Tuf Line Braided Dacron Review: Spliceable IGFA Approved Line

Tuf Line Braided Dacron Review: Spliceable IGFA Approved Line

Before the invention of Spectra and Dyneema, Dacron was a popular choice of material for the manufacturing of braided lines. Though most anglers now prefer the properties of polyethylene, Dacron still has its uses. Advancements in manufacturing also apply to products like Tuf Line Braided Dacron which features a protective waxy coating. Whether you’re considering Dacron braid for “True Breaking Strength” tournament use or as an inexpensive backing, Tuf Line offers top value.

Tuf Line Braided Dacron 

Tuf Line Braided Dacron
Braided Dacron By Tuf Line

Product: Tuf Line Braided Dacron.

Overall Ranking: 81 out of 100.

Price: Mid to low range.

Company/Owner: Western Filament, Inc.

Website: Tuf-Line.com.

Intro To Tuf Line Braided Dacron

Western Filament Braided Dacron
Braided Dacron With The Western Filament Name

Because most braided fishing lines break well above their test ratings, anglers tend to avoid them for tournament use. Lines such as Tuf Line Braided Dacron make a reliable alternative. Though it loses some of the advantages that come with Spectra, Dacron costs a lot less. Tuf Line reduces such issues as easy abrasion and waterlogging with the application of a wax-like coating.

A hollow braid that provides simple splicing for wind on leaders, Tuf Line Braided Dacron is an I.G.F.A. approved line. Spools come in filler and bulk lengths with tests as low as 20 lbs and as high as 250. With 5 different color patterns to blend with varying water conditions, Tuf Line offers its standard of excellence to big game tournament anglers.

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Tuf Line Braided Dacron Spools, Specs, & Features


With 5 color choices and tests from 20 to 250 lbs, Tuf Line Braided Dacron lends itself to a multitude of fishing applications. Anglers can go with Black, Chartreuse, White, Green Spot, or Fluorescent Orange in lengths of 100 to 2500 yards. Check the list below to see if Tuf Line makes Dacron for your exact needs.

  • 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, 130, 160, 180, 200 & 250 LB Test
  • 100, 150, 300, 600, 1200, & 2500 Yards
  • Black, White, Chartreuse, Green Spot, & Fluorescent Orange Color Options
Tag End Of Tuf Line Braided Dacron
Notice The Hollow Core End For Splicing Wind-On Leaders

Specs Of Tuf Line Dacron

One of the drawbacks of Dacron is that it isn’t as strong as Spectra of the same diameter. Tuf Line Dacron matches more or less with monofilament of an equal pound test. Compare the specifications below to see how Tuf Line matches up against other name brands. Note that true breaking strengths are still slightly higher in most tests of Tuf Line Braided Dacron.

  • 20 LB Test (22 LB True Break): 0.483 (MM) 0.019 (IN) – 20 LB Mono
  • 30 LB Test (32 LB True Break): 0.712 (MM) 0.028 (IN) – 30 LB Mono
  • 40 LB Test (43 LB True Break): 0.916 (MM) 0.036 (IN) – 40 LB Mono
  • 50 LB Test (51 LB True Break): 1.145 (MM) 0.045 (IN) – 50 LB Mono
  • 80 LB Test (79 LB True Break): 1.985 (MM) 0.078 (IN) – 80 LB Mono
  • 100 LB Test (99 LB True Break): 2.163 (MM) 0.085 (IN) – 100 LB Mono
  • 130 LB Test (131 LB True Break): 2.417 (MM) 0.095 (IN) – 130 LB Mono
  • 160 LB Test (162 LB True Break): 2.799 (MM) 0.110 (IN) – 160 LB Mono
  • 180 LB Test (184 LB True Break): 3.410 (MM) 0.134 (IN) – 180 LB Mono
  • 200 LB Test (201 LB True Break): 4.249 (MM) 0.167 (IN) – 200 LB Mono
  • 250 LB Test (253 LB True Break): 5.038 (MM) 0.198 (IN) – 250 LB Mono

Key Features

Highest Quality Material & Manufacturing

Tuf Line Logo
The Tuf Line Company Logo

Using the most advanced braiding machines as well as the highest quality Dacron fibers, Tuf Line is a brand anglers trust. Owned by Western Filament, they manufacture braided fishing lines under the Tuf Line name in the USA. Years of perfecting their design and processes are insurance to fishermen who won’t settle for anything but a superior braid.

Low Stretch For Increased Sensitivity

Unlike Spectra or Dyneema braids, most Dacron lines have a bit of stretch to them. Tuf Line Braided Dacron does have a very small amount of stretch, but the tight weave and wax coating help reduce its elasticity. The result is a Dacron braid with much less stretch than anglers who use it might be accustomed to. This, of course, leads to a level of higher sensitivity from the end of the line to the tip of the rod.

Hollow Core Spliceable Design

Hollow Core Braided Dacron
Spliceable Braided Dacron

Because Tuf Line Braided Dacron is a true breaking strength line, any compromise from knot connections is a big deal. Many knots reduce the breaking strength of the braid, and for this reason, Tuf Line makes their Dacron spliceable. It’s a hollow core braid that allows anglers the use of a wind-on leader. Sportfishing Magazine has an informative article about rigging wind-on leaders for those who want to learn more about it.

Proprietary Wax Coating

A very useful feature that sets Tuf Line apart from other braided Dacron lines is its unique wax coating. Anglers who use Spectra or Dyneema braids don’t suffer a line that can absorb water. Typical Dacron lines will soak it in and become heavy on the spool. They also need a freshwater rinse and place to dry to prevent molding. Tuf Line’s proprietary wax coating repels water and protects the Dacron braid, helping to reduce abrasion. It also aids in securing your wind-on leader.

Full I.G.F.A. Approval

Braided lines that have a true breaking strength well over their stated tests are cause for elimination if used in official tournaments. Anglers who enter Marlin or Sailfish tourneys often prep by spooling up with Tuf Line Dacron. All spools are fully approved for tournament use by the I.G.F.A.

Much More Affordable Than Polyethylene

Anglers who use braids like Tuf Line XP, Power Pro Spectra, or Sufix 832 Advanced Superline know the cost rises astronomically the more line you need to spool. If you’re spooling up a Penn International VISX or an Okuma Makaira, you could be talking hundreds of yards of braid.

There’s a point to consider between how long even the largest of gamefish will run and the amount of line you really need. If you’ll be backing down on running fish, line length is even less of an issue. Using Tuf Line Braided Dacron can save you quite a bit of money and chances are you’ll never miss the extra distance of Spectra.

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Pros & Cons Of Tuf Line Braided Dacron


Besides the benefits of a less expensive line than Spectra and having I.G.F.A. approval, there are some additional advantages. The wax coating does a lot to preserve the integrity of the braid and manufacturing quality is superb. Five color patterns to choose from will cover most, if not all water conditions and there are plenty of lengths and tests to pick from.

Though Tuf Line Braided Dacron claims an equal diameter to the same test monofilament line, anglers find it’s actually a bit thinner than most. Finally. the ability to splice wind-on fluorocarbon leaders prevents any compromise in strength due to knot connections.


Though the special wax coating goes a long way to preserve the life of Tuf Line Braided Dacron, it will wear with use. Dacron is more susceptible to abrasion than Spectra or Dyneema braids and it will eventually pick up water. If you aren’t spooling close to a thousand yards of braided line or fishing a tournament, Dacron might not be right for you.

Another drawback of Dacron is the extra maintenance it requires. If you fail to rinse your reel with fresh water after use and allow it properly air dry, it will become moldy and stinky. As the wax coating wears off over time, you’ll notice it has more of a tendency to hold water.

Best Use / Fishing Application

Tuf Line Braided Dacron is obviously well suited for tournament fishing. It comes with the approval anglers need to stay within test limit requirements. Another popular use for anglers with larger conventional reels is as a backing but be forewarned. Dacron braid and Spectra don’t perform well together at the point of connection. Spectra will want to dig into the Dacron as it comes back onto the reel. Most anglers using Dacron as a backing only fill to a point that no fish is likely to run to.

Tuf Line Customer Support

Western Filament Logo
Western Filament Company Logo

Tuf Line provides customer support through its web email portal or via telephone during regular business hours. Scroll to the bottom of the Tuf Line Home Page for links to their Learning Center, to learn more about the company, or for Contact Info. To the far right, you’ll find the company address and phone number along with links to their social accounts. Be sure to visit the Tuf Line FAQ section for more info about their lines and tips for better performance.

Final Considerations

81 out of 100 anglers approve of Tuf Line Braided Dacron

The only reason that Tuf Line Dacron doesn’t score in the mid-ninetieth percentile is due to its limitation in use. If you’re not fishing a tournament or using a large game reel, you’re probably better of using a standard or even performance braid. For anglers with needs that fit these specifics, you can bump that score right up. Tuf Line Braided Dacron exceeds the standards of other braids made with the same material.

Have a question or an experience with Dacron you’d like to share? Please spend a minute and let other anglers in on the conversation. Use the comment section below and a reply will be forthcoming. Thanks for reading another review and tight lines till next time! FishtFight.com.



    1. If you’re talking about the Alaskan barn yard door halibut, you could go even heavier than that. One great thing about Tuf Line is their true breaking strength is always higher than what they rate their line at.

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