Choosing Fishing Line – Power And Preference

Choosing Fishing Line

Choosing fishing lineOne more decision the preparing fisherman must make is which kind of line he is going to join to the hook and the reel. Every type of line has different properties, and likewise different uses. The educated angler will take his needs into consideration when choosing fishing line.


Mono is what we call it and it is the basic fishing line. It’s been used for quite some time before flourocarbon and braided line gained popularity. While these newer lines have their advantages, mono still has desirable properties. Some of these include:

  • Mono works well with knot tying.
  • Mono stretches when it is pulled.
  • Many brands are abrasion resistant.
  • It lays smoothly and evenly on the reel.
  • It is fairly inexpensive to replace.

Example of monofilament on one of my reels.Choosing Fishing Line

Izorline 005132 Platinum Co-Polymer Mono Line (Bulk), 15 lb/1/4 lb, Green

A favorite among saltwater anglers and will suit most monofilament needs. This is my preferred line and is highly recommended.


Flouro (for short) is another popular kind of fishing line. It has been getting much more attention in the fishing industry for several years now. Flouro is similar in appearance to monofilament, but contains unique qualities.  Common qualities of Flouro:

    • Widely believed that Flouro is harder to see than mono in the water.
    • Flouro has much less stretch than mono.
    • More abrasion resistant than mono.
    • Flouro is considerably more expensive than mono, and is often used as a leader.
    • Flouro is often used in conjunction with both mono and braided line.Choosing Fishing Line

200 Yds. P – Line Halo Flourocarbon Mist Green, 15 LB
will add the invisible last 6 feet when fish are line shy.

Braided line

Choosing Fishing Line

Braided line is made of fabric like material and constructed just like it’s name, by braiding several smaller strings together. Also known as spectra, this line has also gained growing popularity over the last several years. The qualities of spectra are quite different than those of mono and flouro and include:

        • Much stronger than mono or flouro.
        • Braid has virtually no stretch.
        • Braid is harder to tie knots with and can dig into itself on the reel.
        • Lighter in the water than mono or flouro.
        • Braid will also retain more holding power when compromised than mono or flouro.

Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braided Fishing Line, 40-Pound/300-Yard, Marine Blue will add that braided line to your reel. It will last years longer than mono or flouro, and will not snap. Fish fear this line!

Wire and other types of leaders have specific uses as well, and will be covered in a later post. Proper conditions to use these line types is also another conversation, and a more opinionated one at that.

I hope you the reader have found something useful or helpful here, and will be better informed when choosing fishing line. Have questions, comments, or ideas?  Please let me know. Send to

Geoff@FISHTFIGHT.COM.  Thanks, and see you soon!





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