So Cal Tuna Fishing – SD Bred Reared And Raised

So Cal Tuna Fishing – SD Bred Reared And Raised

So Cal Tuna Fishing So Cal Tuna Fishing

Welcome readers! Today I’d like to share a bit about where I’m from, and my favorite way to fish.  In a nutshell you can call it So Cal Tuna Fishing. In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m from San Diego and I love to battle tuna.

Enjoyment on many levels!

For love of nature:

-The smell of the ocean

There’s nothing quite like it. You can feel it in the air.

-The wind in your hair

I even drive with my window down, just to feel the ocean.

-The sun on your face

With sunscreen of course! You still feel it at the end of the day.

-The abundance of sea life

Almost everywhere are birds, dolphins, whales, sea lions, and fish!

So Cal Tuna Fishing

The thrill of the fight:

LINE screaming off the REEL

Fish on! Fresh one! Hook up! These are the expressions you hear us yell when all goes well.

-Working tuna around the boat

Over under is the name of the game. Follow your fish!

The force of the ROD

These fish are strong. Use leverage, and put your back into it!

-The relief of victory

The loud thud, and flapping of the fish on the deck. High fives abound!


So Cal Tuna Fishing

For the love of cuisine:

-Freshest fish ever

Fish are immediately stored in a saltwater brine freezer hold on the boat. I have my cooler packed with ice waiting in my car!

-Low fat and heart healthy

Incorporating fish into your diet is heart healthy. Eat in moderation to avoid mercury levels.

-Share with friends

Catch more than enough? Your friends will love a donation.

-Thousands of recipes

Get into cuisine. A whole new hobby awaits you here!

So Cal Tuna Fishing

…..and memories for a lifetime!

Are you ready to go yet? Leave me a comment and let me know. Hope you enjoyed.



  1. Hello Geoff,

    I like the way you put your heart out in your posts and I’m really excited and looking forward to actual videos of while you are fishing especially the moment you caught fish. Keep it up!


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