Owner Flyliner Hooks Review: Light Wire Live Bait Forged Strength Action

Owner Flyliner Hooks Review: Light Wire Live Bait Forged Strength Action

Few events on the ocean are more exhilarating than the feel of your line racing out on the pick up when fly-lining live bait. Part of the decision-making process that makes it possible is matching the right hook to the bait. When your fishing with small or more delicate bait, the light gauge wire of Owner Flyliner Hooks makes a perfect choice. They minimize damage to the baitfish and with a lighter weight, make for a more natural presentation.

Owner Flyliner Hooks

Owner Ringed Flyliner Hook
Ringed Flyliner Hook By Owner

Product: Owner Flyliner & Ringed Flyliner Hooks.

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100.

Price: High range.

Company/Owner: Owner American Corp / Owner Taijin, Inc.

Website: OwerHooks.com.

Intro To Owner Flyliner Hooks

Owner Hooks Blue LogoOwner imparts the same powerful features into their Flyliner models as they do with all their saltwater hooks. Strong forged shanks, precision piercing points, and a black chrome finish around high-carbon steel are their tools of craftsmanship. Owner Flyliner Hooks use a lighter wire than their Gorilla Hooks and have an oblong J shape.

The deep bite of the hook forms through a slight curve coming out of the shank and a hard curve going into the point. This deep far pocket in the throat of the hook, along with its lighter gauge wire, increases the life of baitfish. Hook them in the belly, nose, or other favored location for a much livelier swim action.

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Flyliner Hook Models, Specs, & Features


Owner Flyliner Hooks

Because Owner Flyliner Hooks already use a lighter gauge wire, they don’t manufacture a light version. They are available in as small as a size #8 and as large as a 4/0 hook. Owner packages their Flyliner Hooks in Pocket and Pro Pack bundles. Check the specs below for full details.

Owner Flyliner Hook
The Owner Flyliner Hook

Pocket Packs

  • 5106-031: Size #8 – 9 Per Pack  |  5106-051: Size #6 – 9 Per Pack
  • 5106-071: Size #4 – 8 Per Pack  |  5106-091: Size #2 – 8 Per Pack
  • 5106-101: Size #1 – 7 Per Pack  |  5106-111: Size 1/0 – 7 Per Pack
  • 5106-121: Size 2/0 – 6 Per Pack  |  5106-131: Size 3/0 – 6 Per Pack
  • 5106-141: Size 4/0 – 5 Per Pack

Pro Packs

  • 5306-031: Size #8 – 52 Per Pack  |  5306-051: Size #6 – 52 Per Pack
  • 5306-071: Size #4 – 46 Per Pack  |  5306-091: Size #2 – 46 Per Pack
  • 5306-101: Size #1 – 41 Per Pack  |  5306-111: Size 1/0 – 41 Per Pack
  • 5306-121: Size 2/0 – 34 Per Pack  |  5306-131: Size 3/0 – 34 Per Pack
  • 5306-141: Size 4/0 – 28 Per Pack

Owner Ringed Flyliner Hooks

For the ultimate presentation of live bait, it’s tough to beat the Ringed Flyliner. The super strong welded ring gives the hook and the bait a pivot point, allowing more freedom for the bait to swim in the water. Because the ring absorbs stress from a fleeing fish, it makes the overall hook design stronger. The pivot point also helps wear less of a hole once the hook pierces the mouth of a fish.

Owner Ringed Flyliner Hook
The Owner Flyliner – Ringed Hook

Owner manufactures their Ringed Flyliner Hooks in Pocket and Pro Packs. They are available in sizes from a #4 to a 4/0 with the following details.

Pocket Packs

  • 5106R-071: Size #4 – 8 Per Pack  |  5106R-091: Size #2 – 8 Per Pack
  • 5106R-101: Size #1 – 7 Per Pack  |  5106R-111: Size 1/0 – 7 Per Pack
  • 5106R-121: Size 2/0 – 6 Per Pack  |  5106R-131: Size 3/0 – 6 Per Pack
  • 5106R-141: Size 4/0 – 5 Per Pack

Pro Packs

  • 5306R-071: Size #4 – 46 Per Pack  |  5306R-091: Size #2 – 46 Per Pack
  • 5306R-101: Size #1 – 41 Per Pack  |  5306R-111: Size 1/0 – 41 Per Pack
  • 5306R-121: Size 2/0 – 34 Per Pack  |  5306R-131: Size 3/0 – 34 Per Pack
  • 5306R-141: Size 4/0 – 28 Per Pack

Features Of Owner Flyliner Hooks

Short, Super Strong Forged Shank

Not quite as short as their Gorilla Hooks, Owner Flyliner Hooks still feature a short shank. Owner forges the Flyliner to give it the utmost strength, knowing it has a lighter wire. The somewhat off-J shape of the hook itself is a benefit while fishing smaller size live bait. Its far deep-pocketed throat position holds baitfish with the least amount of damage, allowing them the most spirited of action.

Triple Edge Cutting Point Technology

Owner Hooks Triple Edge Cutting Point
Owner Hooks’ Proprietary Triple Edge Cutting Point

Proprietary to the Owner Hooks collection is their Triple Edge Cutting Point technology. As you can see in the image, Owner uses a triangular pattern leading directly to the point of the hook. They hone each of the three edges to a fillet knife sharpness so the hook can cut into a set position. Once the forged needlepoint pierces the flesh of the fish, the cutting edges finish the hookset.

High Carbon Steel 

The choice of high carbon steel over stainless steel aids both angler and the fish that gets away. High carbon steel will rust and fall out while a stainless steel hook will stay in the mouth of a fish for great periods of time. Under extreme stress, high carbon steel has more of a tendency to bend while stainless steel will snap.

Black Chrome Finish

The one advantage stainless steel has over high carbon steel is that it doesn’t rust anywhere near as fast. Owner approaches the issue of rusting by coating the finished Flyliner Hook with a black chrome finish. The finish serves as a protectant against corrosive saltwater elements. It also works well to hide the hook in most saltwater environments.

Ringed Or Non-Ringed Versions

Owner Ringed Hook
Strong Welded Rings Give Owner Hooks A Pivot Point

Owner does anglers the justice of offering a ringed version in four of their offshore hook designs. Though the ringed versions do usually cost a bit more, they add strength to the hook and action to live bait.

Ringed hooks add a pivot point which helps wear less of a hole in the mouth of a hooked fish. Though ringed versions of Owner Hooks may not be an absolute need for all situations, they do come in handy for fly-lining.

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Pros & Cons

Advantages Of The Flyliner Hook

The main advantages of the Owner Flyliner are its shape and light gauge wire. Baitfish are able to swim, especially using the ringed model, better than other hook designs. Anglers have the benefit of using the Flyliner for fresh or saltwater fishing as they come in a wide range of sizes. Their high carbon steel material will rust out of a fishes’ mouth. On the other hand, Owner Flyliner Hooks can keep their strength for years due to the black chrome finish.

Drawbacks Of Owner Flyliner Hooks

Though it helps smaller baitfish with their action, the lighter gauge of the Flyliner wire can also be a weak point. Offshore anglers should take caution not to get outmatched, a warning easier written down than done. If you put your drag and rod to work against a 30-lb class fish using a #1 or smaller hook, the light gauge wire may not be enough.

Like the Owner Gorilla Hook, the Flyliner J style design will hook a fish in the first spot the point catches. If a fish swallows the bait, that spot will often be in its gut. Gut hooked fish obviously stand a poor chance of survival, but the angler also risks losing them. Larger tuna have saw-like teeth that will wear through line in a longer battle. For this reason, many offshore anglers prefer Owner Circle Hooks.

Best Use Or Application

Owner Flyliner Hooks work best with smaller size sardines, anchovies or similar size live bait. They are exceptionally effective using the fly-line technique as their name suggests, but also are efficient for presenting cut bait. With a 4/0 as their largest size offering, avoid tying on Owner Flyliner Hooks if you’re after larger tuna or sailfish.

Customer Support At Owner

Owner Hooks Black LogoOwner Hooks appreciates all customer feedback and has an overwhelming desire to see anglers succeed. They have an email comment form on their website’s Contact Us page. You can also find the direct phone number and address if you want to contact Owner Hooks in those forms. Stop by the Owner Pro’s and Guides section or check out their hooks by different regions.

The Final Point

90 out of 100 anglers approve of Owner Flyliner Hooks

Owner Flyliner Hooks score just in the ninetieth percentile for their sturdy build and effectiveness for running live bait. Their biggest advantage is their light shank which aids the action of swimming baitfish. It’s also their largest drawback, as the largest 4/0 isn’t enough wire for some size species.

What are your thoughts, questions, or experiences on fishing the Owner Flyliner? Let anglers know by using the comment form below. Thanks for reading and tight lines until next time. FishtFight.com.



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