Shimano ColtSniper Lures – Cast With Propulsion Weight Transfer

Shimano ColtSniper Lures – Cast With Propulsion Weight Transfer

With hi-pitch technology and a sliding weight design, Shimano ColtSniper Lures bring to the ocean an element of freshwater fishing. Anglers select from 6 models including topwater Pencilbaits, a sinking Stickbait, and a diving Jerkbait. Go silent or throw a hi-pitch noise maker and walk the dog on the surface. When the Yellowtail boil outside the kelp bed and just out of range, extend your casts using ColtSniper Jigs. Their Propulsion Weight Transfer System adds up to 22% more casting distance than like size lures.

Shimano ColtSniper Lures

Shimano ColtSniper Jigs
Shimano ColtSniper Jigs

Product: Shimano ColtSniper Lures.

Overall Ranking: 87 out of 100.

Price: Mid Range.

Company/Owner: Shimano, Inc.


Intro To Shimano ColtSniper Lures

Shimano ColtSniper Walk
Shimano ColtSniper Walk Hi-Pitch Glow Chartreuse

It’s not uncommon to find Pencilbait and Jerkbait style lures in the tackle box of any avid Largemouth Bass angler. But how about the effectiveness of these styles for use in saltwater fishing? The same Jerkbait that drives Largemouth crazy also entices Calico Bass hiding among the kelp line. Or how about the times you want to sink a Stickbait to lazy winter bass, then jerk it through the mid-water column? The Shimano ColtSniper does that job too. Read on and discover what ColtSniper lures are capable of in all their different offerings.

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Shimano ColtSniper Models, Specs, & Features

ColtSniper Models

Shimano ColtSniper Jerkbaits

Shimano marks the ColtSniper Jerkbait models as OM, followed by the length in millimeters, then PE  ending with the pattern abbreviation. Anglers choose from 2 lengths of either 140 mm (5.5 inches) or 170 mm (6.7 inches). There are 11 pattern abbreviations which tell the color style and match up as follows:

  • Bunker – BN

    Shimano ColtSniper Jerkbait
    ColtSniper Jerkbait In Translucent Gold. Shows The Propulsion Weight Transfer System Inside

  • Bone Pink – BP
  • Blue Sardine – BS
  • Bone White – BW
  • Green Mac – GM
  • Mint Grun – MG
  • Pink Back – PB
  • Sand Eel – SE
  • Trans Gol – TG
  • Wonder Candy – WC
  • Yellow Back – YB

All patterns come in both 140 mm and 170 mm lengths, depending on availability.

ColtSniper Jerkbait Specs & Features

Shimano ColtSniper Jerkbaits have a hard plastic body with an internal weight that takes advantage of the Propulsion Weight Transfer System. This unique design allows the weight to load to the back of the lure during the cast, then shoot to the front when it hits the water. By using the force of leverage, ColtSniper Jerkbait Lures gain up to 22% distance upon cast.

Shimano ColtSniper Jerkbait
ColtSniper Jerkbait In Green Mackerel

Each ColtSniper Jerkbait features dual fish eyes at the head, plastic rudder at the bottom lip, and metal ring for line attachment. A metal ring at the mid-section and at the tail carry chemically treated treble hooks. The plastic rudders that jut forth from the bottom lip allow these floating Jerkbaits to dive to depths of 3 – 5 feet.

Shimano ColtSniper Jigs

Moving away from Jerkbaits, next in line are the ColtSniper Jigs. Model numbers can be confusing between the original and newer jigs. The original series lists as JT, then the weight (either 43, 61, 80, or 100 grams, and ends with the color abbreviation. You can see the original series offers 4 different weights, each with 5 color patterns to choose from.

  • Brown/Aji – AJ

    Shimano ColtSniper Jig
    Blue Sardine ColtSniper Jig

  • Blue/Pink – BP
  • Blue/Sardine – BS
  • Green Mackerel – GM
  • White – WH

The only loss in the newer series, which models start with JM instead of JT, is the white color pattern. JM model numbers continue with the weights and add quite a few sizes. Weights are now lower and have a 21, 28, and 35-gram option. Here’s how the model numbers match by weight:

  • 21 grams – 002

    Shimano ColtSniper Jig
    ColtSniper Jig In Brown Aji

  • 28 grams – 003
  • 35 grams – 004
  • 42 grams – 005
  • 60 grams – 006
  • 80 grams – 007
  • 100 grams – 008
  • 120 grams – 009

Finally, the newer models also end with the abbreviation for the color pattern. They keep the original colors except for the white, and add the following:

  • Candy Iwashi – CI

    Shimano ColtSniper Jig
    ColtSniper Jig In Candy Iwashi

  • Black Purple – KP
  • Purple – PP
  • Real Iwashi – RI

ColtSniper Jig Specs & Features

Much like the Megabait or the P-Line Laser, Shimano ColtSniper Jigs are bullet-like in shape with a treble hook at the tail. They have a fisheye at the head with a steel ring for line attachment. Coltsniper jigs have a beveled sinking design and flutter as they fall. Choose from any of the sizes and color patterns above, depending on availability.

Shimano ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait

Shimano ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait
ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait – Pink Back

Anglers will find the Sinking Stickbait models start with the length followed by the letter S, then end with the color abbreviation. ColtSniper Sinking Stickbaits come in 2 lengths of 120 mm or 140 mm. Shimano manufactures each length in the same 11 color patterns as the Jerkbait series. See the list above for details.

ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait Specs & Features

Not all Stickbaits twitch across the surface water. Sometimes that same darting motion compels fish to attack when they’re holding in the mid-water column. Without knowing how bass, tuna, yellowtail and other species’ feeding behavior will be on any given day, the Sinking Stickbait makes a valuable addition to your saltwater tackle box.

Shimano ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait
ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait – Bunker

The ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait uses a long and slender, eel-like design. Each lure features a fisheye and steel ring at the head for line connection. Zinc coated treble hooks come attached at mid-body and at the tail. Because weight is an issue when casting lighter lures, Shimano adds their Propulsion Weight Transfer System to the ColtSniper Sinking Stickbait. Perfect for bites on the slow drop, or due to their sliding motion on the twitch or retrieve.

ColtSniper Twitchbait 80 Hi-Pitch

The ColtSniper 80 H-Pitch Twitchbait is a rattle bait that anglers cast out and twitch across the surface. Each twitch startles the water and sends vibrations of sound in all directions, calling fish over to investigate. Model numbers begin with the code OL180QE or OL280QE and end with the following color pattern abbreviations:

Shimano ColtSniper Twitchbait Hi-Pitch 80
ColtSniper Twitchbait Hi-Pitch 80 – Glow Chartreuse
  • Bone White – BW
  • Gold Chartreuse – GC
  • Glow Chartreuse – GL
  • Green Chartreuse – GR
  • Purple Chartreuse – PC
  • Pink Silver – PS
  • Root Beer – RB
  • Red White – RW

Twitchbait 80 Hi-Pitch Specs & Features

Fiberglass design surrounds a wire through construction in every Shimano ColtSniper Twitchbait 80 Hi-Pitch lure. The glass fiber housing makes the perfect material to sound off the inside rattle while treble hooks at mid-body and tail wait for a bite. ColtSniper 80 Hi-Pitch Twitchbaits include a fisheye and steel ring for line connection at the head.

A floating lure, the 80 Hi-Pitch Twitchbait attracts gamefish with sound, but also with its swimming motion. Whether you twitch it sporadically over topwater or retrieve at different rates, it will make its presence known by disturbing the water around.

Shimano ColtSniper Walk – 110F Hi-Pitch & Silent

Walk the dog on the surface like a fleeing anchovy with the Shimano ColtSniper Walk Silent or Hi-Pitch 110F lures. Model numbers start with either OT110 for the rattle or OT111 without then finish with PE and the pattern abbreviation. The Hi-Pitch Shimano ColtSniper Walk series follows the same patterns as the hi-pitch Twitchbaits above. There are some different patterns in the silent models which go by the following abbreviations:

Shimano ColtSniper Walk Hi-Pitch
ColtSniper Walk Hi-Pitch – Glow Chartreuse
  • Blue Sardine – BS
  • Bone White – BW
  • Green Mackerel – GM
  • Silver Shad – SS
  • Translucent Chartreuse – TC
  • Trans Purple Chartreuse – TP
  • Trans Red White – TR
  • White Bait – WB

ColtSniper Walk Specs & Features

The Shimano ColtSniper Walk is a topwater Pencilbait. By design, anglers can find the proper rate of retrieve and achieve that “walk the dog” style motion. Fresh and saltwater baitfish all have this tendency when large gamefish chase them. They’ll literally swim with their heads out of the water. Incidentally, watch the bait tank for a while and you’ll see that injured baitfish can also exhibit a similar behavior.

Shimano ColtSniper Walk Silent
ColtSniper Walk 110F Silent – Silver Shad

Some models rattle while others stay quiet, but all have fisheyes at the head and dual steel rings for better action at the point of line connection. Chemically treated treble hooks hang from both the midsection belly and the tail. Perfect when fish are keying in on the surface and boiling on bait.

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Pros & Cons Of Shimano ColtSniper Lures


There are more than a couple good words to say about Shimano ColtSniper Lures. They cover ground that most saltwater lure makers overlook with their Pencilbaits, Twitchbaits, and Stickbaits. These typical freshwater lures work wonders outside the kelp beds of Southern California. Many anglers prefer the ColtSniper Jig series over Megabaits due to their beveled wobbling fall design.


Though Shimano ColtSniper Lures provide some alternate options for getting bass to bite, they do fall short for larger gamefish. There are of times when the ColtSniper Jig will hook tuna or yellowtail, but more so when they key into the smaller baitfish. A good surface or yo-yo iron from Tady or Kicker is usually a better bet. Alternately, go with a Shimano Flat-Fall to entice tuna when they decide to stay down in the water column.

Another con that requires disclosure is the strength of the treble hooks on all ColtSniper models. If you’re targeting calico bass, they’ll hold up no problem. But hook into a nice grade yellowtail, striper, or tuna and they tend to bend out or break. Many anglers are opting to switch them out with Owner assist hooks in single or dual fashion.

Best Use – Fishing Situations

Except for the ColtSniper Jig series that offers heavier models, most of the lures will be tough to cast with a heavy offshore setup. They simply don’t offer enough weight to get more than a few feet with 30 or higher monofilament. Braid may fare better but still requires weight unless you flip it with the wind.

Shimano ColtSniper Twitchbaits
Shimano ColtSniper Hi-Pitch 80 Twitchbait Models

Lighter inshore fishing is the mainstay of all except the ColtSniper Jig and possibly the Sinking Stickbait. That one may be worth a try for tuna holding at a certain depth in the water column. Remember to switch those treble hooks out if you plan on targeting larger gamefish with the ColtSniper Jig. Like Megabaits and the P-Line Laser, ColtSniper Jigs are excellent for picking up species like barracuda, larger mackerel, and bonito.

Shimano Customer Support

Jigs and lures typically follow the return policy of the retailer, most often a period of 90 days. Be sure to check each seller’s return policy. If there is a manufacturer defect in a Shimano ColtSniper Lure, their customer service would love to hear about it. Contact Shimano by phone or email through their website.

Final Thoughts On Shimano ColtSniper Lures

87 out of 100 offshore anglers approve of Shimano ColtSniper Lures 

The 87 is obviously a roundup score of all 6 different style ColtSniper Lures. The surface baits score a little lower due to having a more limited use. On the hand, the ColtSniper Jigs get up to a score of 90 because of a wider application. When it comes down to it, catching offshore fish with a Shimano ColtSniper Lure is only a matter of choosing the right model and casting it into the water.


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