Shimano Terez Rods – 8 Series With 57 Models Reviewed

Shimano Terez Rods – 8 Series With 57 Models Reviewed

There’s a feeling you can only get on the ocean. You know it when your line goes tight and your rod bends over, reel screaming its lovely song. Matching rod to reel is an important decision for offshore anglers and Shimano Terez rods are worthy of that attention.

Shimano Terez Rods

Shimano Terez Rods – Saltwater Fishing Sticks Review

Product: Shimano Terez saltwater fishing rods.

Overall Ranking: 92 out of 100.

Price: Mid to Middle High Range.

Owners: Shimano Inc.


Introduction To Shimano Terez Rods

Shimano Terez rods were specifically designed for offshore anglers that prefer to fish braided line. The addition of so many new reels made to fish braided line was begging for rods that could match them. Terez rods do just that.

Their engineering involves a mixture of t glass fiber and carbon fiber to prevent shattering under extreme loads. Shimano calls it TC4. Other features like custom reel seats, grooved EVA handle grips, and Fuji guides provide the finishing touches. Shimano builds a Terez for every angler with 8 different series and 57 models in total.

Shimano Terez Rods

Shimano Terez Series, Models, Specs, & Features

You can find each series of Terez rods listed below as a quick reference. The models, specs, and features will be noted in each series subsection. Just scroll on down and you’ll see. Feel free to click over to Shimano at any time for individual rod specifications or watch this video from Shimano rod designers.

The 8 Series Of Shimano Terez

  • Terez (Standard Series)Shimano Terez Rods
  • Terez Spinning
  • Waxwing
  • Waxwing Spinning 
  • Terez Rail Casting
  • Slickbutt Casting
  • Slickbutt Spinning
  • Terez Trolling Standup

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Key To The Model Numbers

Shimano Terez Rods Model KeyAll models start with TZ which marks them as Terez rods and then comes either an for spinning or for casting. After that the base models go straight to a number which represents the length, for example 66 would be a 6 foot 6 inch rod.

There is another letter before the length which describes the other models. for Waxwing, for Rail Casting, and ST for Standup Trolling. Slickbutt series are noted near the end with the letters SB. At this point we have say a TZCW70. A Terez Casting Waxwing that’s 7 foot in length.

The next letters to come describe the power of the rod. for heavy, for medium, for extra heavy, and so on. The ending letters will either be SB for Slickbutt series and then the color, or just the color. BLK stands for black, for aqua, and so on.

Shimano Terez RodsTerez Standard Series Rods

These are the base models and casting rods as notated by the C in their model numbers. Shimano Terez standard series offers the largest variation in choice for anglers with 16 different models to choose from.


Terez standard series rods truly give anglers a lot of choices. They range from 6 foot 6 inches to 8 feet in length and are all 1 piece rods. Terez standard rods rate for braided line as low as 20 pounds and go as high as 200 pounds.

Shimano Terez RodsTheir action classifications are either fast or extra fast but their power ratings fill nearly the entire range. Power goes from extra extra heavy to medium light. Shimano builds these rods specifically for such reels as the Trinidad A.


Shimano Terez rods come with the basic features in the standard series. These include the new Fuji TK line guides with Alconite rings and handles with EVA grips. All rods use TC4 material and have custom skeletal aluminum reel seats.

Terez Standard Series Spinning Rods

Shimano Terez RodsYou’ll find that the features section is missing because Terez standard model spinning reels are an identical match. They use all the same components. The only difference being the size and placement of the rings and line guides. Shimano only offers 11 standard spinning models which is a drop from the 16 base casting models.


Shimano Terez RodsShimano Terez rods range from a length of 6 foot 9 inches to 7 foot 8 inches in the standard spinning models. The largest TZS78XHBLK model switches to Fuji LC line guides. These rods are also rated to hold braided line at 20 pounds, going up to 200. Their action is fast to medium fast and they have a power rating that ranges from extra heavy to medium light.

Terez Waxwing Casting Rods

Shimano Terez RodsShimano makes a change in material with the Terez Waxwing rods. Instead of the t glass and carbon fiber they switch to their C4S graphite material. This material is known to have faster recovery which helps whip a cast for further distance. Waxwing rods also switch over to a corked handle for better sensitivity.

Shimano has a pretty good marketing program. They build reels like the Trinidad A and the Talica which are made to fish braided line. Next Shimano saw the opportunity and created Terez rods, built to handle reels with braided line. Shimano Terez rods go further in the Waxwing series which are specifically made to fish the Shimano Waxwing jigs and lures.

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Shimano Terez RodsShimano Terez rods range from 7 to 9 feet in the Waxwing casting series. They are rated to hold braided line as light as 20 pounds and go up to 100 pounds. Waxwing casting rods have fast to extra fast action and their power ranges from extra heavy to medium.


As mentioned above, the Waxwing rods make a few changes from the standard models. The use of C4S graphite material makes them better suited for casting. Waxwing rods use the same Fuji TK guides and Alconite rings which have the tangle free design as the base models. The handles are custom cork though the custom Fuji reel seat remains the same.

Terez Waxwing Spinning Rods

Shimano Terez RodsShimano Waxwing spinning rods mimic the Waxwing casting rods in features. They use the same material and parts so simply reference the Waxwing casting features above. The specifications are different and there are only 6 Waxwing spinning models compared to 9 in the casting models.


Shimano Terez RodsWaxwing spinning rods range from 7 to 8 feet long and can handle braided line starting at 15 and going up to 80 pounds in the heaviest model. The action on all models is fast and their power ranges from heavy to medium. All Waxwing spinning models are 1 piece rods with cork handles. They use the same Fuji guides, reel seat, and cork handle as the casting models.

Terez Rail Casting Rods

Shimano Terez RodsShimano offers their Rail Casting rods in only 2 models and they are beefy. You see a return to the TC4 glass/carbon material and the padded EVA grips on the handles. Shimano Rail Casting rods switch to the heavier Fuji HB line guides which have SJC (ceramic) inserts.


Shimano Terez RodsThese vamped up rods are built for handling monsters. They have braided line ratings that go from 100 to 200 pounds. Both 1 piece rods of destruction at 7’2″, their action is moderate fast and fast. Their power is extra heavy and XX heavy. You can see why they’re called rail rods. That’s where Terez Rail Casting rods end up with the kind of fish they’re made to catch.


Most of Rail Casting features are the same as the standard Shimano Terez rods. The biggest difference comes in the line guides which are still Fuji, just a different heavier HB model that uses ceramic inserts. You have the same EVA grips and custom Fuji reel seat with skeletal aluminum for weight reduction as well.

Terez Slickbutt Casting Rods

Shimano Terez RodsSlickbutt casting rods offer the lightweight TC4 material and have mid range line ratings which are also rated for mono. They’re perfect rods for fighting solid tuna or grouper. Slickbutts use the EVA shrink tube grips but go with an alternate Fuji guide. Shimano Terez rods come in 5 Slickbutt casting models.


Shimano Terez RodsTerez Slickbutt casting rods have a length of 6 foot 6 inches to 7 foot 6 inches and are all 1 piece rods. The TZC66 and the first of the TZC70 models use Fuji HBNG line guides while the other 3 models use Fuji KWAG guides.

Slickbutt rods are rated to hold 10 to 40 pound monofilament or 15 to 65 pound braided line. Their action is fast and power ratings range from heavy to medium.


Terez Slickbutt rods are really the mid range boat rod series. They can handle big fish but their line ratings don’t go up near the Rail Casting rods or even some of the heavier standard Terez models.

Besides the change from one Fuji guide to another, Slickbutt rods are basically the same as the standard models. They do have just a little slower action for a better pull on heavier fish.

Terez Slickbutt Spinning Rods

Shimano Terez RodsShimano takes the design of the Slickbutt Casting rods and offers the same action to match the spinning reel. They offer anglers 2 models that are basically identical except for length.


Shimano Terez RodsAs you can see in the model numbers, the two rods are 6’9″ and 7’2″ respectively. They’re both 1 piece rods made from the TC4 material and go back to using the Fuji TK guides. The models have the same ratings for line capacity which is 15-30 mono or 20-50 braid. They also share the same fast action and medium heavy power.


Terez Slickbutt spinning rods match up to the casting rods except for the change in Fuji guides. They return to using the same TK guides as the standard Terez models. With only 2 model options, anglers have noticeably fewer choices in Slickbutt spinning rods.

Terez Trolling Standup Rods

Shimano Terez RodsShimano technology designs a carbon butt into these trolling rods which cuts the total rod weight in half. The end result are these insanely light trolling rods that can handle huge loads. Terez trolling rods have the curve angle butt as an option for better pulling leverage. They use Aftco roller guides and roller tip.


Shimano Terez RodsYou can tell which models have the curved butt by the SS at the end which are the straight shaft versions. The SC models have the curved shaft. They’re all one piece rods which range from 5’6″ to 5’9″ in length. Line ratings stretch from 30 to unlimited mono and 40 to 250 pound braid.


Shimano Terez RodsThe lightweight power of these rods are their biggest attraction. The carbon butt design and then the TC4 rod shaft work well together to create the best of both worlds.

Aftco makes solid products and is a an excellent choice for roller guides and roller tip. The EVA shrink tubed grips are contoured for more comfort when battling big troll hooked fish.

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Pros & Cons Of Shimano Terez Rods


The amount of different models that Shimano offers within 8 series of Terez rods is impressive. It definitely gives offshore fishermen some good variance. Besides that the most obvious benefit is the fact that these rods are made for braid.

Shimano design makes it easier to cast braid with Terez rods and they handle the line much better overall. Line guide tangles have been reduced or eliminated completely with the Shimano Terez design. It’s comforting to see quality Fuji guides and Aftco roller guides being used.


Though some Shimano Terez rods rate for mono line, they aren’t well suited to it. You’d be better off with Seeker or Calstar for mono and braid compatible rods. If you want a rod that is superior for only casting braid, keep looking at Terez models.

Which Specific Type Of Angler Is Best Suited To Using Shimano Terez Rods?

This would be the offshore enthusiast who loves using braid and is tired of the line tangles. Spinning reel enthusiast or conventional reel preferred it doesn’t matter because plenty of models exist for each.

Shimano Terez RodsShimano Terez Rods Support

All Shimano Terez Rods come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects in the building of the rod. If you snap or break a rod on your own, Shimano offers a solid rod repair service.

Final Opinion

Overall Ranking: 92 out of 100.

Keep in mind this ranks the Shimano Terez rods for their specific purpose only. Someone who wants a rod for mono line might not give the Terez such a high score. Shimano Terez rods make the perfect match for reels with braided line. They’re also light as air. Drop into low gear and watch these babies bend.



  1. Mal Wagstaff

    Hey Geoff, I have enjoyed reading your reviews and opinions. Would like your ideas for Terez rods numbers and line weights. I use spectra on all reels and a top shot of mono or flor. I have 5 rods already Terez for 80, 60, 50, two spinning out fits, waxing and one with a Sargosa 6000. These are the reels that I’m interested in using for smaller line weight Avets in model MXL, JX, JX raptor, All reels are two sp. MXL has 30 lb, JX 40 lb , the raptor has 50 lb. These weights are for mono, spectra is 60 or 65. I also have two Trinidad 20 and 30 . I’m thinking a couple of Phonix Rod would do the trick. Reels have 30lb and 40lb top shot, braid on the bottom. As I get older , I like the light wt of the Terez and the pulling power. One other item is, I use a Diawa Lexa 400 7-1, what blast to throw bombs or surface jigs.. What Rod would you like with this reel? It has 50 lb braid and forty top shot. Thanks Mal

    1. Hey Mel. I appreciate the positive feedback and words of encouragement. Sounds like you have a nice selection of rods and reels in the Terez series already. I like the choice of Avet, as they engineer and manufacture spectacular reels. Are you wanting ideas in the Terez family to pair with the Avets you mention? If I understood you correctly, I do like the Terez Slick Butt Casting (TZC70HSBBLK & TZC76MHSBBLK) plus the Terez Rail Rods. The Terez Rail Rods can put some serious wood to tuna, etc.

      For your Trinidad star drags, yea the Phenix Axis or Black Diamond would pair nicely as would a number of CalStar or Seeker rods. It’s crazy how a baitcaster like the Lexa 400 can put out up to 25 pounds of drag. They are definitely fast whether up top or vertical jigging. It doesn’t really fit a true jig stick, but what about the St. Croix Mojo Jig (for the up and down)? I reviewed the Daiwa Proteus, but not the Inshore series. Taking a quick look, that 8′ heavy casting rod looks like a good pairing. Tight lines and fish reports, please! Thanks again for stopping by. Geoff.

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