron lures. Each model does have their own line of color patterns. Check the models below:

• 15 Light     • 15 Heavy     • 25 Light     • 25 Heavy


Click For Kicker Patterns And Prices On Amazon

Specifications Of Kicker Jigs

Kicker Jigs
Feathered Golden Soldier

It’s unfortunate that at this time the only models I have to offer are size 25. I will go through them all for the purpose of the review. There’s two basic specifications that mix to make 4 designs. You have either light or heavy iron, light being for surface and heavy for the yo yo. There’s also 2 different sizes, the 15 or the 25. All Kicker jigs have solid welded rings and come with treble hooks.

Size 15 Light Kicker iron lures are 5.25″ long and weigh 1.75 ounces. They come in 21 different color combinations of which 10 are currently out of stock.

Kicker Jigs
Senorita Fish

The calico bass patterns seem to sell like hot cakes!

Size 15 Heavy Kicker iron lures are the same 5.25″ long, but jump up to 4 ounces in weight. Kicker offers these jigs in 17 different patterns of which only 4 are currently sold out.

Size 25 Light Kicker iron lures are 6.5″ in length an weigh 2.5 ounces. They come in 42 different color schemes, of which 5 are out of stock.

Size 25 Heavy Kicker iron lures are 6.5″ long just like their lighter counterparts. Weight jumps up to 6.5 ounces, which is 2.5 ounces heavier than their size 15 yo yo iron. Size 25 Heavy Kicker jigs come in 15 color choices, with 2 popular patterns out of stock.

Note: Stock levels in this review reflect those at the time of its writing, and will fluctuate over time.

Features Of Kicker Jigs

  • Strong Cast Iron Molds: It doesn’t do any good to drop an iron and watch it snap in half. That’s poor quality iron and you wouldn’t want it holding a precious yellowtail. Kicker uses only the strongest composition of iron in their molds.
  • Welded Steel Rings: Quality of iron is also important because it holds the ring and the hook. Kicker iron jigs use quality steel and a strong weld to complete the tie on ring.
  • Quality High Strength Treble Hooks: Another important feature to any iron lure is the quality of hook. Cheap treble hooks will bend out way too easily or worse, they can break. Kicker uses only quality treble hooks.
  • Enormous Color & Pattern Selection: One of the top features of Kicker iron lures is their many choices in appearance. Kicker offers all the standard patterns for the basic tackle set. They’re a blessing, however, for jig fishing enthusiasts that eternally seek to enhance their selection of iron.
  • Feather Options: Some of the patterns include a fixed feathering onto the treble hook. Feathers match the colors of the iron and add another effect for fish to chase after.


Check Kicker Patterns And Prices On Amazon

Pros And Cons Of Kicker Jigs

Pros Of Kicker Jigs

Kicker Jigs

You want a surface or yo yo iron to kick during the retrieve, which is exactly what Kicker Jigs makes its name after. The kicking action is what drives fish crazy.


Besides building all around quality iron lures, Kicker makes some truly unique patterns. The ones you see in the images here are some of the catchier styles, but only a small glimpse of Kicker’s full offering.

Cons Of Kicker Jigs

The lack of size 15 iron to offer is a bit of a bummer, but is just for the time being. The word from Kicker is that they’re only starting with the 25 and will be adding the 15 lures shortly. Hopefully, they continue to add more models than just the size 15 and 25. You’ll notice that companies like Tady have a few more models. Finally, an option in siwash hooks would also make a good feature for anglers that like a single hook iron.

Who Will Put Kicker Jigs To The Best Use?

Kicker iron lures get the job done along the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Coast. They’ll work for hungry striper and even some freshwater applications. If you’re not already into casting iron, it may be time to grab a jig stick and join this group of anglers.

Kicker Jigs Customer Support

Visit for customer support. I can report that using their email support will get a quick response. It took less than half an hour to hear back after using it myself.

Final Opinion Of Kicker Jigs

Kicker Jigs
Nice Calico Bass On A Kicker Iron Jig

Overall Ranking: 92 out of 100 jig fishermen approve of Kicker Jigs.

If there’s a reason to go away from such brands as Salas, Tady. and Sumo, it’s Kicker Jigs.


Pricing goes right along with all these major names, if not a little bit less.


The major value comes through by getting the same quality iron with a new range of effective patterns. Check out the Tetra Foil for flashing brilliance. Don’t miss the calico, golden senorita, or bird poop paintings.


They kick out at you, but more importantly, they kick butt attaching to fish.



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