Shimano Trevala Review: Saltwater Casting, Spinning, & Jigging Rods

Shimano Trevala Review: Saltwater Casting, Spinning, & Jigging Rods

Enter the world of new technology as it applies to offshore fishing. Advances in fishing rods are among the many innovations that make fighting offshore beasts a bit more manageable. Shimano stands as one of the leaders in developing new technology, and it shows in Trevala rods. A blessing for anglers that favor casting and jigging techniques, Shimano Trevala rods combine with fast reels such as the Shimano Torium. There are more than enough options for an angler to consider with 6 categories of rods. In total, you’ll discover 36 models with different material, length, power, action, and purpose.

Shimano Trevala Saltwater Rods

Shimano Trevala Jigging Casting Rod
The Shimano Trevala Jigging Casting Rod

Product: Shimano Trevala Casting, Spinning, F Casting, F Spinning, S Jigging Casting, and S Jigging Spinning Rods.

Overall Ranking: 93 out of 100.

Price: Mid Range.

Owner: Shimano, Inc.


Intro To Shimano Trevala Rods

Despite the many choices in Trevala models, they do share a common feature. Shimano Trevala rods are perfect for fast reels. Anglers tie on their favorite lures or iron jigs and race them through the water. Whether you fish a casting reel like the Trinidad or spinning reel like the Stella, there’s a model for your preference. You’ll also find different material compositions in the Trevala F and Trevala S series rods. The feature section of this review will explain the blank compositions, right after rod specifications. First, take a look at Shimano Trevala rods by series and model.

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Shimano Trevala Models, Specs, & Features

Trevala Models

Trevala Casting

• TVC58XH   • TVC58XXH   • TVC58XXH2   

• TVC60H   • TVC66H   • TVC66M   

• TVC66M2   • TVC66MH   • TVC66MH2 

• TVC70L   • TVC70ML

Trevala Spinning

• TVS58XH   • TVS58XXH   • TVS60H   

• TVS66M   • TVS66MH   • TVS66MH2 

• TVS70L   • TVS70ML

Trevala F Casting

• TFC58H   • TFC58XXH   • TFC63M 

• TFC63MH   • TFC69ML

Trevala F Spinning

• TFS58H   • TFS58XXH   • TFS63MH

Trevala S Jigging Casting

• TVSC63L     • TVSC63M 

• TVSC63MH     • TVSC63ML

Trevala S Jigging Spinning

• TVSS63L   • TVSS63M   • TVSS63MH 


Shimano Trevala Specifications

Before going into the specifics of each Trevala series, it’s worth covering their similarities. There’s also no need to get into lengths or power ratings, as they appear in each model number. The first of the two numbers you see in each Shimano Trevala model represents feet while the second shows inches. Power ratings are either L for Light, M for Medium, or H for Heavy. You see them at the very end of each model.

Shimano Trevala rods use Fuji Reel Seats and EVA Grips on all handles. Actual handle lengths vary per model and the Trevala F Casting series uses Palm Style Fuji Reel Seats. Shimano chooses Fuji Alconite Guides in some models and Fuji New Concept SIC guides in others. Find the exact guide type in the discussion of series’ specifications below.

Trevala Casting Rod Specs

Shimano Trevala Casting Rod
Shimano Trevala Casting Rod

The Shimano Trevala Casting Series offers more choices than any other with 11 models. Lengths range from 5’8″ to 7′. Notice that power ratings start extra heavy and move to light the longer each model gets. Trevala Casting rods use a proprietary TC4 blank design, described in more detail in the features section below.

The Casting Series employs the Fuji SIC line guides, with all models having 8 plus the tip except the longest 7 footers. The 7′ models have 9 guides plus the tip. You’ll find that not all models are 1 piece. Trevala Casting models with the number 2 at the very end are two section rods.

The long TVC70L recovers with medium action but the other models are medium fast. Line ratings are all for Power Pro, though most braid will translate over. Depending on rod length and power, line ratings go as light as 10 pounds, up to 270-pound braid.

Trevala Spinning Rods

Shimano Trevala Spinning Rod
Shimano Trevala Spinning Rod

The biggest differences in the Trevala Spinning rods are a switch to Fuji Alconite Guides with less of them. Models still range in length from 5’8″ to 7″, but spinning rods don’t need as many guides as casting models. Trevala Spinning rod models start with 5 guides plus the tip and move up to 8 guides plus tip.

Again, there is one Spinning Series model that offers two sections in the TVS66MH2 with all other models being one piece. The action is medium fast on all models except the TVS70L, which has medium action. Power ratings range from light to double extra heavy and line ratings go as light as 10, up to 200 pounds. Like Shimano Trevala Casting models, the Spinning Series uses TC4 blank design.

Trevala F Casting Rod Specifications

Shimano Trevala F Casting Rod
Shimano Trevala F Casting Rod

Shimano Trevala F Casting rods come in 5 different models to choose from. Like their non F Casting and Spinning counterparts, they also make use of TC4 technology. There is a difference in F blank design, however, with the TC4 being used only in the rod tip. Butt sections of Trevala F series rods contain a graphite composite material.

Rod lengths of Treval F Casting rods begin at 5’8″ and get as high as 6’9″. Not quite as long as their sister series non F rods. Trevala F Casting rods are all 1 piece rods with either 7 or 8 Fuji SIC guides plus the tip. They are the only rod out of all Trevala series that uses the palm style Fuji Reel Seat.

All 5 Trevala F Casting models have a medium fast action, though power ratings range from medium light to double extra heavy. Line ratings start as light as 20-pound braid and go up to 200 on the XXH.

Trevala F Spinning Rods

Shimano F Spinning Rod
Shimano F Spinning Rod

Shimano puts the same TC4 rod blank technology into Trevala F Spinning rods as they do the F casting series. Again, use of TC4 only in the tip with a graphite base changes the feel of these rods and gives more sensitivity up top. Not to mention a stronger base for pulling down below.

In the Shimano Treval F Spinning series, you’ll find three models to choose from. Two rods are 5’8″ long and the third runs 6’3″. Like F Casting rods, F Spinning series are all one piece builds but don’t use as many guides. They use either 5 or 6 of the Fuji SIC guides plus the tip.

Trevala F Spinning rods keep the medium fast action, but with only three models don’t offer the same range of power. The lightest model is medium heavy, which moves up to a heavy. and then a double extra heavy. Line ratings begin at 30-pound braid and go up to 200.

Trevala S Jigging Casting Specs

Shimano Trevala S Casting Rod
Shimano Trevala S Casting Rod

An initial look at Shimano Trevala S series rods reveals a move away from TC4 technology. Shimano replaces the blanks with their C4S material construction. Read more about this proprietary technology which produces a stronger hoop in the features section below.

Trevala S Jigging Casting rods are available in 4 models with lengths that are all the same, 6 foot 3 inches. Like most Treval rods, they have a medium fast action and all come as a one-piece stick. All Shimano Treval S Jigging Casting models use 8 Fuji Alconite line guides plus the tip.

Power ratings show the biggest differences between models with options in light, medium light, medium, and medium heavy. This translates to braided line ratings starting as light as 30-pounds and going as high as 80.

Trevala S Jigging Spinning Specs

Shimano Trevala S Spinning Rod
Shimano Trevala S Spinning Rod

For the spinning reel enthusiast, the Shimano Trevala S Jigging Spinning series offers everything the casting series does. Within the series, you’ll find an offering by Shimano of five different models. Like the S Casting rod series, four of the S Spinning rods are the same length at 6’3″. The S Spinning series offers an additional model with a bit more length at 6’6″.

Making use of C4S technology in the rod blanks, all models are one-piece poles. Another constant from one model to another is the use of 8 Fuji Alconite line guides plus the rod tip. On top of that, you can throw in the fact that all models have a medium fast action. Besides having one longer rod, the largest difference between models is power. The longest 6’6″ model gives an extra light power option while the others go light up to medium-heavy, just like the S Casting series.

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Features Of Shimano Trevala Rods

Shimano TC4 Technology

Shimano Trevala TC4 ConstructionThe proprietary construction, blend, and materials that Shimano calls TC4 technology find its use in four Trevala series. Namely the Trevala Casting, Spinning, and all F series models. Blanks using TC4 technology undergo a unique design process. It involves a layer of fiberglass and then a layer of graphite. Shimano repeats the process two times so there are 4 layers in total making up the blank. This results in rods with a better range of flex than graphite alone can offer, but that keeps the strength and sensitivity.

Shimano C4S Technology

Shimano Trevala C4S ConstructionA switch over to the Trevala S series offers a whole new style of fishing due to the design of the blanks. Shimano begins the process by using high modulus graphite on the inside (Carbon). Around that base, they wrap 4 separate layers of slit carbon tape. The 90-degree carbon threads in the “S” tape reinforce and add incredible hoop strength to a very thin rod blank.

Fuji Reel Seats

When it comes to building high-performance rods, it takes quality components. All series of Shimano Trevala rods feature Fuji Reel Seats. Fuji is one of the leading manufacturers of quality rod components. Note: Trevala F Casting rods use the palm style Fuji Reel Seat.

Fuji New Concept SIC Line Guides

SIC stands for silicon carbide which is a top material for both the ability to polish and heat dissipation. Fuji surrounds the rings of the line guides with the SIC substance and polishes them out. The result is a surface unequaled in smoothness that can withstand the rising heat levels from line ripping friction.

Fuji Alconite Line Guides

Fuji Company LogoAlconite is a unique ceramic material that produces the durability and smoothness a line guide needs. Not quite as capable of withstanding the pressures of offshore fishing as Fuji SIC guides, Alconite still offers a comparable alternative. It’s cheaper than SIC and a better quality than the aluminum oxide that many line guides use.

EVA Grips On Handles

You won’t find any cork grips, shrink tube, or grip wrap on Shimano Trevala rods. Both fore and rear grip sections use a comfortable EVA grip. The foam-like EVA material offers a sweat-free padding that ensures a solid grasp.

Pros & Cons Of Shimano Trevala Rods


Shimano Flatfall Jigs
Shimano Butterfly Flatfall Jigs

If you’re searching for a light yet powerful rod to pair with braided line, the Shimano Trevala matches up perfectly. With a design that meets the needs of Shimano creations like the Butterfly Jig and other hard iron lures, Trevala rods line up in the new age of fishing.

Durability and performance are nothing to scoff about with quality components. A decent range of models gives anglers several choices with different options for purpose as well. Ocean hunters also appreciate the mid-range price point.


While not completely out of the question, Shimano Trevala rods don’t pair as well with monofilament line. They aren’t your typical jig sticks that reach up and over 11 feet. You’ll notice that the longer Trevala rods are the ones with the lightest power. Old-school offshore anglers that prefer fishing mono line still make a better choice with CalStar or Seeker rods, though they do cost more.

Which Fishing Style Fits Best Using Shimano Trevala Rods?

Light braid with star drag or single speed lever drag reels is a fine choice for fishing top-water iron with Trevala rods. You also have the option of moving way up in power. Respool that old heavy braid on two-speed reels like the Shimano Talica or change brands to the Daiwa Saltiga. Drop down a butterfly jig for large tuna waiting to take. Finally, turn to the Trevala S series for that extra hoop strength to pull line shy fish away from their protective structure.

Shimano Trevala Rod Support

Like their reels, Shimano backs up all rods with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Anglers who spend a lot of time on the water should register their Trevala rods with Shimano immediately. Shimano service centers work in conjunction with the 30-Day Rod Guarantee and the Express Service. These are two options for anglers that experience rod failure to get a fast fix and return.

The Final Bend About Shimano Trevala Rods

Overall Ranking: 93 out of 100 offshore anglers approve of Shimano Trevala Rods.

Shimano Trevala rods receive high marks for the style of offshore fishing they belong in. Anglers with high-quality saltwater spinning reels or those with braid filled conventional reels prefer them with the jig. Nothing short of braided line with an iron lure and a powerful reel will show off the true capabilities of Shimano Trevala rods.



  1. kmv

    The Shimano Trevala rods looks amazing. Thanks for providing such an in depth review.

    To be honest, I kind of feel overwhelmed by all of the options. We fish braided line in the jetty and beaches along the Oregon coast. When fishing from the jetty for rock fish / sea bass, which of these rods would you recommend?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Geoff

      Hi kmv. Thanks for your comment and question. Keep in mind that the Trevala rods are for a unique style of fishing. They are super thin and flexible, yet have an amazing amount of strength. The rods are popular outside the USA in places like Australia where they jig for huge kingfish. I should probably add a video to this review so people can see how they work. For rock fishing pier style, I would take a look at the Shimano Tallus or Daiwa Proteus Rods instead. Unless you like the style of Trevala. Then it’s just a matter of matching line ratings to the reel you would normally be using. Hope this helps. Geoff.

  2. Matt Yacoub

    Hi Geoff,

    I’m curious to get your feedback on the Talavera, it seems that it’s very similar to the Travela but it costs a bill less. What’s your thoughts on it?

    1. Yea I was just checking them out and they look nice. Especially the 7’6″ or 8′ casting models. Funny, Shimano only has the Spinning rods onsite. ??? I see the casting for sale though. Thanks, I’ll be adding a Talavera review soon. 🙂

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