About me

About me

   Welcome dear and valued readers!  Just a little info about me, your host. More importantly, welcome fellow fishermen and women.  It’s been about 41 years or so since I hooked my first “rainbow” in a lake outside of Mammoth, CA.  Just like that, I was hooked too.About me

     My love for fishing has led to many an adventure, exposed me to the awe and wonder of nature, and introduced me to some of my most cherished friends. From lake fishing to ocean sport fish, I’ve acquired many different skills. Fly fishing became another passion as I joined my father and brother on guided trips.  It seems like a short 7 years ago that I started working on a sportfishing boat, helping others to catch fish too.

     This is the goal of FISHTFIGHT.COM!  Wherever your fishing adventures might lead, this site is intended to answer all your questions and help best fill your needs. To that end, please enjoy the blog and take advantage of the onsite reviews. Use the FishtFight Online Amazon Storefront to view all my offshore gear recommendations in one place.

With a primary focus on saltwater conventional style offshore fishing, I’ll try to break off into different angling styles eventually. Please enjoy the blog and take advantage of the onsite reviews. Don’t ever hesitate to add your opinion. That’s what makes a fishing site become something better, something more. Your questions and feedback are welcome and essential.

Please, direct all inquiries to: