Owner Gorilla Hooks Review: The Ultimate Saltwater Live Bait Hooks

Owner Gorilla Hooks Review: The Ultimate Saltwater Live Bait Hooks

It doesn’t matter if you fish with monofilament, fluorocarbon leader, or tie your hook straight to braided line. Your choice in hooks can make the difference between trophy pics or lost fish. In an industry full of various brands and labels, which hooks work best time and time again? Join the massive number of offshore anglers that turn to Owner Hooks to secure their catch. Glean all the info you can as FishtFight covers the three types of Owner Gorilla Hooks in the following review.

Owner Gorilla Hooks

Owner Ringed Gorilla Hook
Ringed Gorilla Hook By Owner

Product: Owner Gorilla Light, Gorilla, and Ringed Gorilla Hooks.

Overall Ranking: 91 out of 100.

Price: High range.

Company/Owner: Owner American Corp / Owner Tainjin, Inc.

Website: OwnerHooks.com.

Intro To Owner Gorilla Hooks

The question in most angler’s minds isn’t whether another brand of hooks is better than Owner Hooks, but if they want to spend more to get them. It’s either that or you’re wondering what’s second best because your tackle store has run out. For anglers who already know the benefits of using Owner Hooks, the decision comes down to design.

Owner Hooks Black LogoJust staring at the huge selection of Owner Hooks can be a mesmerizing experience without some beforehand knowledge. An offshore tackle box isn’t complete without a fair range and variety of hook types and sizes. Picking up a few packs of Owner Circle Hooks or Fly-Liners is definitely a good idea, but today’s focus is on Owner Gorilla Hooks.

With a short yet super strong shank, Owner Gorilla Hooks feature a standard and sturdy design. They have a J shape with a deep throat and utilize Owner’s proprietary Triple Edge Cutting Point technology. Obscure in color, all Gorilla models carry a corrosion resistant black chrome finish. Check out the manufacturing specs of the Gorilla Light, Gorilla, and Ringed Gorilla hooks below.

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Owner Gorilla Hook Models, Specs, & Features

Gorilla Hook Models

Owner Gorilla Light 

Because the triple extra-strong shanks of Gorilla hooks can be too much for smaller or less lively bait, Owner manufactures the Gorilla Light. It has a thinner wire diameter than the standard Gorilla which is much easier for small baits to swim with. Depending on the size of the school (and your bait), the Gorilla Light is effective for all kinds of tuna. Or switch gears and drop them down on a loop & sinker for rockfish table fare.

Owner Gorilla Light
The Owner Gorilla Light Hook

The Owner Gorilla Light Hook features the same black chrome finish as the other two models and consists of high carbon steel. They are available to anglers in Pocket and Pro Packs in the following sizes:

Pocket Packs

  • 5107-091: Size #2 – 8 Per Pack  |  5107-101: Size #1 – 8 Per Pack
  • 5107-111: Size 1/0 – 7 Per Pack  |  5107-121: Size 2/0 – 6 Per Pack
  • 5107-131: Size 3/0 – 5 Per Pack  |  5107-141: Size 4/0 – 5 Per Pack

Pro Packs

  • 5307-091: Size #2 – 28 Per Pack  |  5307-101: Size #1 – 28 Per Pack
  • 5307-111: Size 1/0 – 25 Per Pack  |  5307-121: Size 2/0 – 21 Per Pack
  • 5307-131: Size 3/0 – 18 Per Pack  |  5307-141: Size 4/0 – 18 Per Pack

Owner Gorilla

Standard Gorilla Hooks have a short shank that Owner forges to three times the normal wire strength. With a J shape and deep throat, they are able to hold huge amounts of weight. Anglers ply the Gorilla Hook against tuna, kingfish, or large bottom dwellers.

Owner Gorilla Hook
The Owner Gorilla Hook

Owner Gorilla Hooks feature a black chrome finish. They consist of high carbon steel and apply Owner’s Triple Edge Cutting Point technology. Choose from Pocket or Pro Packs in sizes that go much larger than the Gorilla Light.

Pocket Packs

  • 5105-071: Size #4 – 7 Per Pack  |  5105-091: Size #2 – 7 Per Pack
  • 5105-101: Size #1 – 7 Per Pack  |  5105-111: Size 1/0 – 6 Per Pack
  • 5105-121: Size 2/0 – 5 Per Pack  |  5105-131: Size 3/0 – 5 Per Pack
  • 5105-141: Size 4/0 – 4 Per Pack  |  5105-151: Size 5/0 – 4 Per Pack
  • 5105-161: Size 6/0 – 3 Per Pack  |  5105-171: Size 7/0 – 2 Per Pack
  • 5105-181: Size 8/0 – 2 Per Pack

Pro Packs

  • 5305-071: Size #4 – 40 Per Pack  |  5305-091: Size #2 – 40 Per Pack
  • 5305-101: Size #1 – 40 Per Pack  |  5305-111: Size 1/0 – 34 Per Pack
  • 5305-121: Size 2/0 – 28 Per Pack  |  5305-131: Size 3/0 – 28 Per Pack
  • 5305-141: Size 4/0 – 23 Per Pack  |  5305-151: Size 5/0 – 23 Per Pack
  • 5305-161: Size 6/0 – 17 Per Pack  |  5305-171: Size 7/0 – 11 Per Pack
  • 5305-181: Size 8/0 – 11 Per Pack

Owner Ringed Gorilla

Ringed Gorilla Hooks keep all the same traits as the standard Gorilla but have the added ring through the eye of the hook. This strengthens the overall capacity of the hook and provides a pivot point. It also helps with the action of live bait and decreases wear at the puncture point. Use Ringed Gorilla Hooks for the same species as the standard Gorilla.

Owner Gorilla Ringed Hook
The Owner Gorilla Ringed Hook

Owner Hooks manufactures the Ringed Gorilla in Pocket and Pro Packs. They are available in the following specifications:

Pocket Packs

  • 5105R-111: Size 1/0 – 6 Per Pack  |  5105R-121: Size 2/0 – 5 Per Pack
  • 5105R-131: Size 3/0 – 5 Per Pack  |  5105R-141: Size 4/0 – 4 Per Pack
  • 5105R-151: Size 5/0 – 4 Per Pack

Pro Packs

  • 5305R-111: Size 1/0 – 34 Per Pack  |  5305R-121: Size 2/0 – 28 Per Pack
  • 5305R-131: Size 3/0 – 28 Per Pack  |  5305R-141: Size 4/0 – 23 Per Pack
  • 5305R-151: Size 5/0 – 23 Per Pack

Key Features

XXX-Strong Forged Shank

Owner Gorilla Hooks offer nearly unbeatable strength with their forged high carbon steel shanks. These are triple the strength of your standard offshore hook and can easily handle the weight of massive tuna. Match the right size hook to your live bait and don’t be afraid to put the wood down using an Owner Hook.

Triple Edge Cutting Point

Triple Edge Cutting Point
Owner Hooks Proprietary Triple Edge Cutting Point

One of the most effective features on all saltwater Owner Hooks is their proprietary Triple Edge Cutting Point. Each hook ends with a point forged to precision. The point continues into a triple-edged section. Once the point pierces the flesh of the fish, the edges slice through tougher under flesh or cartilage to finish the hook set.

High Carbon Steel

By choosing high carbon steel for the material in Owner Gorilla Hooks, they do a service to anglers and fish alike. High carbon steel is incredibly strong once Owner puts it through their forging processes. Under extreme pressure, it will bend and not snap. It will also rust and fall out of a fishes’ mouth if an angler breaks off, a characteristic that stainless steel hooks do not have.

Black Chrome Finish

As the final step in the Gorilla Hook manufacturing process, Owner lays on a black chrome finish. This finish helps hide the hook in the presentation of live bait. It blends especially well in most saltwater environments and it also protects the hook. High carbon steel does rust rather quickly if left in saltwater, but the black chrome finish has a corrosion resistant effect you. Keep your Owner Hooks in dry storage and you’ll use them for years to come.

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Pros & Cons Of Owner Gorilla Hooks


Whether you’re chasing big game or dropping down to rock piles to load up for tacos, it’s nearly impossible to match the strength of Owner Gorilla Hooks. You will substitute some strength for livelier bait action with the Gorilla Light. On the other hand, you can spend a bit more for the stronger Ringed Gorilla Hook and have the benefit of its pivot.

Owner Gorilla Hooks have a standard J shape with a slight inward curve to the Triple Edge Cutting Point. They pierce flesh at the first point of contact, wherever inside the mouth of the fish that might be. Once on the hook, a forged barb keeps fish from throwing it out with thrashing or a shake of their head.


While the instant piercing ability of Owner Gorilla Hooks can help for certain fishing scenarios, it can also create problems in a couple of ways. For anglers who primarily catch and release, gut hooking a fish doesn’t help their chances of survival. If a fish eats and swallows an Owner Gorilla Hook, it’s likely going to be hooked in the gut.

This also presents an issue for anglers who are after heavier game fish. Many fishermen end up battling giant tuna only to lose them at deep color due to line wear. When your hook is buried in the gut of a tuna, your line rakes across their saw-like teeth.

Even the strongest mono, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing line will fail in these situations. To prevent this as much as possible, anglers use Owner Circle Hooks as they tend to catch the mouth more than the gut.

Best Fishing Application

Owner Gorilla Hooks pull up enormous rockfish or wrangle in fast running game fish. Their best use is by an attentive angler that’s ready for the strike down deep, or the pickup when fly-lining live bait. Because Owner Gorilla Hooks pierce with less discretion than circle hooks, it’s best not to give fish enough time to swallow your bait whole.

Owner Hooks Customer Support

Owner Hooks Blue LogoCustomers of Owner Hooks can contact a company representative via phone, fax, or email. They provide an email messaging form that anglers can fill out on their website’s Contact Us page. Other sources of pertinent info on their site include advice from their Pros & Guides and helpful Hooks By Species Or Region guide.

Final Round Up

91 out of 100 anglers approve of Owner Gorilla Hooks

Owner Gorilla Hooks land just above the ninetieth percentile as incredibly effective saltwater weapons. They have their pros and cons when you compare them to the circle hook style, but do deserve at least one compartment in any offshore tackle box. If you have any questions or want to relate an experience using Owner Gorilla Hooks, please place them in the comment form below. Tight lines and salty smiles until next time. FishtFight.com.



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