Accurate Boss Extreme Review – The Original Twin Drag Reel Improved!

Accurate Boss Extreme Review – The Original Twin Drag Reel Improved!

The Accurate Boss Extreme, though a different reel today, was the first to introduce the Twin Drag feature. It is the reel that all other Accurate models start from when it comes to design creation. Improvements in material and technology allow Accurate Boss Extreme reels to exceed current industry standards. Today’s models are lighter in weight, more powerful, and perform better than they ever have before.

Accurate Boss Extreme Reels

Accurate Boss Extreme Single-Speed Reel
Accurate Boss Extreme Single-Speed Reel

Product: Accurate Boss Extreme Single & Two-Speed Lever Drag Reels.

Overall Ranking: 94 out 100.

Price: Mid to High Range.

Company: Accurate Grinding And Manufacturing Corporation.


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Introduction To Accurate Boss Extreme Saltwater Reels

Accurate Fishing boasts the Boss as the very first reel to present the Twin Drag feature, and some of those early editions are still catching fish today. The new improved Accurate Boss Extreme, however, takes those old models to a whole new level. Previous reel frames are now lighter using 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum. Other improvements to the Accurate Boss Extreme include more torque with an enlarged stainless steel gear shaft as well as a larger anti-reverse bearing for stronger stopping power.

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Accurate Boss Extreme Models, Specs & Features

Boss Extreme Single-Speed Models

• BX-400N     • BX-400     • BX-500N     

• BX-500     • BX-600N     • BX-600     

• BX-600NN     • BX-600W

Boss Extreme Two-Speed Models

• BX2-400N     • BX2-400     • BX2-500N     

• BX2-500     • BX2-600N     • BX2-600     

• BX2-600NN     • BX2-600W     

• BX2-30N     • BX2-30

Single Speed Specifications

Accurate makes 8 different models in the Boss Extreme single speed series and gives anglers 3 choices in size. The 400, 500 and 600 to be precise. Each size reel offers a narrow spool option and there’s an extra narrow model in the size 600. You’ll see the size 600 also offers the BX-600W, capable of holding the most (and heaviest line).

Accurate Boss Extreme BX-600W
Accurate Boss Extreme Single Speed BX-600W

Note that all single speed models come with a higher gear option. Accurate denotes this on the Boss Extreme with an X at the end of the model number. Accurate Boss Extreme single speed gear ratios are either 4.1:1 or 6.1:1 if you go with an X model.

The Accurate Boss Extreme single speed reels weigh less than the two-speed models. They start as low as 18 ounces and go up to 28oz. Line capacity in braided line begins on the light end at 325 yards of 40lb test. That’s for the 400 narrow spool. The normal 400 spool holds the same amount of line, but 50lb test.

If you’re looking for length, the most you’ll get is 500 yards of 65lb test on the BX-600 model. Last but not least, the Boss Extreme offers a substantial amount of drag. Their lever drag systems start at a max of 26 pounds and move up as high as 32lbs.

Two Speed Specs

With 10 different models and 4 sizes to choose from, the Accurate Boss Extreme provides a decent range of two-speed reels. Their size mirrors the single speed models in the 400, 500, and 600, but adds the BX2-30. Larger size reels than the aforementioned.

Accurate Boss Extreme BX2-30
Accurate Boss Extreme Two-Speed BX2-30

Boss Extreme two-speed models have no need to offer a higher speed alternative like the single speed models do. They already come with both low and high gears. Surprisingly, the two-speed models aren’t too much heavier than the single-speed versions. Add on about an ounce of weight, with the exception of the two size 30 models. They go up to 34 7 36 ounces.

As for line ratings, the Accurate Boss Extreme two-speed models match exactly to the single-speed specs. The only exceptions are the two larger BX2 reels. Anglers can wrap 375 yards of 80lb braid on the BX2-30 narrow, and 500 yards of 80lb braid on the BX2-30 (regular size spool).

Analyzing the gear ratios, fishermen can see there are only two specs to be aware of. The smaller size 400 and 500 models go high at 6.1:1 and low gear falls to 3.1:1. Boss Extreme two-speed models from size 500 on up have a high gear ratio of 5.1:1 and low of 2.2:1. Max drag on the two-speed models begins at 26 pounds and goes up to 36lbs on the larger sizes.

Stand Out Features Of Accurate Boss Extreme Reels

TwinDrag System

Accurate TwinDrag SystemWear that occurs on drag discs from only one side of the spool can set the system off balance over time. The twin drag system allows for constant even wear but the true value is in its superb performance. Smooth even pressure from matching discs on both sides of the spool is more than noticeable on big game fish.

AccuDrag System

AccuDrag Precision Drag Settings
AccuDrag Precision Drag Settings

The greased AccuDrag system appears on all Accurate Boss Extreme models and provides precision drag settings. Engagement is sometimes an issue on lesser drag systems as are inaccurate lever settings. The drag sticks when you set it light, or it doesn’t provide any force of drag until it gets tight enough. Neither is a circumstance that aids your chances of landing a trophy. There’s no need to worry when you have the precise drag settings of the Boss Extreme.

Stainless Steel Bearings & ARB

The Accurate Boss Extreme design includes 6 Class 5 ABEC rated stainless steel bearings. The stopping system also uses a stainless steel Anti Reverse Bearing. These features show the dedication to both durability and performance that Accurate puts into the Boss design.

Enlarged Gear Shaft & Stainless Steel Gears

Again. With the entire gear system going to stainless steel as the material of choice, you get nothing but the utmost in corrosion protection. You also have a gear system that is stronger with a larger main shaft, not to mention the strength stainless steel itself provides.

Sleeved Spool For Castability

The strength of the sleeved spool comes because it rides inside a channel. This both keeps the spool in place and allows it to spin in an unhindered fashion. Sleeved spools offer some of the best free spool action, and as such increased castability, of any reels on the market today.

DirecShift Mechanism

Accurate DirecShiftPulling on a beast of a fish is not to the time to struggle with changing gears. Accurate addresses this situation elegantly with their DirecShift switch. You see it as just a small protruding knob at the base of the reel handle. It makes for an easy slap of the palm to drop into low gear, or back to high, and you never miss a beat.

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Pros & Cons Of Accurate Boss Extreme Reels


There’s a good amount of variance to decide from in the Accurate Boss Extreme lineup.Being a vamped up version of the original TwinDrag reel, these reels make incredible improvements. From the starting gate, the design is outright flashy, but the performance boost shows the true value. Precision drag settings, tough aluminum frames, and stainless steel gears and bearings are the main attractions.


Accurate Boss Extreme reels are extreme fishing machines but they aren’t for every angler. If you prefer fishing mono line, these braid bearing reels may not be the best choice. They are also not on cheaper side when it comes to budget equipment buying. Personally speaking, the Penn Fathom Single or Two Speed Reel makes a fine alternative for fishing mono line at a lower rate.

Who Does Accurate Fishing Build The Boss Extreme To Suit?

Accurate Boss Extreme reels are for the serious saltwater angler that intends to spend their good share of hours on the ocean. These reels are durable and can take the beating on the boat and from the elements. They also offer choices for plenty of different possible offshore encounters. Whether fishing big schools of tuna on the outside or kelp bass near shore, there’s a Boss Extreme model to fit.

Accurate Boss Extreme Reel Support

Accurate Boss Extreme Reels Made In The USAEvery Accurate Boss Extreme reel comes with a 2-year AccuCare Reel Service guarantee. Free reel service after two years of use? Not shabby of a deal. Reels also come with the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty should there be any defects in craftsmanship. Accurate has one of the better customer service centers which makes communication an easy process for customers. They offer a live chat feature onsite as well as phone and email on their Contact Us Page.

Final Verdict On Accurate Boss Extreme Single & Two Speed Reels

94 Out Of 100 Saltwater Anglers Approve Of Boss Extreme Reels

Accurate Boss Extreme reels score high all around for value. The\extra price is well worth it for the cost of replacing reels over the years. Boss reels cover so many different saltwater needs and could easily fill several places on your various rods. They offer the angler the utmost in durability and performance on the ocean, important qualities to have in a sudden burst of extreme action.


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