Seeker Rods Review – Only the Best

Seeker Rods Review – Only the Best

Seeker Rods Review – Super Seeker 6480H

Seeker Rods have made their name in the offshore industry. An earlier review featured a Calstar rod, (click to read my Calstar review) which I highly recommend. Seeker rods in my opinion, are Calstar’s match. Let’s get into why with my seeker rods review.

Seeker Rods Review

Product: Super Seeker 6480H – 8′ Cork Tape Rod.

Overall Ranking: 96 out of 100.

Price: High Range.

Owner: Eric Maulhardt.


Introduction to the SS 6480H

Seeker Rods puts their best foot forward with their Super Seeker line of fishing rods. The SS 6480H is no exception. This 8′ stick can be used as a bait rod, or for throwing the iron lure. Technologically advanced design and materials put the SS 6480H at the top of its class.

Seeker Rods Review Product Details:

Length: 8′

Line Test: 30-50 lbs.

Power: Heavy

Action: The action of this rod is what makes it world class. It’s new Super Glass tip provides good flexibility and power. The rod transitions into 120 carbon fiber, which makes it incredibly strong from mid to lower section.

Pros vs. Cons of the SS 6480H

  • Seeker Rods ReviewAdvanced Technology: The super glass tip combined with 120 carbon base give this rod more power, and better recoil than any in its class.
  • Fuji Titanium Plated Guides: Like Calstar, Seeker uses top of the line Fuji guides.
  • Diamond Shrink Tubing: Top of the line grips for maximum comfort.
  • Turks Head Knot: The top o
    f the handle ends with the Turks Head Knot.
  • Warranty: Full manufacturers warranty.
  • Replacement: Seeker will replace damaged rods for half price + shipping.

  • Price: Seeker Rods aren’t cheap.
  • Competition: At this rate, there are plenty of other rod choices to research. Make sure you do your homework. Browse my menu for all reviews.
  • Support: I read 1 negative review on There are other misgivings on the internet about how the Seeker warranty has played out for some owners.

Who is the SS 6480H made for?

Super Seeker rods are made for the serious offshore angler. A strong reel is suggested to go with this rod. Two speed reels that match the 30-50 line capacity would put this rod to best use.

Seeker Support Rating

Seeker Rods Review It appears this is a weak point in the Seeker company. On the Seeker site I read a statement that said 90% of damaged rods are do to mishandling, but that they’d be willing to take a look anyway. Not verbatim, but that’s how it came across. Negative reviews on other sites confirm this as well.


The Super Seeker 6480H is currently out of stock at Amazon which led to the alternate option below for the time being.

Final Viewpoint

The Super Seeker line of rods have been top class over the years. I give this rod huge rankings. 96 out of 100. Thank you for your interest in seeker rods review and your participation on Please leave your opinion, or ask any questions you might have in the comment box below. Until next time.



  1. Dave

    Great review Geoff!
    The line I appreciate the most is “However poor company support, and uncertainty over a recent change in ownership drops my overall score to 80 out of 100.”

    I am big on company support. If that begins to dwindle then I feel the company will begin to make a cheaper product just to boost profit. It is really good food for thought!

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for taking a minute and leaving your mark on I must say, I really appreciate your remark. It also brings up another point. I do use affiliate marketing to help with the expenses of this site. In no way will my affiliation with any company affect a review I write ever. Period. This website is alive with the intention of helping people. It would be my great honor to acheive that standard.

      As for Seeker Rods. I hope they pull it out. I had one years ago, and it was a noodle (not this model). It could fling a lure, but would bend all the way over to the butt. Never a chance of breaking. I tried. I worry as you do about Seeker’s continued quality. If you can find an old one, you’re in there. Geoff.

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