Salty Crew Offshore Apparel: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, & So Much More

Salty Crew Offshore Apparel: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, & So Much More

An angler steps across the gate and onto the deck of his soon-to-depart sportfishing boat. As the deck-hands make their final preparations and are helping passengers board, one notices the angler’s t-shirt. Without missing a step he says,”Welcome aboard, Salty Crew”! Truth is, it would be tough to miss the bright yellowfin tuna on display across the angler’s t-shirt. The name on the shirt brings a sense of community belonging. Not only does Salty Crew tie saltwater anglers together, they make quality apparel that anglers are proud to wear. They even offer their own line of Seeker Rods.

Salty Crew Quality Offshore Wear

Salty Crew Sickle Fin Short Sleeve T Shirt
Salty Crew Sickle Fin Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Product: Salty Crew Saltwater Fishing Apparel.

Overall Ranking: 93 out of 100.

Price: Standard name brand.

Company/Owner: A subsidiary of Globe International Ltd.


Intro To The Salty Crew Brand

If the video above doesn’t say it all, here’s some more facts for your reading pleasure about Salty Crew. Starting from their grand opening in 2014, Salty Crew continues to celebrate the ocean lifestyle. From the very beginning to present day, the brand encourages watermen (and women) of all ages to bring activities back to the ocean. With an initial focus on the roots of the surf industry, Salty Crew spread to cover many areas in the outdoor industry.

Surfer CJ Hobgood is the original founder of Salty Crew, along with brothers Jared and Hayden Lane. Their dream is now a reality, in part from the addition of retail specialist Milo Myers. One of the outdoor industries that Salty Crew rally for is offshore fishing. Surfing and fishing go together like waves and sand. Wearing a Salty Crew product makes a statement that you love the outdoors, especially the ocean. It welcomes questions and invites people to join our salty lifestyle.

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Options In Salty Crew Saltwater Wear

Salty Crew Shirts

Short Sleeve Tees

Salty Crew offers a wide-ranging line of short sleeve t-shirts. Most famous by far is their “Chasing Tail” motto which makes its appearance on several different tees. Images of the treasured yellowfin tuna are a go-to staple, whether displayed in a mount position or upright fresh-catch photo style shot. Though the following reveal just a few of the many Salty Crew T-Shirt prints to choose from, they show off the beauty of the saltwater world.

Chasing Tail T-Shirt

Salty Crew Chasing Tail T-Shirt
Chasing Tail Black Tee

Some might denounce the play on words here. Others see the connotation as an accurate depiction of the salty lifestyle. Like it or not, chasing tail is what young men do. Whether it’s looking for the right mix of angel and devil in a woman or trolling the ocean miles. But “Chasing Tail” is much more than a slightly derogatory play on words. It’s a calling for people to lighten up and open up to the possibilities that the ocean represents. Freedom of mind and body is the state so many anglers search for, and Chasing Tail nails the message.


Salty Crew Chasing Tail Striped Marlin Tee
Chasing Tail Striped Marlin Tee

Chasing Tail T-Shirts are available in a few different prints. Starting with the Tails Up T-Shirt, anglers proudly wear the tail end of a yellowfin tuna in an upright profile. Tails Up tees feature a small image on the front left chest with the full image center back. Sizes start small and go all the way up to triple extra-large. The shirt material is either 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Tails Up patterned t-shirts are available (depending on stock) in the following colors:

  • Spiced Heather
  • Graphite Heather
  • Peppered Sage
  • White
  • Navy Blue Heather
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
Salty Crew Chasing Tail Muddy Mahi T-Shirt
Chasing Tail Muddy Mahi Tee

Other Chasing Tail prints include the Muddy Mahi, Striped Marlin, Hot Butter Calico Bass, and Sickle Fin Tuna. The Muddy Mahi appears to be closing out and depicts a camo mahi-mahi on the back of a black tee. Sickle Fin Tuna shirts are on display in the main image above and Hot Butter show off a lunker calico bass. If big game is your passion, the Striped Marlin print is right up your alley.

Refuge In The Sea

Salty Crew Find Refuge In The Sea Mossback Tee
Mossback Black Tee

The sea sustains and provides for life. From it, all things come and those who choose a salty lifestyle do indeed take refuge in the sea. But the sea provides much more than material sustenance. Whether a person believes in positive ion charges or Poseidon, God of the Sea, there’s no denying a spiritual aspect. Just as oceans join together with masses of land, seafaring folk feel a similar connection.

Of the prints available in the Salty Crew Refuge In The Sea series, the Mossback, Blue Rogers, and Ahi Mount make fine examples. Mossback is another name for one of angler’s favorite offshore fish, the mighty yellowtail. There is an alternate yellowtail in the Chasing Tail series t-shirts that go by the sushi name Hamachi. Pound for pound, many saltwater anglers feel that Mossbacks are stronger than any other species.

Salty Crew Find Refuge In the Sea Foamer Tee
Foamer White Tee

You see the Ahi Mount style t-shirt in the feature image of this article, and the Blue Rogers appears in a similar fashion. The billfish stretches in mount position across the center top of the shirt back. Another excellent choice in the Find Refuge series is the Foamer tee. Check out the drawing of a boat, sun, and tuna foaming on the surface.


Thrill Seekers & Risk Takers

Salty Crew Butterball White Tee
Butterball White Tee

There’s a sense of danger to most every saltwater activity. Whether it’s stepping on a stingray or wiping out on a big wave reef break, the ocean can get you. Setting out to sea in search of trophy sportfish doesn’t come without risks, but the rewards are well worth it. Captain, crew, and anglers alike brave the ocean’s temper for the thrill of the catch. This is the essence of the Salty Crew Thrill Seekers & Risk Takers series.

A Few of the more striking tees in the series includes the Billfish, the FlatHead (Hammerhead), as well as the Butterball. The Butterball combines all the Salty Crew themes in bronze color with fat shouldered tuna front and center. Taking a look at the Billfish shows a different representation from the Blue Rogers. A colorful blue billfish looks sharp against the background of a black shirt.

Salty Crew Flat Head Navy Tee
Flat Head Navy Tee

Who doesn’t respect the powerful hammerhead shark? Anglers are quick to recognize their appearance on offshore trips by the shadow of their slender forms. Sometimes sightings occur on the top water when their dorsal gives them away, but it’s the flat head that names them. Hammerheads are spectacular creatures to behold from the safety of a deck, or from the image on a Salty Crew T-Shirt.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Salty Crew Angry Bull White LS Tee
Angry Bull White Tee

Salty Crew long-sleeve t-shirts are available in most of the same prints the short-sleeve versions come in. They’re worth talking about, even if only to take the opportunity to show off a couple more designs. Take for instance the Angry Bull in light blue or the Lure Set Cast Smash & Dash in white. If you haven’t already guessed, the Angry Bull depicts a full-grown male dorado in full pissed off glory. The Lure Set is a jig caster’s favorite. Heavy iron lures and tuna on a long-sleeve? What could be better than that?


Salty Crew Lure Set LS White Tee
Lure Set White LS Tee

The majority of long-sleeve Salty Crew tees come in white, black, burgundy, and navy. Sizes, like the short-sleeve versions, go from small up to triple extra-large. Availability in shirt sizes and colors depends on current stock levels. Salty Crew manufactures long-sleeve shirts using a 100% combed ring-spun cotton jersey. They have a standard fit relaxed silhouette with a medium 5.5-ounce weight. The fabric is soft hand feel, 20 singles.

Tech Shirts

Long Sleeve

Salty Crew Hamachi Tech Shirt
Hamachi LS Tech Shirt

While you peruse the Salty Crew long-sleeve selection, notice that many of the models are tech shirts. For those not in the know, tech shirts protect the upper body from the wind and sun. Typically long sleeve, they use material that breathes. It both cools the skin in high temps and offers some protection when it gets chilly. The Chasing Tail Hamachi is a prime example of a steller long-sleeve tech shirt. The majority of different prints in the Salty Crew lineup are also available in a long-sleeve tech shirt.

For material, the tech shirts use a blend of 38% polyester, 31% recycled polyester, and 31% cotton. Features include a water & stain resistant coating to keep the shirts dry. They provide UVA and UVB sun protection. Tech shirts do come with more limited color options but offer the same size chart as the rest of the collection.

Long Sleeve Hoodie

Salty Crew Topwater Tech Hoodie
Topwater Tech Hoodie In Charcoal

With the sun beating down, many offshore anglers put on the mask. While long-sleeve hoodies don’t fully cover the face, they do provide protection for the neck and top of the head. Hey, some of us are bald or well on our way. All jokes aside, the sun will burn right through a head of hair and a hooded tech shirt is a good idea. Salty Crew Hooded Tech Shirts offer the same features of the long-sleeve versions and include a drawstring for the hood.

Unfortunately, there are only two choices when it comes to prints in the hooded tech shirts. On display above is the Angry Bull pattern, which comes hooded in either white or blue. The other option is the Topwater design with flipped hooks forming an S. Topwater hoods come in Athletic Heather or Charcoal and both selections drop the XXXL size.

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Tank Tops

Salty Crew Bruce Tank
Bruce Tank In Black

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Salty Crew offers their different prints on tank tops, a favorite that both men and women can wear. And bringing up the tank tops allows an excellent opportunity to show off a couple more prints. You wouldn’t want to miss the Bruce Tank in black or the white Knotted Tank. Onlookers must assume that Bruce is a play on “Fish are friends, not food”, while they can practice tying up on the Knotted design.

Tank tops only come in a few styles and colors. They have a relaxed silhouette fit and use 100% cotton material.

Salty Crew Knotted Tank
Knotted Tank In White

Like the tech shirts, Salty Crew Tank sizes do not include triple extra-large. Sizes start in men’s small and go up to XXL.


Note: All Salty Crew products are subject to availability according to stock levels. Apparel is subject to discontinuation along with the introduction of new designs.


Salty Crew Catamaran Woven Shirt
Catamaran Woven Navy Shirt

Sometimes an angler wants (or needs) to wear something nicer than the standard t-shirt. In these cases, you can still achieve comfort and style with Salty Crew woven shirts. Their button-up, collared, short-sleeve fashion makes them appropriate for engagements more formal than on the water. Currently, only two selections are on the market; the Twin Keel and the Catamaran. It would be awesome to see these shirts catch on and add a few more choices.

The Twin Keel comes with either a black or blue background and features an assortment of saltwater species. For some brighter colors, check out the navy Catamaran with its kelp like saltwater flora. A keen eye will pick out the Mahi and Yellowtail swimming within. Both patterns are 100% woven cotton, full button-up shirts with collars. The collars include neck-tie buttons and the left chest pocket is buttoned as well. Sizes go from small to 2XL, depending on availability.


Salty Crew Deckhand Crew Knitted Shirt
Deckhand Crew Knit

Salty Crew offers a few knitted t-shirts which fall right in line with sailor’s fashion. With patterns of blue, darker navy, and white, they are collarless with pockets on the left chest. Design names go by Stowaway Crew, Deckhand Crew, or Skip Crew and size options go small to 2XL. These are 100% cotton, engineer knitted shirts. They have a ribbed crew neck and single check pocket with logo embroidery. Match them up with a solid pair of Salty Crew Utility Shorts and step out on deck.

Salty Crew Fleece


Salty Crew Tippet Cover Up Sweatshirt
Tippet Cover Up Sweatshirt

A favorite to throw on when the temperature starts to cool down, Salty Crew offers sweatshirts in several of their prints. The Tippet Cover Up still lists in stock on the main website, though the Club Crew and Marlin Club Crew sweatshirts may still be available. It’s a basic pullover sweatshirt without the hood with sizes that go from small to double extra-large. The material consists of 80% cotton 20% polyester with a standard fit.


Salty Sally Hooded Sweatshirt

With hoodies being the more popular style sweatshirt, Salty Crew makes a few more options available. The Markets hoodie displays the Thrill Seekers & Risk Takers motto with a set of nautical coordinates. Chasing Tail and the Ahi Mount are both available prints as are the Mossback and Markets hoodies. Ladies like to have their own theme as much as the men do and the Salty Sally hoodie keeps them warm.

Anglers may still be able to track down the Army Rudder Zip hoodie which comes in forest green. Like the non-hooded sweatshirts, hoodies have an 80% cotton 20% polyester blend. They come in sizes starting men’s small with some options up to triple extra-large. All hooded sweatshirts come with a quick tie drawstring.

Salty Crew Jackets

When the sun sets and the vessel motors, temperatures start to drop even after the nicest of days. Then there are those offshore locations that start out chilly and get colder. Though extreme situations call for thermal undergarments, Salty Crew puts forth an effective line of jackets. Take a peek at few they have to offer.

Hooded Snap Jackets

Salty Crew Stealth Snap Jacket
Stealth Snap Jacket

Salty Crew offers standard snap jackets in a few of their different prints. These are zipperless hooded jackets with drawstrings around both the neck and waist areas. They feature a 330 Denier water repellent coating and are 100% nylon in the material. Sizes go from small to 2XL and colors depend on the style. All of the hooded snap jackets come with a standard fit.

Alpha Winderson Jacket

Salty Crew Alpha Winderson Jacket
Alpha Winderson Heavy Windbreaker

The Salty Crew Alpha Winderson is a zip-up hooded windbreaker with an adjustable drawstring. With a 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend, it features side welt pockets and a zip down left breast pocket. The stylish Alpha Winderson comes only in black and is available in sizes small to 2XL. One of the best features about the windbreaker is that it wraps up into a compact unit that easily fits inside another jacket pocket.

Men’s Beacon

Salty Crew Beacon Jacket
Men’s Beacon Jacket

The Salty Crew Men’s Beacon is a zip-up jacket that offers a bit more in the way of keeping water out. It features 4 zip pockets and taped seams. Like the hooded snap jackets, a water-repellent coating adds another layer to keep the inside dry. Using a blend of 90% nylon and 10% polyester, the Beacon cools when necessary through underarm vents. It has a hood with dual toggle drawstrings and adjustable velcro at the wrists. The Beacon comes in a charcoal color from size medium to 2XL.

Salty Crew Shorts


Shibi Boardshorts

It makes sense that Salty Crew has a wide selection of boardshorts as the company is run, after all, by a bunch of surfers. Two styles that immediately stand out come over from the woven shirts. The same Hooked Up and Catamaran designs also show up in the boardshorts series. Other sharp designs include the Halyard, the Shibi, and the Outhaul. Most boardshorts in the line have a 19″ outseam though the Halyard has more length at 21″.

Salty Crew Boardshorts feature a 4-way stretch material which consists of 36% coconut / 34% polyester / 20% cotton and 10% spandex.

Salty Crew Outhaul Boardshorts
Outhaul Boardshorts

They have a tubular waistband with a scalloped hem and a drawstring. Waist size starts small at 28 and gets as high as 46 depending greatly on availability. Whether you’re surfing, fishing, or doing jobs around the house, Salty Crew Boardshorts offer a supreme level of comfort.


Utility Trunks

Salty Crew Transom Alpha Utility Boardshorts
Transom Alpha Utility Boardshorts

Utility boardshorts are the angler’s choice with their multiple cargo pockets and pliers pocket. Starting at the top line are the Salty Crew Transom Alpha Utility Boardshorts. They offer a two-way stretch fabric on the sides with a contrasting midsection. A velcro flap pocket appears at the bottom of each leg with a zipper pocket above the left and buttoned pliers pocket above the right. They come in black or blue with sizes ranging from small to triple extra-large. Other utility trunks in the series include the Deckhand Relief & the Too Classic Camo.

Walk Shorts

Salty Crew Deep Sea Walk Shorts
Deep Sea Walk Shorts

Water resistant walk shorts give anglers another option for comfort when on the deck while offering the same utility as the trunks. Plain in color, these stylish shorts have cargo pockets and a plier pocket. The Wheelhouse Hybrid is 100% nylon, though the Skiff Hybrid and the Charter walk shorts use a blend of fabrics. The Deep Sea brings the full jungle camo look with the same build as the Wheelhouse Hybrid. All models come with belt loops for when the fishing slows down and the sea decides not to provide.

Salty Crew Hats

Salty Crew Tippet Patched Bucket Hat
Tippet Patched Bucket Hat

Nothing screams out the salty lifestyle louder than a Salty Crew hat! Good for keeping the sun off your head and out of your face, who doesn’t like a baseball cap or bucket hat while playing outdoors? The baseball cap style fits well just about anywhere while the bucket cap provides that brim all the way around.

At night time when the wind hits your ears, a Salty Crew beanie will do you right! As for baseball caps, Salty Crew has well over 30 different models to choose from. You’ll find all the different mottos and logos that appear on their shirts transfer over to the caps. Salty Crew caps use different materials depending on the model, from cotton/polyester blends to blends that include nylon.

Salty Crew Mahi Mount Cap
Mahi Mount Cap

There are more than a couple cap designs to choose from as you can see below:

  • Six Panel Snap Back Cap
  • Five Panel Snap Back Cap
  • Six Panel Trucker w/ Mesh Snap Back
  • Five Panel Trucker w/ Mesh Snap Back
  • Five & Six Panel One Size Fits All
  • Bucket Hat
Salty Crew Happy Fish Beanie
Happy Fish Beanie

And don’t forget about the Happy Fish and the Step Up beanies, a necessity for the deck on long-range trips. The Happy Fish is a 100% acrylic loose-knit sailor’s caps with an embroidered Yellowtail patch. Anglers choose from black or red in color. The Step-Up is a tight-knit medium weight 100% acrylic beanie. It comes in black or charcoal colors and both styles are one size fits all. Last but not least is the Tippet Patched Bucket Hat with its 360-degree brim. Fill this camo hat up with water and stick it back on when hot. It has vent holes but if you do it fast, most of the water will stay in.

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Salty Crew For Boys & Girls

Salty Crew Boys Bruce Tee
Boys Bruce Tee

Kids love the ocean just as much as adults, and just because the Salty Crew line tailors mainly to men doesn’t mean girls can’t wear it too. Salty Crew offers a decent selection from their mainline for boys. This includes short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees as well as a few caps. Though there aren’t many choices expressly for women besides the Salty Sally Sweatshirt, ladies do favor the Mahi Cowboy t-shirt. Young men look ready to hit the surf wearing an Angry Bull or Bruce t-shirt. Size choices in boys tees are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Pros & Cons Of Salty Crew Apparel


For those who love the beach, the ocean, and the smell of saltwater in the air, Salty Crew says it all. From their feisty “Chasing Tail” series to the more tranquil “Find Refuge In The Sea”, Salty Crew inspires watermen to keep pushing the edges. It’s a reminder that there are frontiers left to explore and appreciate for all they have to offer. Though cost is standard for a name brand product, Salty Crew ensures quality material and craftsmanship.


Unless you are able to find a sale, Salty Crew products aren’t on the cheaper side of retail clothing. It is a popular brand that doesn’t produce cheap stitching or light-threaded apparel. While the message itself may present an issue for less salty folk, more women might like to see some Salty Crew wear. Salty Sally doesn’t seem to be enough representation for the ocean-going women that love offshore fishing so much.

Salty Crew Customer Support

Upon receipt of your Salty Crew product, make certain to give it a full inspection before wear. The Refund Policy ensures a full 4 weeks to return a product for a full refund or exchange. This assumes that the product is in the original condition. Should any concern arise, feel free to contact Salty Crew via phone or email on their Contact Us web page.

Final Observations

93 out of 100 saltwater anglers approve of Salty Crew Offshore Wear

Wearing Salty Crew apparel certainly makes a statement about at least one of the things offshore anglers love about life. In fact, some watermen spend the majority of their waking hours on the ocean. Though not every salty individual can afford a closet full of a popular brand, most don’t mind splurging for a tee or hat. The best way to show you love the ocean is to be there and be active. When you’re ready to shout that to the rest of the world, Salty Crew is waiting.


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