Daiwa Sealine Reviews – X SL X40SHA

Daiwa Sealine Reviews – X SL X40SHA

Daiwa Sealine Reviews

The latest in my series of fishing product reviews. Other Daiwa Sealine reviews pale in comparison to a personal review, written by a personal user of the product.

Product: Daiwa Sealine Reel X SL X40SHA.

Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100 people.

Price: Low Range.

Owners: Globeride, Inc. A Japanese outdoor manufacturing company.

Website: http://www.daiwa.com/

Intro to Daiwa Sealine Reviews

There are countless product reviews out in the web wilderness. Few of them boast product knowledge through direct consumer experience. This is what’s lacking in most Daiwa Sealine reviews, and what you’ll find here.

The Daiwa Sealine X SL X40SHA is a perfect choice for beginners. You’ll also find it in many experienced fishermen’s collections. The value of these reels makes them worth having.

Product features include…

  • 3 bearing system: Sealine reels use corrosion resistant ball bearings said to last several times longer.
  • Free floating spool: The spool disengages from the gear system. This leaves less friction and easier spinning.
  • 6 element star drag system: The Sealine has a good, consistent sealed drag system.
  • Daiwa Sealine Reviews Tough structure: Made with bronze and stainless steel gears.
  • Dual position handle: Move the handle making it longer or shorter. Made with a comfortable rubber grip.
  • Gear ratio: 6.1:1
  • Line per handle turn: 46″
  • Weight: 18.7 oz
  • Line capacity (line test lbs/yards): 25/400, 30/270, 40/240
  • Maximum Drag: 17.6 lbs.

Pros/Cons of the Daiwa Sealine X SL X40SHA


What are the benefits of the Sealine X SL X40SHA?

  • The Price: For a low price range, the Sealine adds value to your arsenal.
  • The performance: You get what you expect out of the Sealine, which is an ability to land a lot of fish.
  • The appearance: Perhaps the least important feature. Still the Sealine boasts an attractive gold and black look.
  • Durability: The sealed drag system, the corrosion resistant ball bearings, and the stainless steel gears add up to a product that’s built to hold up against ocean elements.
The cons:
  • Plastic frame: Like a lot of other reels in its class, the Sealine has a hard plastic frame. This is good for keeping cost down, but isn’t as protective as aluminum. Aluminum also handles long term wear better.
  • Maximum drag of 17.6 pounds: While the Sealine’s drag will handle a lot of fish, higher maximum drag is required to fight the real bruisers. A 100 + class tuna could make short work of this reel.
Who is the Daiwa Sealine X SL X40SHA made for?

I really push this reel anytime a friend gains interest in ocean sportfishing. The performance of the Sealine is superb for the asking price. It leaves you with plenty of budget room to match up a rod, and still be under 300 for your complete set up.

It’s also not uncommon to find the Sealine attached to one of the many rods of the seasoned offshore fisherman.

What training or tools come with the Daiwa Sealine X SL X40SHA?
  • Rod clamp: The Sealine comes Daiwa Sealine Reviews with clamp, and clamp fastener tool.
  • Manufacturer and User’s Guide: Check the box for these guides and secure them. The parts list can come in handy.
  • Online Guides: The manufacturer and user guide are all online at Daiwa.
What support does Daiwa offer in addition to the sale of the reel?

Daiwa reels all come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Daiwa has a team of service technicians available to fix or maintain your reel for a fee after the 1 year warranty.


My final opinion of the Daiwa Sealine X SL X40SHA

Top value!

The Sealine scored 87 out of 100 people satisfied on my ranking system. I have used this reel and loved it. I still have one today. As fine a reel as any for the price!

What is your personal opinion of this reel? Fishtfight.com welcomes your feedback. Please take a moment and head to that comment box below. Thanks again,




  1. rick

    I killed 3 fish on the 50 braid backed fishing 60lb the fish taped at 108 103 and 94 pound bluefin. I had to replace the drags with cabontex after three fish but they were trophy fish for me so I’m happy with the performance. I don’t have much money so I have upgraded my reels for the big fish I just am pushing them to the limit.

    1. Lol that’s so cool. Sometimes the best fights are with the wrong equipment. I had an experience with a 50+ Albacore using an old Penn with 2.0:1 gear ratio and an ugly stick that shouldn’t have been used for tuna fishing. It was one heck of a fight on 30 pound mono. That was several years back and I hope they return to So Cal soon. Anyways glad to hear you put the wood them. Bluefin of that caliber are certainly a prize. Geoff.

  2. Eymard

    Great review and blog! Really thinking about getting this but was wondering you did this review on the 40 and not the sealine as a whole. Was thinking of the 50 is there such a big difference in performance/ castability with the size difference. Much appriciated thanks!

    1. Hello Eymard. The Sealine 50 is just a bit bigger of reel. Not much though, it doesn’t even add a full ounce of weight above the 40. It has a bigger spool for more/heavier test line. Other than that, it’s the same incredible reel. I think of them like the forks and spoons of fishing. Standard on every table. Thanks for your interest and tight lines. Geoff.

  3. stanley lester

    out of all my saltwater reels and i own 5 two speed reel i end up using my diawa SHA-40 the most. can’t help it. it’s perfect for me with the california calico rod 15-40 lbs. love it. !

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