Accurate Valiant Review – Small Reels For Braided Line & Big Fish

Accurate Valiant Review – Small Reels For Braided Line & Big Fish

Welcome anglers to the Valiant, an offshore conventional reel worthy of much more attention than it receives. The smallest and lightest of all their offshore models, Accurate Valiant reels offer anglers a number of benefits. Not least among them is a sturdy compact reel, ready for braided line, that you can fish with all day long. When the moment arrives, the Accurate Valiant packs a big punch.

Accurate Valiant Offshore Reels

Accurate Valiant BV2-400
The Accurate Valiant BV2-400

Product: The Accurate Valiant Series Offshore Conventional Reels.

Overall Ranking: 94 out of 100.

Price: Middle High to High Range.

Owner: Accurate Grinding And Manufacturing Corporation.


Intro To The Accurate Valiant Reel

Accurate Valiant LogoLike the Accurate Boss & Fury series reels, the Valiant offers anglers a wide range of models. This post will cover them all. With 21 different reels to choose from, you’ll discover their uses and major differences. The main feature of the Accurate Valiant series is a small reel made to hold braided line. All conventional in nature, do not discount the Accurate Valiant in your pursuit of large game fish. In fact, their small size yet ultra-powerful infrastructure makes them one of the best reels on the market.

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Accurate Valiant Models, Specs, & Features

Valiant Single Speed Lever Drag Models

• BV-300     • BV-400     • BV-500N     • BV-500 

• BV-600NN     • BV-600N     • BV-600 

• BV-600PNN     • BV-600PN     • BV-600P 

• BVL-600S     • BVL600-SW 

Valiant Two Speed Lever Drag Models

• BV2-400     • BV2-500N     • BV2-500     

• BV2-600NN     • BV2-600N     • BV2-600 

• BV2-800N     • BV2-800     • BV2-1000

Accurate Valiant Reel Specifications

Valiant Single Speed Specs

Accurate Valiant BV-300
Accurate Valiant BV-300 Reel

Out of 21 models in the Valiant series, 12 stand out as single speed reels. Looking over the 12 models, however, you may notice there are only 4 different sizes. The smallest is the 300, then the 400, 500, and 600 move up in size respectively. The Accurate Valiant 500 offers a narrow spool model, as do the size 600 reels. Size 600 reels offer the most models with options for narrow and extra-narrow spools. They 600 also has a P (for power) model, which has a lower gear ratio, and two high-speed S options.

One of the goals of the Accurate Valiant is to shed some weight without losing capability. They do a good job which you can see in the starting weight of the smallest BV-300 model. It weighs only 9.9 ounces. The heaviest single-speed Valiant weighs 20 ounces. A maximum drag capacity of 23 on the smallest BV-300 matches the likes of the Penn Fathom Star Drag, and the Valiant moves up from there. The BV-600P gives you a max drag of 32-pounds, thus the P for power along with a lower gear ratio.

Line Capacity & Gear Ratio

Line ratings and gear ratios are the final specs to cover. Using braided line, the smallest BV-300 rates at 325 yards of 30lb test. The 400 and 500 models move up to 50lb braid and the 600 models carry braid of 65lb test. You will find that the narrow spools sacrifice some yards of line. On the contrary, the P (or power) models in the size 600 Accurate Valiant reels offer more line capacity. The S (for high speed) 600 models give even more yards of line, but they switch from braid to 20lb mono. Gear ratios are 6.1:1 in all models except those with the Power (4.1:1) & Speed (7.1:1) designations.

Valiant Two Speed Specs

Accurate Valiant BV2-600PNN
Accurate Valiant BV2-600PNN Reel

Accurate Valiant two-speed reels come with fewer options, mainly because they lose the concern for power and extra speed. They start a bit larger with a size 400 instead of 300 and top out with two models larger than any in the single-speed reels. Extra gearing always adds some weight and the smallest BV2-400 sits at 14.3 ounces. The heaviest BV2-1000 weighs only 29 ounces and shows how light a large reel can be. Note that anglers still have the narrow spool option with Accurate Valiant two-speed reels.

As two-speed reels ought to do, the Accurate Valiant models have a higher drag capacity. The lightest 400 packs a max drag of 26 pounds while the 500 moves up to 30. Larger models get higher with 32 pounds max drag in the size 600, 36 in the 800, and 40+ pounds with the 1000 model. Gear ratios of Accurate Valiant 2-speed reels are consistent with only 2 choices among the models. Size 400 and 500 models both offer a gear ratio of 6.1:1, and both drop to a low gear of 3.1:1. Larger sizes have a 5.1:1 gear ratio and drop down to 2.2:1.

Line Capacity

Last but not least are the braided line specs with the 400 model starting at 325 yards of 50lb test. Next in line is the size 500 which move up to 475 yards of 50lb braid. Note that the narrow model only holds 300 yards. Going up in size: 600 models carry 65lb braid at 300 yards (extra narrow spool), 400 yards (narrow spool) and 500 yards. The size 800 models hold 80lb braid at 600 yards (narrow spool) and 800 yards regular. Finally, the largest size 1000 two-speed model wraps a thousand yards of 100lb braid.

Top Features Of Accurate Valiant Offshore Reels

Ergonomic Design

Accurate Valiant BV2-800Offshore anglers know the long hours they must put in on the open ocean to get the results they desire. It’s no surprise that reel makers strive to build a lighter product. But with a lighter reel, how do manufacturers keep from losing the strength needed to land powerful fish? Each takes their own approach to tackling these issues but not many do it better than the Accurate Valiant.

Using 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, the ergonomic design of Accurate Valiant reels starts in the frame. Accurate shaves weight off the reel with the utmost attention to strength. The resulting design decreases reel weight while maintaining full power.

Sleeved Spool

Accurate Valiant reel design includes an aircraft grade aluminum spool with a sleeve that sits inside the reel frame. The sleeved spool adds stability and keeps the spool bearings in exact place. The sleeve is basically a hollow tube like a small piece of plumbing pipe that sits over the main gear shaft. Having a sleeved spool increases the free-spool ability and allows extra distance when casting.

Stainless Steel Gears, Shaft, & ARB

Accurate Valiant reels come equipped with 7 ABEC stainless steel shielded bearings as well as a new stainless anti-reverse bearing. Precision gears mesh like they were born together and consist of stainless steel as does the main shaft. These features add both strengths in torque and as an anti-corrosive measure.

Patented Twin Drag System

Accurate Valiant Twin Drag SystemThe Accurate Valiant series employs their patented Twin Drag system which ensures equal pressure on both sides of the spool. Where single drag systems can wear to one side creating a catch spot, the Twin Drag system evens out the pressure. In this scenario, the reel has drag washers with springs that engage on both sides of the spool.

The Twin Drag system allows for the addition of several beneficial factors. You get a more even disc wear for one, and you also get a smoother release of your line. Having the Twin Drag feature comes in even more handy with the heavier models. When you need to put more pressure on the brakes, you’ll appreciate the Twin Drag.

Patented DirecShift Mechanism

A feature exclusive to the two-speed models, the Accurate DirecShift makes it possible to switch gears without a hitch. That is to say, not only is the placement of the switch in an easy to tap location, it also doesn’t miss a mechanical beat. The crossover from high to low gear, or vice versa, is smooth as can be.

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Pros & Cons Of Accurate Valiant Reels


A list of positives that goes on and on is the sign of a high-performance reel, and the Accurate Valiant has a long list indeed. The lightweight feature is only a bonus if the reel doesn’t lose out in performance. Accurate pulls this move off in spectacular fashion with the Valiant design.

Besides that, Accurate uses high-grade material and shows a strong level of craftsman throughout the entire series. Whether you fishing needs tend towards a two-speed reel or you’re able to make due with one speed, the Valiant puts forth some fine selections. Valiant reels are also available for left-handed anglers.


Accurate Valiant Reel Maintenance

In all honesty, the Accurate Valiant offers top value for the asking price but it isn’t cheap. The Valiant is more than worth every penny, but still, the cost is a downside if it falls out of an anglers price range.

This is one to save up for if such is the case. Anglers that prefer fishing with mono ought to know that the Valiant is for braided line (except the high-speed models). Accurate Fishing does not make Valiant reels in star drag models.

Which Fishing Style Suits The Accurate Valiant Reel?

Accurate Valiant reels cover most of the needs that an offshore angler might run into. You could very well choose a selection of Phenix or CalStar rods to go with different Valiant reels and be fully prepared offshore. There could certainly be exceptions for larger and smaller needs, but the Valiant serves a wide range of styles. Trolling, topwater casting, vertical jigging and fly lining offer some specific examples.

Accurate Reel & Customer Support

A 2-year free service program makes a huge step forward in the support category. All Accurate Valiant reels come with this warranty. Furthermore, Accurate provides Valiant reel schematics on their website, a video on repair and general maintenance, and an open support portal. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Closing Words On The Accurate Valiant Reel Series

94 out of 100 anglers approve of Accurate Valiant reels

When you’re ready to take offshore fishing to the next level and you want equipment that will hold up, you won’t go wrong with Accurate. During those long hours of grueling fishing, you’ll appreciate their lightweight build. When you hook up with a surprise gamefish that has more fight than you might anticipate, the Accurate Valiant will most certainly pull through.



    1. I’ve had it happen before on reels. Two things.

      1. Specs on the BV-500 call for 50 pound braid. My trouble also happened when I was using lighter line.

      2. Make sure not to overfill the spool. Even with lighter line, reducing the amount about 1/4 inch below the top of the spool should help stop the line from digging into the frame.

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