Accurate ATD Platinum Review – Twin Drag Power House Reels

Accurate ATD Platinum Review – Twin Drag Power House Reels

When it comes to big game fishing for Wahoo, Marlin, or Sailfish, anglers need a powerful reel. It’s important that all functions of the reel can handle the stresses that come along with battling such species. From a rigid sturdy frame to large powerful gears, there are many mechanics to consider. The Accurate ATD Platinum series answers the big game question and brings the famous TwinDrag feature to the table. Anglers that head out to wrestle the beasts of the ocean do well to include the Accurate ATD Platinum reel in their arsenal.

Accurate ATD Platinum Reels

Accurate ATD Platinum Reel
Accurate ATD Platinum Reel

Product: Accurate ATD Platinum 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels.

Overall Ranking: 97 out of 100.

Price: High Range.

Company: Accurate Grinding & Manufacturing Corp.


Intro To Accurate ATD Platinum Reels

Accurate ATD Platinum Logo

The namesake of Accurate reels is their TwinDrag system, and it goes to good use in the ATD Platinum series. It’s fine to have drag resistance on each side of the spool in any situation, but it’s more than helpful versus high-speed species. 8 different models give fishermen size options for fishing the braided line of their choice. Aircraft grade aluminum frames and heat treated stainless steel gears are only two other features that make the Accurate ATD Platinum so deadly.

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Accurate ATD Platinum Reel Models, Specs, & Features

ATD Platinum Models

• ATD-6     • ATD-12     • ATD30-30T 

• ATD50-50T     • ATD-50W     • ATD-80 

• ATD-80W     • ATD-130

ATD Platinum Specifications

If you’re looking for a drag system on a reel that can handle the most powerful fish in the ocean, the Accurate ATD Platinum fits the description. Out of the 8 models in the series, you’ll find they hold 4 sizes of braided line in varying capacities. All two-speed lever drag reels that break down into 4 different gear ratios. The smallest models are the fastest (the 6 & 12) and have ratios of 5.1:1 in high gear or 2.31:1 in low. The 30-30 goes at 4.1:1 or 1.71:1 while both the 50-50 and 50W go 3.31:1 or 1.21:1. Finally, the largest models go 2.21:1 in high gear or 1.01:1 in low.

Accurate ATD Platinum 80
The Accurate ATD 80

The smallest ATD-6 puts on 450 yards of 50lb braid. Move up to the ATD-12 for 400 yards of 80, and it goes up from there. The three middle reels in the series, (the 30-30, 50-50, and 50) hold 130lb braid at 500, 600, and 750 yards respectively. Finally, go extreme with the 80, 80W, and 130 size models. They hold 200lb braid at 900, 1100, and a whopping 1500 yards in the 130.

Drag systems on Accurate ATD Platinum reels, as stated, are intense creations of mechanics. On the lightest reel, you’ll have 50 plus lbs of max drag with choices of 60 and 70 in the middle models. The heaviest reels provide over 100 pounds maximum drag. Speaking of weight, the reels do get heavy as size increases. The smallest one starts at 41 ounces and the larger models make a big jump to 135, 147, and 192 ounces. That matches the 80, 80W, and 130.

Accurate ATD Platinum – Main Reel Features

TwinDrag System

The TwinDrag system is the bread and butter of all Accurate conventional reels and it’s especially effective on the ATD Platinum. While many reels use a drag system that engages from one side of the spool, the TwinDrag system applies even drag to both sides. The result is a smooth release of line and consistent pressure against the most powerful forces in the ocean.



A powerful dual drag system doesn’t help much unless a reel offers the mechanics for precise setting. Accurate ATD Platinum reels give an angler exactly that. The ability to adjust the dual drags to an exact amount of force is unarguably important on a reel like the ATD Platinum. The fish these reels must handle make it a requirement.

Features Of Accurate ATD Platinum Reels

Heat Treated Gears

Anglers hail the use of stainless steel in offshore reels for its ability to withstand the harmful elements and for its strength. If you ever cut stainless steel, you know it’s not an easy task. Accurate goes beyond the norm and heat treats the stainless steel gears. The extra strength that heat treatment provides is most valuable when maximum forces become involved.

7 Class 5 ABEC Stainless Steel Bearings

Again, the use of stainless steel is a must for the bearings to stand up to the salt and rust. On top of that, Accurate will not use any other bearings than those highly rated by ABEC. Though ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee) doesn’t grade all aspects of bearings, they do provide guidelines for categorizing their quality.

Dual Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse Dogs

It’s not at all surprising to see the use of mechanical dogs for the anti-reverse in the Accurate ATD Platinum reel. They are made to hold up much better against extreme pressure where an anti-reverse bearing might fail. Once again, providing dual dogs that mirror each other in position add to the stability and the stopping power of these reels.

DirecShift Two-Speed Mechanism


Accurate ATD Platinum AccuDrag And DirecShift
Precision AccuDrag & DirecShift Mechanism

Every two-speed reel must address an angler’s need to switch gears quickly in the middle of a battle. The time it takes fumbling around to get back into high gear can give a fish the moment it needs.


Slackline is an enemy and Accurate makes it a simple motion to switch back and forth. Just a tap on the spring loaded button on the base of the handle does the trick.

Additional Features

It’s worth pointing to anglers considering an Accurate ATD Platinum reel that they hold no stops on quality. These aren’t reels with high strength gears and frame that use junky nuts and bolts. Even the springs are of high-quality stainless steel, as are the nuts, bolts, screws, etc. Rest assured that Accurate delivers the goods through and through on their most powerful line of reels.

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Pros & Cons Of Accurate ATD Platinum Reels


When it comes to large game fishing, the Accurate ATD Platinum stands right beside the big manufacturers. Personally, I feel that as a customer anglers receive better attention from Accurate than they will from Shimano, Okuma, Penn, and the likes. Jump on the phone or chat and you’ll be speaking to a professional angler and reel maker instead of a customer service rep. As for the reel’s performance, they match up right against the Shimano Tiagra and the Penn International.


It takes some nitpicking to find drawbacks about the Accurate ATD Platinum series. These reels run a much higher price tag than most saltwater reels but fall in the same range with other reels of the same caliber. Make certain you understand the intention of these reels is to battle giant species. Any use for smaller grade fish will turn into overkill in both power and cost.

Best Use For Accurate ATD Platinum Reels

I’m sure you’ve caught on by now, but the ATD Platinum is no joke of a reel. Even 40 -50 lb class tuna will be a small contest for the power these reels bring to the water. Pair the Accurate ATD Platinum with a worthy rod to get the most out their performance ability. You’ll want to consider trolling and/or boat rods like the Penn Tuna Stick, Seeker, or CalStar for your backbone.

Accurate ATD Platinum Reel Support

Accurate Company LogoOne of the benefits of a smaller yet well-established company like Accurate is the customer care they provide. Accurate offers a live chat feature (during business hours) online, as well as a service phone number and email contact info. Every ATD reel comes with a limited Manufacturer’s Warranty of two years. This offer also comes along with 1 free lube (notwithstanding shipping cost) per year while under warranty.

Closing Out The Accurate ATD Platinum Reel Review

97 out of 100 offshore anglers approve of Accurate ATD Platinum reels

It’s no secret that going for big ocean species requires a performance level above that of a standard saltwater reel. Not only does the reel have to be strong in all aspects, it must contain the mechanical capability to handle the most extreme pressures. It takes a lot of planning, design, and hands down craftsmanship to create such a mechanical wonder. Accurate perfects the art in their powerhouse reels, the ATD Platinum series.



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