Okuma SCT Boat Rods Review – Two Technologies, One Strong Blank

Okuma SCT Boat Rods Review – Two Technologies, One Strong Blank

When anglers put Okuma SCT Boat Rods to the test, the results are technology two, fish zero. Or maybe it’s better to say fish aplenty! Rod design begins with a Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement, strands of parallel carbon fibers that mesh with a 24-ton carbon material. This gives the rod tips extra lifting power. The second Okuma applied science is a helix pattern spiral wrap, thus SCT, or Spiral Carbon Technology. High-quality components finish the rods including Alps Reel seats and Fuji K-Concept guides with Alconite inserts. Casting, spinning and trolling anglers all have a choice in the Okuma SCT Boat Rods series.

Okuma SCT Boat Rods

Okuma SCT Boat Rods
Okuma SCT 7′ Trolling Rod

Product: Okuma SCT Casting, Spinning, & Trolling Boat Rods.

Overall Ranking: 89 out of 100.

Price: Lower middle to mid-range.

Company/Owner: Okuma Fishing Tackle Corp.

Website: OkumaFishing.com.

Intro To Okuma SCT Boat Rods

Okuma SCT Boat Rods
Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement Adds Lifting Power To Rod Tips

When anglers hear the name Okuma, there’s no doubt they think of quality fishing reels. But when it comes to performance offshore rods, some may question their craftsmanship and overall ability. Okuma SCT Boat Rods cast away all doubts about the matter. In the same style of Phenix Axis Rods, Okuma turns to a 6000-strand carbon fiber wrap. The intricate helix pattern forms the rod blank along with the one-way reinforcement fibers. A combination which results in a lightweight, durable rod with extra recoil near the tip. Take a look at 6 casting models, 2 spinning rods, and 2 trolling options in the following review.

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Okuma SCT Boat Rod Models, Specs, & Features

Casting Models

• SCT-C-701M     • SCT-C-701MH     

• SCT-C-701H     • SCT-C-701XH

• SCT-C-801MH-CG     • SCT-C801XH-CG     

• SCT-RR-701-XXXH     • SCT-RR-701-XXXXH

Spinning Models

• SCT-S-701-M     • SCT-S-701MH

Trolling Rods

• SCT-TR-581-30S     • SCT-TR-581-50S

Okuma SCT Boat Rod Specifications

SCT Casting Rod Specs

Okuma SCT Boat Rods
Casting Rod With Split EVA Padded Grips

Anglers decide between 8 casting models in the Okuma SCT Boat Rod series. Featuring 1 piece spiral carbon blanks, 6 casting rods stand at 7 feet in length and two at 8′. The first four casting rods are fast action with power ratings in mono from medium to extra heavy. This translates to line ratings in mono starting at 15 pounds and going as high as 50.

Though Fuji-K Concept line guides, EVA fore, and rear grips come on these four rods, there is a difference in reel seat. The heavy and extra-heavy rods switch from Fuji graphite to an ALPS aluminum reel seat. The last two and longer 8′ foot models lose the reel seat in favor of shrink tube for adjustable reel placement. In addition, they drop the EVA grips in favor of more sensitive carbon grips.

At the higher end (in both power and cost) of the casting rod series are the two RR models. One rates at triple and the other quadruple extra- heavy, the first specifying mono between 60-130 and the other 80-150. The 2 RR model casting rods stay with the EVA fore and rear grips with the ALPS aluminum reel seat. Okuma beefs up the line guides in these heavier models, making the switch to ALPS zirconium. Okuma SCT Rail Rod models use the same powerful technology while giving a lot more backbone to pull on.

SCT Spinning Rod Specs

Okuma delivers two lighter power SCT rods for spinning reel anglers. Using the larger diameter Fuji line guides, they reach 7 feet in length just like the casting rods. These fast action blanks rate at medium and medium-heavy power for line between 15-25 or 20-30 pounds. Using the Fuji DPS style reel seat, they keep the EVA fore and rear grips.

SCT Trolling Rod Specs

Okuma SCT Boat Rods
SCT Boat Trolling Rod w/ ALPS Roller Guides

Okuma SCT Boat Rods feature 2 trolling models in the lineup. Right off the bat, anglers notice the shorter 5’8″ lengths and the use of ALPS roller guides instead of ringed guide frames. Action on the trolling models slows to medium/medium-fast in order to absorb the quicker impact. There is also a change in the handle style, with the EVA ribbed foregrip still up top but carbon grip below the ALPS aluminum reel seat. SCT trolling models rate heavy or extra-heavy in power for line between 30-80 or 40-100 pounds.

Features Of Okuma SCT Boat Rods

24-Ton Spiral Carbon Technology

When manufacturers design carbon fiber blanks, more often than not they turn to a 24-ton modulous. Modulous is a measurement of recoil force and rod makers desire the 24-ton rating. Higher ratings can provide stronger recoil but also become more brittle. Okuma applies the Helix spiral pattern using the favorable 24-ton carbon fiber. In addition, the use of Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement puts extra recoil in the rod tip.

Fuji-K Concept Guides w/ Alconite Inserts

Fuji Rod Components LogoAnglers and manufacturers alike appreciate the quality line guides that Fuji continues to produce. Features of the K series guide include a 3 legged frame with a strong arched design. Fuji uses Alconite rings for inserts, which offer a smooth surface for mono that’s also strong enough for braid.

Note: Okuma SCT Boat Rods feature Fuji guides on the 4 lightest casting and 2 spinning models only.

ALPS Heavy Duty Zirconium Guides

ALPS Rod Components LogoA heavier powered rod requires a more stalwart line guide. Fuji spells excellence for lighter diameter lines, but when rod makers need to beef it up they often turn to ALPS components. ALPS uses the high-strength and corrosion resistant stainless steel to craft the guide frames. Heavy duty deep rings hold and lock into place the zirconium inserts, perfect for braid, mono, or fluoro line.

Note: Only the 2 heavier Okuma SCT Boat Rail Rod (RR) models use the ALPS line guides.

ALPS Roller Guides

ALPS Roller Guide
ALPS Tip/Top Roller Guide

Anglers looking at the Okuma SCT Boat Rod series for a trolling stick will find high-quality ALPS roller guides along the full length of the 5’8″ rod blanks. ALPS roller guides start with marine grade anodized aluminum frames with 2 quality bearings on each roller. Everything else on the guide is stainless steel, including the pins, screws, and rollers. Okuma fuses the guides using an incredibly strong carbon fiber wrap, ensuring a permanent fix to the rod blank.

Fuji Or ALPS Reels Seats

Okuma SCT Boat Rods feature Fuji DPS reel seats on the 2 spinning models and the lighter casting models. Fuji reel seats consist of durable graphite material with a fixed hood up top. The lower hood screws up to lock the reel in place. Heavier SCT Boat models choose ALPS aluminum reel seats in favor of the graphite design. They function in a similar manner, but lightweight aluminum withstands a lot more force.

Grooved EVA Padded Foregrips

With the exception of the two 8′ models, Okuma SCT Boat Rods have a padded EVA foregrip. Looking closely, anglers can see the ribbed grooves at the hand placement spot near the top of the handle. If scales add up on your handle, it does become slimy and these grooves help to keep a firm grip.

Butt Section By Rod Style

Okuma SCT Boat rods finish with 4 distinct butt styles. Be sure to check the image below and match it to the model of interest in the rod specifications.

Note: The two 8′ SCT casting models are the only rods featuring the dual carbon handles without a reel seat.

Okuma SCT Boat Rod Handle Types
Okuma SCT Boat Rod Handles

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Pros & Cons Of Okuma SCT Boat Rods


For offshore anglers who appreciate carbon rod technology, Okuma SCT Boat Rods offer some of the best value on the market. Aside from the two trolling rods, the two RR models are much heavier than the remaining lineup as is their asking price. Though anglers pay more, they receive ALPS line guides and aluminum reel seat. Though Okuma doesn’t provide much in the way of length options within the SCT Boat Rod series, variety shows in the different styles.


Although it might be a minor complaint, it would be nice to have more variety in rod lengths especially between the 7′ and 8′ blanks. Spinning reel anglers are also likely to find disappointment when they see the selection of SCT Boat Spinning Rods. There are only 2, and both fall on the lighter side of the power scale.

On the two 8′ models, there is an argument against the effectiveness of the carbon handles. In the split lies shrink grip for adjustable reel placement, a sort of deckhand style handle. While the shrink grip will give a base for the reel foot to fasten down on, the carbon handles are a strange addition. It’ll be interesting to find out how a larger audience of anglers feels about this handle style.

Best Use For Okuma SCT Boat Rods

The rod specs break down the uses pretty well, showing that there are casting, spinning, and trolling models available. Don’t lose sight of the heavier RR (rail rod) models, a hit for tackling larger species from the standing deck position. Then there are the two 8′ casting rods; one medium-heavy for kelp line surface action, the other heavy for surface iron on the outside.

Okuma UFR Technology
Okuma Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement Technology

Of the other 7′ casting and spinning SCT rods, they’ll work well for bottom fishing, shorter casting, or running live bait. Effective pairings to compliment Okuma SCT Boat Rods include the Okuma Makaira and Metaloid reels. Throw a Penn International VI series reel on an SCT trolling rod and have those rod clips ready.

Okuma Customer Care – Rod Support

Okuma takes every step possible to ensure angler satisfaction. Whether it’s the odd manufacturing defect or gradual wear and tear over time, Okuma customer support is quick to help. Offering service centers around the world, Okuma will repair or replace a rod that falls under their one-year warranty or charge a reasonable rate for services rendered. Visit the Okuma website to learn about their warranty services.

The Okuma SCT Boat Rod Wrap Up

89 out of 100 anglers approve of Okuma SCT Boat Rods

Okuma SCT Boat Rods rate 89 out of 100 as it stands. Many anglers keep to the belief that Okuma excels in reel making, but falls short when it comes to crafting rods. Compare that sentiment to the value of SCT Boat Rods and you have possibly the most underrated series on the market today. The combination of technology and quality components equal a rod that can tighten lines, putting the wood to the strongest ocean species.


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