Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods Review – Inshore Series Roundup

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods Review – Inshore Series Roundup

For the inshore angler who needs a range of saltwater sticks, one need not look much further than Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods. With an intent on fishing braided line, the Teramar West Coast Inshore Series offers a wide selection of models. Choose from cork handled sticks with lagoon or kelp bed swimbait fishing in mind, to more powerful offshore wood. Shimano puts plenty of finesse as well as power into the lineup. There are 12 bait rods, one jig stick, and 5 swimbait casting models to feast your eyes on. Spinning reels enthusiasts also have a choice between 8 different rods. Technology is not lacking either, which gives Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods a very high value.

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods
Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Rods

Product: Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Casting Rods.

Overall Ranking: 88 out of 100.

Price: Mid Range.

Company/Owner: Shimano, Inc.


Intro To Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods Inshore SeriesShimano manufactures and markets 3 different series of rods within the Teramar family. East coast anglers have the Southeast Teramar Casting & Spinning models plus the Northeast Teramar Casting & Spinning series to choose from. Now anglers on the other side of the states have a style all their own in the Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods.

With lighter inshore models for kelp bed fishing and heavier sticks for paddy fishing, there’s plenty for anglers to be excited about. Features such as TC4 blank construction with a durable “Techtape” outside wrap form a solid starting point. Shimano Reel Seats. Pac Bay Guides and either Cork or Shrink Tube handles lend their strengths to help make an effective offshore weapon.

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Shimano Teramar West Coast Rod Models, Specs, & Features

Teramar West Coast Casting Rod Models

• TMC70HB     • TMC70MB     • TMC70MHB 

• TMC76HB     • TMC76MHB     • TMC80HB 

• TMC80MB    • TMC80MHB     • TMC86HB 

• TMC86MHB     • TMC90MB     • TMC90MHB

Teramar WC Jig Rod 

• TMCJ90HB     

Teramar WC Swimbait Rods

• TMCX76HB     • TMCX76MHB     

• TMCX80HB     • TMCX80MB     


Teramar WC Spinning Models

• TMS80HB     • TMS80MB     • TMS80MHB 

• TMS86HB     • TMS86MHB     • TMS90MHB 

• TMSX80MB     • TMSX80MHB

Specifications Of Teramar West Coast Casting Rods

Shimano Teramar West Coast RodsThis is the live bait line up and there are twelve rod options to choose from. Lengths begin at 7′ with 3 different choices in power from a medium rod, to medium-heavy to heavy. Moving up in length to 7’6″ gives only two power options at medium-heavy or heavy. Next up are the 8′ Teramar West Coast models which again offer the 3 power ratings. Finally, the two 8’6″ rods in the series lose the medium power rating while the two 9′ rods lose the heavy option.

All Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods use Pac Bay line guides with Zirconia inserts and are 1 piece blanks. These 12 live bait rods feature Shrink Tube grip on the handles and they all rate for braided line. As for rod action, the 7′ through 8′ length models fish medium-fast. The longer 8’6″ and 9′ rods have fast action. The line ratings go by power and are the same no matter what rod length you desire. Medium power rates for braid between 20-50, medium-heavy rates 30-65 and heavy power rates 40-80.

Specs Of The Teramar WC Jig Rod

There is only one choice named as a jig stick in the Shimano Teramar West Coast Rod series. It is model TMCJ90HB and like the live bait rods, it features the Shrink Tube grip. The Teramar WC Jig rod is 9′ in length and fishes with a fast action. It rates as a heavy power rod though it lists a line capacity for braid between 30-65 lbs.

Teramar WC Inshore Swimbait Rod Specs

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods Using the same style blank as well as components, the lighter Shimano Teramar West Coast swimbait rods switch to cork handles. In total, there are 5 options in the line up with two 7’6″ and three 8′ models. The line ratings are still for braid, but these extra-fast action rods use a lighter spool.

Power options in the two 7’6″ models are either medium-heavy or heavy. The longer 8′ rods offer the same and add a lighter medium power option. You’ll see the slight drop in line ratings as a medium power rod now holds 20-40 lb braid. Medium-heavy rates for 20-50 and heavy holds line between 30-65.

Teramar WC Spinning Rod Specs

The Shimano Teramar West Coast Spinning Rod collection features 8 models, two of which meet the inshore swimbait specs. The rods start longer, with the shortest offering standing at 8 feet. There are three models at 8′ to be precise with power ratings of medium, medium-heavy, and heavy. Moving up in length are two rods at 8’6″ and one at 9′. The 8’6″ models come with medium-heavy or heavy power and the 9′ spinning rod fishes medium-heavy.

Shimano Teramar West Coast Spinning Rods

Filling out the final two models of the Shimano Teramar West Coast Spinning Rod series are the swimbait rods. These rods keep the Shrink Tube grip handles instead of switching to cork like the casting models do. Both rods reach out to 8 feet in length with power choices of medium or medium-heavy. The swimbait spinning rods fish with an extra-fast action while the other 6 live bait models have a moderate-fast action.

As far as line ratings go, the spinning rods match the casting series. Heavy power rods rate for 40-80 lb braid while medium-heavy rods suggest 30-65. The lightest medium power rod fishes 20-50 pound braid. The swimbait rods do differ in ratings, just like the casting series. Fish 20-40 braid with the medium power rod or 20-50 with a step up to the medium-heavy model. Note that all spinning models feature 1 piece blanks and the same components as the casting series.

Features Of Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Rods

Shimano TC4 Rod Blank Construction

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods With TC4 Construction
TC4 Construction

TC4 rod technology begins with a blend of fiberglass Shimano calls T-glass which forms the base of the blank. Around the T-glass base is a weave of carbon fiber acting to further strengthen the rod. The result of TC4 technology is a lightweight rod blank that retains plenty of power. Most Shimano rods that employ TC4 technology feature moderate-fast to extra fast action and are suited to fishing braided line.

Techtape Protective Outer Wrapping

On top of the strength that TC4 technology offers is a final wrap of Techtape. This wrap acts as an impact absorbent, preventing cracks or hairline fractures in the rod blank. Anglers won’t cringe quite as much when Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods smack the rail or fall on the deck. Techtape adds that preventative measure for choppy seas or haphazardly fishermen.

Shimano Reel Seat

Hard graphite Shimano Reel Seats occupy the center of the split grip handles. The top reel foot slips up inside the top chrome covered housing of the reel seat while the bottom screws up to cinch tight. These reel seats are standard and don’t require the reel clamp that many conventional reel models provide. You might still consider using the clamp if it fits as an extra precaution.

Pac Bay Guides With Zirconia Rings

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods With Pac Bay Guides
Pac Bay Zirconia Guides

Quality Pac Bay line guides provide stainless steel frames and use Zirconia rings in the Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods series. More than capable of fending off corrosive saltwater, hard Zirconia is the perfect material for inserts that can fish braided line.

Cork Or Shrink Tube Grip Handles

As the specifications indicate, most Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods feature Shrink Tube grips on both fore and rear handles. The exception comes with the five casting swimbait models which switch to quality cork handles. Both options offer a secure grip and provide maximum sensitivity to the angler.

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Pros & Cons Of Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods


Shimano LogoShimano Teramar West Coast Rods offer a great selection for inshore Pacific Ocean style fishing. Strong one-piece TC4 blanks with the additional Techtape protection offer durability as well as a sturdy backbone. All models are ready to handle harsh saltwater elements and with Pac Bay guides, they fish mono or braid with ease. Prices on Teramar West Coast models are fair for their build, giving them a high overall value.


While you might consider using a lighter 2-speed reel with a Teramar WC Rod, they aren’t fashioned to handle greater size species. This is the West Coast inshore style where smaller tuna and yellowtail lurk. The swimbait rods are fine for fighting spotted bay bass, grumpy sandbass, and halibut, They’ll handle the home guard yellow that shoots out of the kelp with some stress, but get the job done with the right reel. The weak point of these rods is the lack of an aluminum reel seat, at least on the heavier power models.

What Style Of Fishing Fits Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods?

Shimano spells it out in the name Teramar West Coast Inshore Rods. That doesn’t mean that half the series isn’t capable of fishing offshore, but beware the size species you encounter. Slap that reel clamp on in case you do encounter tuna or similar species pushing 100 + pounds. Marry these rods to your favorite baitcaster or star drag reel. Shimano Trinidad or Torium reels make excellent choices.

Shimano Customer/Rod Support

With service center around the globe as well as throughout the United States, Shimano takes pride in their quality customer care.

All rods come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, limited to defects in craftsmanship. Shimano also provides a 30-day rod replacement program as well as an express service program.

Check the Shimano website for full details.

Wrapping Up The Teramar West Coast Rod Review

88 out of 100 offshore anglers approve of Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Rods

Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods provide an excellent amount of variety for the inshore angler. Quality materials make the backbone of these rods and the components are apt for the stresses they will encounter. Whether it’s the jig stick that grabs your attention, one of the heavy spinning rods, or an inshore swimbait model, Shimano Teramar West Coast Rods are more than effective. Durability is high which means value goes up, not to mention a great choice in lengths and power ratings.


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