KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line Review: Affordable Power!

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line Review: Affordable Power!

It doesn’t matter if you’re spooling up 300 yards on a Curado or 950 yards on an International VISX. Let’s face it, braided fishing line can get expensive. It is possible, however, to fill your reel and save some funds for fuel. Simply take a look at KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line. Using either a 4 or an 8 strand weave, the SuperPower braid is incredibly strong. It provides that no stretch, thin diameter at an asking price that anglers can more easily afford.

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing SuperPower Braid
KastKing SuperPower Braid In Old And New Packaging

Product: KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line.

Overall Ranking: 84 out of 100.

Price: Mid to a lower-middle range.

Company: KastKing.

Website: KastKing.com.

Intro To KastKing SuperPower Braid

KastKing SuperPower Logo
The KastKing SuperPower Logo

Some anglers claim that KastKing SuperPower braid is too rough while others say it’s the only line that holds up in the conditions they fish. Wherever your preferences lie in braided fishing line, one thing is for certain. KastKing SuperPower braid costs a lot less than lines like Sufix 832 Advanced Superline, Power Pro Super 8 Slick, or even standard Power Pro Spectra.

Offering a wider array of colors than most competitors, KastKing SuperPower braid uses 4 strands of Polyethelyne (PE) material in its weave. At 65-pound test and higher, the braids contain 8 strands. KastKing weaves their SuperPower braid tighter than other brands, resulting in a smaller diameter. They also use a proprietary treatment process that preserves the line but doesn’t leave it with a waxy feel.

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KastKing SuperPower Spools, Specs, & Features

Spools Of KastKing SuperPower

KastKing offers its SuperPower braided line in 4 different colors as well as multicolored spools. Choose from Ocean Blue, Yellow, Low-Vis Grey, or Moss Green. Their line test begins at 6-pounds and goes up to 150. As for spool lengths, anglers can go with either 327, 547, or 1097 yards. KastKing SuperPower braids come in the following colors, sizes, and lengths.

  • Multicolored Spools – Come in 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 120, & 150-pound tests. Lengths come in 547 or 1097 yards.
  • 6 & 8 LB Test x 327 Yards – All 4 Colors.
  • 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, & 80 LB Test x 327, 547, or 1097 Yards – All 4 Colors.
  • 100, 120, & 150 LB Test x 547 or 1097 Yards – Yellow & Low-Vis Grey.
  • 100, 120, & 150 LB Test x 1097 Yards – All 4 Colors.
KastKing SuperPower Lo-Vis Grey
SuperPower Braid In Lo-Vis Grey

Line Specifications

Because reel makers don’t always provide specs for braided line, it helps to know how they compare to monofilament. Anglers like to know the diameter of braided fishing line and what test that will match up to against mono.

KastKing gives the line diameter in inches (IN) as well as in millimeters (MM). They also tell anglers how many strands of Dyneema the different tests use. Unfortunately, they don’t provide the mono test comparison. Check the KastKing SuperPower line specs below:

  • 6 LB: 0.07 (MM) 0.003 (IN) – 4 Strands | 8 LB: 0.08(MM) 0.003 (IN) – 4 Strands
  • 10 LB: 0.09 (MM) 0.004 (IN) – 4 Strands | 12 LB: 0.10 (MM) 0.004 (IN) – 4 Strands
  • 15 LB: 0.14 (MM) 0.006 (IN) – 4 Strands | 20 LB: 0.18 (MM) 0.007 (IN) – 4 Strands
  • 25 LB: 0.22 (MM) 0.009 (IN) – 4 Strands | 30 LB: 0.25 (MM) 0.010 (IN) – 4 Strands
  • 40 LB: 0.30 (MM) 0.012 (IN) – 4 Strands | 50 LB: 0.40 (MM) 0.016 (IN) – 4 Strands
  • 65 LB: 0.45 (MM) 0.018 (IN) – 8 Strands | 80 LB: 0.50 (MM) 0.020 (IN) – 8 Strands
  • 100 LB: 0.60 (MM) 0.024 (IN) – 8 Strands | 120 LB: 0.70 (MM) 0.028 (IN) – 8 Strands
  • 150 LB: 0.80 (MM) 0.031 (IN) – 8 Strands
KastKing SuperPower Ocean Blue
SuperPower Braid In Ocean Blue

Key Features Of Kasting SuperPower Braided Line

Either 4 Or 8 Tightly Woven Dyneema Strands

Depending on the test of, KastKing SuperPower braid will have either 4 or 8 strands of Dyneema. From the specs, you can see the switch occurs at 65 pounds. So line test of 65-pounds and higher uses 8 instead of 4 strands.

KastKing SuperPower Diamond Weave
The Diamond Weave Is Visible In The Moss Green Spool

KastKing also uses a tight diamond pattern weave, tying each section of braid down hard upon the last. This produces a much thinner diameter line than looser braids. Having a thin diameter is a common feature among braided fishing lines, and it allows more line on the reel spool.

The KastKing Proprietary Line Treatment Process 

Like Power Pro braided lines, KastKing uses a proprietary treatment process. This treatment helps the line slip through the guides of your rod. It also gives lures more lively action in the water. Unlike other braided fishing lines, KastKing’s treatment process doesn’t leave a waxy feel.

Superior Abrasion Resistance

Because KastKing SuperPower braid uses Dyneema strands, it’s highly resistant to abrasion. Dyneema is one of, if not, the world’s strongest fibers. Its uses cross over into many different industries due to this strength. Dragging it over a rock on the bottom isn’t likely to do much to KastKing SuperPower braid, but a sharp object can cut it.

Low Memory

KastKing SuperPower Moto
The KastKing SuperPower Slogan

Memory is the line’s ability to snap back into its previous shape. Monofilament with high memory will not want to straighten out but rather keep the curve it has from being on the reel spool. KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line has very low memory. You’ll find better knot strength and fewer occurrences of wind knots because of this.

Zero Stretch

Like other braided fishing lines, KastKing SuperPower has no elasticity. At least not enough for an angler to notice. Even fishing at depths of 400 or more feet, the line has such little stretch that you feel each nibble. Sensitivity is ultra high with braid, but you do have to watch your hook sets. It’s easier to lose fish when the line has no give.

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Pros & Cons Of KastKing SuperPower Braided Line


KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line offers all the benefits anglers expect from a woven line at an affordable rate. The diamond weave is strong, doesn’t stretch, and is abrasion resistant. You’ll get a lot more length at the same pound test, and not spend nearly as much. The savings add up when you compare KastKing SuperPower to lines such as Sufix Performance Braid and Power Pro Maxcuatro.

Having four different color choices allows anglers to match the braid to their fishing environment. In addition, the KastKing SuperPower multicolored braid assists anglers in marking their depth. Finally, line sizes from 6 to 150-pound test will fit on almost any reel in existence.


The most common complaint anglers have about KastKing SuperPower braid is the roughness of its diamond weave. It may be best to use rods with Alconite or other strong material meant for braided line. Rods such as the Daiwa Proteus, Penn Carnage II, and Okuma SCT make good examples.

Like all braided lines, the treatment will wear out in time as will the coloring. One limitation of KastKing SuperPower braided line is that spools top out at 1096 yards. Say you want a 100-pound test spool to add to a large offshore reel. Depending on the reel size, that might not even be enough.

What Style Of Fishing Calls For KastKing SuperPower Braid?

Anglers can use KastKing SuperPower braid in almost all fishing scenarios. If you’re going for offshore monsters, however, it’s probably better to go with a premium line. SuperPower works well on its own tied straight to your hook or lure. Don’t forget you can also use this braid as a backing with monofilament on top. You also may choose to add a leader of fluorocarbon if the fish are line shy.

KastKing Customer Support

Though KastKing doesn’t offer a warranty on anything other than their reels, they do offer customer support. You can talk to one of their designers by visiting the support page on the KastKing website. Each individual retailer will have info on the terms of the product return policy.

KastKing SuperPower Multicolored Braid
The KastKing SuperPower Multicolored Depth Tracker

Winding Down The SuperPower Braid Review

84 out of 100 anglers approve of KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

The rough quality of the diamond weave doesn’t mean you can’t use KastKing SuperPower braid with standard rod guides. It just means that if you do, the braid will wear on them more. That can be an issue if you fish all the time, but not as much if you go a few times a season. It also depends on the size of the fish you’re after, SuperPower may not be the best choice for Marlin, Swords, or giant Bluefin Tuna. Otherwise, it gives anglers a great way to save on gear.

Have any thoughts or experiences with KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line? Don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below.



  1. gerald varner

    good looking line BUT it is NOT made in the USA, as is bragged. It is made in China and if you actually care about where your dollar goes and who it keep on a job, stick with Berkley products.

    1. I didn’t see. Where is it bragged that KastKing line is made in the USA? I’m sure from my research that it is manufactured in China. Thanks for bringing up that point so the customer can be informed.

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