Seaguar Threadlock Review: Big Game 16-Strand Hollow Core Braid

Seaguar Threadlock Review: Big Game 16-Strand Hollow Core Braid

Heading out to open water in search of big game fish, it doesn’t do to have a sub-par braid. When it comes to powerful species such as Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, and Tuna, you want a high-density weave. Seaguar Threadlock 16-strand hollow core braid meets that challenge! Discover all the details of a braided line that can handle the best the ocean can throw at it in the following review.

Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Core Braid

Seaguar Threadlock Braid
Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Core Braid

Product: Seaguar Threadlock braided fishing line.

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100.

Price: High.

Company/Owner: Kureha Corporation.


Intro To Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Core Braid

Available in tests from 50 to 200 LBS, Seaguar Threadlock takes braided fishing line to the highest limits. Abrasion resistance is at its highest with a 16-strand Polyethelyne weave. That same 16-strand feature along with its hollow core make splicing to fluorocarbon line a breeze. Finally and despite the listed line specs, anglers claim their spools hold up to 20% more line when using Seaguar Threadlock.

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Seaguar Threadlock Spools, Specs, & Features

Spools, Sizes, & Colors

Seaguar Threadlock currently offers anglers two choices in color, Blue or White. Get either color in spool lengths of 600 or 2500 yards with the following choices in tests:

  • 50 LB Test: White or Blue – 600 or 2500 yards
  • 60 LB Test: White or Blue – 600 or 2500 yards
  • 80 LB Test: White or Blue – 600 or 2500 yards
  • 100 LB Test: White or Blue – 600 or 2500 yards
  • 130 LB Test: White or Blue – 600 or 2500 yards
  • 200 LB Test: White or Blue – 600 or 1500 yards
Seaguar Threadlock Braid Spool
Spool Of Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Core Braid In Blue

Line Specifications

Using a super tight 16-strand weave with a hollow core, anglers consistently wind more Seaguar Threadlock braid on their spools than the listed measurements would suggest. Feel free to match them up to other braids by comparing the specs below:

  • 50 LB: 0.370 (MM) 0.015 (IN) – Comparable to 20 LB mono
  • 60 LB: 0.405 (MM) 0.016 (IN) – 25 LB mono
  • 80 LB: 0.470 (MM) 0.019 (IN) – 30 LB mono
  • 100 LB: 0.520 (MM) 0.020 (IN) – 40 LB mono
  • 130 LB: 0.570 (MM) 0.022 (IN) – 50 LB mono
  • 200 LB: 0.740 (MM) 0.030 (IN) – 60 LB mono

Main Features Of Seaguar Threadlock Braided Fishing Line

Tight 16-Strand PE Weave

While most braided lines use 4 or 8 strands in their weaves, Seaguar Threadlock goes with 16-strands. The strands consist of strong Polyethelyne fiber, just like you find in Sufix, KastKing, and other popular labels. Seaguar calls the Threadlock a high-density braid due to the tight proximity of each weave.

Hollow Core Braid

It’s common practice for many braided fishing lines to use a monofilament core. The weave forms around this center line which lends it some body and memory. When it comes to splicing and line to line connections, hollow core ties a stronger knot. Knots with hollow core line also don’t stick out as much, allowing them to pass more smoothly through line guides.

Seaguar Threadlock Spool Side View
Side View Of Seaguar Threadlock Shows The Smooth Braid Quality

Extreme Abrasion Resistance

Because Seaguar Threadlock weaves an extremely tight 16-strand braid. it stands up to abrasion much longer than other lines. Rocks and structure will scuff up any braided line, but even normal use will cause it to fray in time. One thing Seaguar Threadlock offers is a much longer timeline of use than typical braids. A big feature that avid offshore anglers will appreciate.

Easy & Strong Wind-Up Splicing

Strong line connections mean everything when battling saltwater trophy fish which is why many anglers use a splice. Only hollow core line will work for splicing, as the fluoro or mono must fill the center of the braid. FISHTRACK has a great slide show that explains how to splice mono to braided line, the same as you would with fluoro. That tight 16-strand weave that Seaguar Threadlock uses makes splicing a cinch. It also increases the grip of the splice when it’s under pressure.

Super Smooth Due To A Rounder Weave

Seaguar Threadlock Logo
Seaguar Threadlock Logo

One characteristic of braided lines with smaller strand counts is a rougher feel. The rough diamond weave of KastKing SuperPower braid is a good example. Lines like the Sufix Performance braid will also fall short in comparison of smoothness against Seaguar Threadlock. Having 16-strands gives Threadlock an advantage because it naturally forms a rounded braid.

A Focus On Strength & Impact Resistance

When the beasts of the ocean first strike, they do so with tremendous amounts of speed and power. The blast of spray that occurs when Marlin or Wahoo hit a topwater lure is explosive. That same impact goes directly into your braid, which must withstand the enormous stress of those first few milliseconds. Seaguar Threadlock absorbs that impact before your drag engages.

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Pros & Cons Of Seaguar Threadlock Braided Line


Whether you splice Seaguar Threadlock or connect it with a knot, the hollow core braid adds strength. Having extra abrasion resistance and smoothness go along with this 16-strand braided line.

Extreme impact absorption is another big bonus, especially when those trophy fish strike. Finally. adding up to another 20% of distance on the reel spool in comparison to other 16-strand lines is never a bad thing.


Seaguar Threadlock doesn’t list the old colors which means Blue and White are the only choices. Spools of this hi-density braided fishing line also don’t come cheap. There are plenty of situations where Sufix 832 Advanced Superline or Power Pro Spectra will work just as well.

Best Situations / Uses

The biggest feature of Seaguar Threadlock is the ease and strength it lends to splicing. Splicing line together results in a near flawless transition, making it flow through line guides as if all one piece. The braid cinches down with a vice-like grip on the spliced line when fish pull.

Besides having threads that lock, the braid has all around desirable qualities. If it fits within your budget, who wouldn’t want more strands and a higher impact rating? Even though Threadlock costs more, it lasts longer than other braided lines. Its abrasion resistant formation adds durability and so raises its value.

Seaguar Customer Support

Seaguar Contact Us Snip
Seaguar Provides Helpful Info And A Contact Page

Although braided fishing lines don’t usually come with a warranty, Seaguar appreciates customer feedback. They answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions on their Contact Us Page as well as provide an electronic contact form. You can also find info about joining the Seaguar Pro Staff team, charitable donations, and their mailing address in Louisville, KY.

Final Wrap

95 out of 100 anglers approve of Seaguar Threadlock braided fishing line

Seaguar Threadlock braided fishing line scores near the top mainly because of its incredible performance. Large game fish anglers truly benefit by having it on their reels. The durability of Threadlock line also bumps up its value, making the cost a little easier to swallow. If you want a superior braid, Seaguar Threadlock deserves your attention.

Have any thoughts, experiences, or questions about Threadlock hollow core line? Leave a comment below and you’ll get a response as soon as possible.


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