Lamiglas Rods Review: BFC, Bluewater, & Insane Saltwater Series

Lamiglas Rods Review: BFC, Bluewater, & Insane Saltwater Series

Powerful pelagic species are as strong as the forces of nature that break rocks into sand. When anglers hook up with monsters, they need some serious backbone to put down the wood. Lamiglas rods are the spine that breaks the spirit of big-shouldered ocean beasts. Whether casting poppers with the Bluewater series, bearing down with the Big Fish Casting or jigging the Insane Saltwater, Lamiglas Rods fill in the blank.

Lamiglas BFC, Bluewater, & Insane Saltwater Rods

Lamiglas BFC Rods
Big Fish Casting (BFC) Rods By Lamiglas

Product: Lamiglas BFC, Bluewater, & Insane Saltwater offshore rods.

Overall Ranking: 89 out of 100.

Price: Middle range.

Company/Owner: Lamiglas, Inc. Private company.


Intro To Lamiglas Fishing Rods

Lamiglas is one of the oldest manufacturers of fishing rods in the USA. Known as the company that first introduced fiberglass to fishing rod blanks, they now include graphite and composite technologies. The early inventors (Clarence Shoff and Dick Snyder) would be proud of Lamiglas’ accomplishments over the years.

Investors took over the company until 1968 when it was sold to Dick Posey, who is greatly responsible for the diversification of Lamiglas rods. What started with a single surf rod is a company that now boasts quality rods across several fishing genres. The fishing community took a blow with the recent loss and passing of Dick Posey. His son John has been at the helm for years and is well suited to lead the company.

Lamiglas Offshore Rods & Rod Blanks

To this day, Lamiglas provides anglers with rods and rod blanks for many different styles of fishing. Departing from their northwestern steelhead heritage, Lamiglas offshore rods offer the quality and power that saltwater fishing demands. The rods in this review cover about half of what Lamiglas manufactures for the offshore enthusiast. More to come on them later!

Lamiglas LogoWith their aesthetically pleasing aqua-blue finish. Lamiglas Bluewater rods use a composite mix of graphite and fiberglass. With a backbone for the larger specimen, they have a tip for casting. Pick up models for trolling, live bait, or jigging, or casting.

Lamiglas BFC rods are effective at doing exactly what their name suggests, hooking and landing big fish. These casting rods supply the power as well as the finesse to go with your favorite conventional reel. Using a strong composite blank, BFC rods have the backbone to turn the heads of large tuna, grouper, shark or sailfish.

Anglers who prefer the sensitivity and power of a graphite blank can turn to the Lamiglas Insane Saltwater series. With models for spinning and casting reels, Insane Saltwater rods are durable and affordable. Anglers can depend on quality components such as aluminum reels seats and aluminum oxide line guides in every rod.

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Lamiglas Rod Models, Specs, & Features

Models By Series

Lamiglas BFC Models

– BFC5610     – BFC5610RT

– BFC66XH     – BFC70H   

Lamiglas Bluewater Models

– BW5850C     – BW6625C     – BW6640C

– BW7030C     – BW710S

Insane Saltwater Models

– LIS5610  – LIS8040C  – LIS7040C  – LIS7030C

– LIS7020C  – LIS7030S  – LIS7020S

Lamiglas Rod Specs By Series

BFC Specifications

Lamiglas Big Fish Casting Rods give anglers the backbone needed to go toe to toe with pelagic goliaths. Out of four available models, the lightest 7′ BFC70H is suited for monofilament line between 20 – 50 lbs. Lamiglas designates this rod as a trolling or live bait model. It has fast action but with play in the tip, even as it rates heavy for power.

Next in the line is the 6’6″ BFC66XH, a fast action rod with extra heavy power. It rates for monofilament line as low as 30 lbs and as high as 80. Lamiglas offers it as the perfect size and power rod for trolling tuna, dorado, and other similar species.

Short and extra heavy in power, the final two Lamiglas BFC models are both 5’6″ in length. Their suggested ratings are for monofilament line between 50 – 100 lbs, and they each have fast action. Lamiglas bills these BFC models for deep drops to big tuna, shark, or halibut. One model features a roller tip while the other goes without it. Note that all four Lamiglas BFC models are one-piece rods.

Lamiglas BFC Rod Handle
Handle & Butt Of A Lamiglas BFC Rod

Bluewater Rod Specs

Lamiglas manufactures its Bluewater rod series for jigging, trolling, and live bait use. Anglers have a choice of four casting models and one spinning rod. Like the BFC series, Lamiglas Bluewater rods feature a composite blank with a powerful recoil. They offer a more balanced bend due to moderate-fast to moderate rod action.

Within the four casting rods is a 7′ model which marks the only moderate action rod in the series. The other two 6’6″ and shortest 5’8″ Bluewater casting rods have moderate/fast action. Lighter in power than the BFC series, Lamiglas Bluewater rods rate medium-heavy to heavy in power. They offer line ratings from 12 to 40 lbs, depending on the power of the model.

The longest 7’10” Bluewater rod is the one and only spinning model. Perfect for a variety of saltwater uses, it’s a moderate/fast action rod with heavy power. Pair it with reels holding between 15 – 40 lbs of monofilament and throw on a 1 – 4 oz lure. Note that all Lamiglas Bluewater rods are one-piece blanks.

Lamiglas Bluewater Spec Chart

Insane Saltwater Specs

The Lamiglas Insane Saltwater series provides a slightly larger range of power, from medium to extra heavy in comparison to BFC or Bluewater rods. Insane Saltwater rod blanks employ lightweight graphite blanks instead of the composite blends of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Choose from 5 casting or two spinning rods, depending on your needs.

Within the Insane Saltwater casting rod category are three 7′ rods, a two-piece 8′ model, and an extra-heavy 5’6″ option. The three 7′ rods range in power from medium to heavy with line ratings as low as 10 lbs and as heavy as 50. For trolling and extra-heavy use, the shortest 5’6″ rod rates for monofilament between 50 – 100 lbs.

Lamiglas Insane Saltwater rods have a couple 7′ choices for spinning reels. One has medium power with a rating for 10 – 20 lb line while the other moves up to 15 – 30 lbs. Note that all models are one-piece blanks with the exception of the 8′ casting rod.

Lamiglas Insane Saltwater Rods
A Collection Of Lamiglas Insane Saltwater Rods

Key Features

Lamiglas Big Fish Casting

BFC Rod Logo
The Lamiglas BFC Rod Logo

Known for their fast action and thick tapered blanks, Lamiglas BFC rods have a number of stand out features. Strong fiberglass distributes force through the length of the rod. As the taper nears the rod tip, the blank becomes a solid composite. Extra durability and fling to the rod tip are the results of this design. BFC rods feature the following quality components:

  • Premium Double Foot SeaGuide Line Guides With Deep Press Ceramic Inserts
  • Roller Thread Guide & Roller Tip On The BFC5610RT – Includes a rubber butt cap that protects the aluminum gimbal beneath and a strong aluminum reel seat.
  • Standard Reel Seats On The Longer Models

Lamiglas Bluewater

Bluewater Rod Logo
The Lamiglas Bluewater Rod Logo

With a drop in power in comparison to the BFC, Lamiglas Bluewater rods make up for it in finesse. Moderate-fast action in a composite blank absorbs heavy head shakes while still allowing the angler to put the wood down with pressure. Check the featured rod components below:

  • Black Fuji Reels Seats
  • Matte Black Stainless Steel Guides With Deep Press Ceramic Inserts
  • Split Handles With X-Flock Shrink Tape Over EVA Padded Grips

Lamiglas Insane Saltwater

Insane Saltwater Rod Logo
The Lamiglas Insane Saltwater Rod Logo

In order to add sensitivity while keeping blanks light and powerful, Lamiglas turns to graphite. The red and black finish of their Insane Saltwater series hides a strong 24T IM6 carbon graphite blank. All fast action with a wide range of power ratings, Lamiglas Insane Saltwater rods feature quality components.

  • Aluminum Reel Seat On The LIS 5610
  • Standard Reel Seats On All Other Models
  • Black Stainless Steel Line Guides
  • X-Flock Wrap Over Padded EVA Grips

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Pros & Cons Of Lamiglas Rods


Lamiglas saltwater rods offer quality at a rate anglers can afford. Whether you prefer spinning reel or conventional, Lamigals manufactures plenty of options to choose from. The same goes for your preferences in fiberglass, graphite, or composite blanks. Whichever way your tendencies lean, Lamiglas makes the rod. Finally, Lamiglas BFC, Bluewater, and Insane Saltwater rods cover many fishing styles. Trolling, live bait, jigging, and roller rods are all in the mix.


Though Lamiglas saltwater rods offer durable construction, anglers should take notice of the components. It wouldn’t be accurate to say they are low quality. They aren’t. But except for the models with the Fuji and aluminum reel seats, you have a standard component. The same goes for the line guides. They’ll do more than an effective job on powerful fish, but you may notice earlier wear than you would with brands like Seeker or Phenix.

Best Angling Uses

Dorado On A Lamiglas Bluewater Rod
Dorado On A Lamiglas Bluewater Rod

With so many models to choose from, Lamiglas saltwater rod applications are nearly endless. They don’t cover the ultra-light or super extra-heavy ranges of pelagic species, but that leaves a lot to work with. Line tests from 10 to 100 lbs apply in this range with different rod lengths for specific purposes. Long jigging rods or short leverage power sticks all come into play.

For giant grouper, tuna, or halibut, anglers look to the BFC series. Though still plenty powerful, Bluewater rods pull in hungry tuna, dorado, amberjack, or yellowtail. Insane Saltwater rods cover all the above uses with more general options, but as the most affordable of the three.

Lamiglas Rod/Customer Support

On the Lamiglas website, their return policy is in plain view as well as their rod registration page. You’ll also find links to their Contact Us and Warranty pages in addition to various helpful articles. Certain Lamiglas rods have the backing of a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty while others provide a one-year limited warranty. They provide full details onsite as well as instructions should you experience any kind of rod malfunction.

Lamiglas Rods Wrap Up

89 out of 100 anglers approve of Lamiglas Rods

Lamiglas rods score just under the 90 percentile among saltwater anglers due to the affordability of their products. Though the rod components aren’t top of the line. they are effective and craftsmanship is high. Within the range of uses that the Lamiglas BFC, Bluewater, and Insane Saltwater series cover is a rod for just about every offshore angler.

What are your experiences with Lamiglas rods? Do you fish a BFC, Bluewater, or Insane Saltwater rod? Grab your microphone and use it in the comments below. Ask any questions you might have for a quick response. Thanks for reading and tight lines until next time.




  1. Your review is real close to the money. Wish I read ahead of buying. My problem is NO reply from customer service with a issue.
    I understand covid may play a part in this but, seriously, NO return communication makes this a loser product. My 2 cents!

    1. You know, yours isn’t the first report I’ve read of companies ignoring any and all communications from their customers. Maybe they are going under? Idk, but people will remember if they aren’t. On the other hand, who knows what they might be dealing with. Some form of communication would be nice.

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