Hercules Braided Fishing Line Review: 4 & 8 Strand PE Spools

Hercules Braided Fishing Line Review: 4 & 8 Strand PE Spools

On the spectrum of braided fishing line, anglers often want a level in between high-priced brands and cheap risky spools. Especially for those just starting with baitcasting or conventional reels, Hercules Braided Fishing Line fills the middle gap. With perhaps more color options than any other braid, Hercules 4 and 8 strand weaves offer quality and budget pricing. Follow along for all the fibrous details about Hercules braid.

Hercules Braided Fishing Line

Hercules Braided Fishing Line Blue Camo
Blue Camo Hercules 8-Strand Braid

Product: Hercules 4 & 8 Strand Braided Fishing Lines.

Overall Ranking: 84 out of 100.

Price: Middle range.

Company/Owner: Chase Goals International.

Website: HerculesPro.com.

Intro To Hercules Braided Line

Hercules braided fishing line offers strength, affordability, and a huge array of colors to choose from. Manufacturing braids in both a 4 and an 8-strand weave, anglers can pick up filler or bulk spools. All this at a cost that won’t hurt as bad if you lose line to rat’s nests. No matter what water conditions you deal with where you fish, Hercules has a braid that will blend in.

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Hercules Spools, Spec, & Features

Spools Of Hercules Braid

4-Strand Spools

Hercules makes its 4-strand braid available in tests from 6 to 100 lbs. Filler spools come in lengths of 100 meters (109-yards), 300 meters (328-yards), or 500 meters (547-yards). For savings and filling of multiple reels, bulk spools come in lengths of 1000M (1094-yards), 1500M (1640-yards), or 2000M (2187-yards).

Note: Anglers often arrive at Hercules braided fishing line due to the many choices they offer in color. Depending on their current availability, Hercules 4 and 8-strand braids come in 15 different colors. Check the Features Section below for the full run-down of Hercules color options.

Hercules 4-Strand Braid
Hercules 4-Strand Braided Line

8-Strand Spools

Hercules manufactures their 8-strand braids in tests starting at 10 lbs and going as high as 300. They offer the same length spools as they do in their 4-strand models. Like the 4-strand braids, Hercules 8-strand spools come in all 15 colors. Again, this depends on supply and availability because of market conditions.

Hercules 8-Strand Braid
Hercules 8-Strand Braided Line

Specs Of Hercules Braided Fishing Line

Hercules lists the same diameters for the 4-strand as it does for the 8-strand tests. While this is difficult to believe, anglers can still use these line diameters as a rough estimate. At the very least they’ll give you an idea of how much Hercules braid your reel will hold.

  • 6 LB Test: 0.08 (MM) 0.0032 (IN)  |  8 LB Test: 0.010 (MM) 0.0039 (IN)
  • 10 LB Test: 0.12 (MM) 0.0047 (IN)  |  15 LB Test: 0.16 (MM) 0.0063 (IN)
  • 20 LB Test: 0.20 (MM) 0.0079 (IN)  |  30 LB Test: 0.28 (MM) 0.0110 (IN)
  • 40 LB Test: 0.32 (MM) 0.0126 (IN)  |  50 LB Test: 0.37 (MM) 0.0146 (IN)
  • 60 LB Test: 0.40 (MM) 0.0158 (IN)  |  70 LB Test: 0.44 (MM) 0.0173 (IN)
  • 80 LB Test: 0.48 (MM) 0.0189 (IN)  |  90 LB Test: 0.50 (MM) 0.0197 (IN)
  • 100 LB Test: 0.55 (MM) 0.0217 (IN)  |  120 LB Test: 0.58 (MM) 0.0228 (IN)
  • 150 LB Test: 0.62 (MM) 0.0244(IN)  |  180 LB Test: 0.70 (MM) 0.0276 (IN)
  • 200 LB Test: 0.75 (MM) 0.0295 (IN)  |  250 LB Test: 1.0 (MM) 0.0394 (IN)
  • 300 LB Test: 1.20 (MM) 0.0472 (IN)

Main Features Of Hercules Braided Fishing Line

4 Or 8 Strand UHMWPE Fiber Braid

For strong braid that can handle fishing around fronds and reeds, Hercules makes their 4-strand weave. When your casting is paramount to angling success, 8-strand braid by Hercules flies smoothly from your rod. Whichever strand count you prefer, Hercules braided fishing line brings the reassurance of UHMWPE fiber. What does that contraction stand for? UHMWPE is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Odorless, colorless, and non-toxic, it provides the properties that allow the creation of braided line.

Diamond Weave (8-Strand Braid)

Diamond Weave
A Diamond Weave On Hercules 8-Strand Braid

The rougher profile of the Hercules 4-strand braid gives way to a smooth finish in the 8-strand weave. Due to its tight diamond weave around a solid core, the 8-strand braid excels in casting distance. It flows off your conventional reel and won’t dig in as much as 4-strand braid. Enhanced Coating Technology slicks the line out enabling it to slide through line guides for additional casting yards.

Enhanced Coating Technology

Though it might sound similar to Power Pro Spectra’s Enhanced Body Technology, the Hercules coating is not the same. Power Pro uses a resin that coats the fiber during the braiding process. Hercules braided fishing line doesn’t treat each strand in this manner. Still, the resin-like coat helps seal Hercules braid and keep it from becoming waterlogged. Like other treated braids, it does give the line a silky feel for maximum smooth casting performance.

Wide Range Of 15 Different Colors


Hercules Braided Fishing Line By Color
Hercules Makes Braid In Many Different Colors

Search through other brands of braided fishing line, you’ll be hard pressed to find the variety of colors that Hercules provides. There are 14 different colors and a multicolored braid for depth detection, bringing the total to 15. View the full list below:


  • Green   |   Army Green   |   Fluorescent Green   |   Black   |   Grey   
  • Yellow   |   Fluorescent Yellow   |   Red   |   Blue   |   Orange
  • Pink   |   White   |   Camouflage   |   Blue Camo   |   Multi-Color

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Pros & Cons Of Hercules Braid

Benefits Of Using Hercules

The obvious advantages that come with Hercules braided line show in its budget pricing and many color options. Anglers have Camo-Blue for blending with deep ocean waters, different shades of Green for lakes or rivers, and many other colors to match your local hot-spots.

Besides these clear assets, Hercules bestows all the characteristics anglers expect out of a quality braided line. The use of PE fiber strands makes the line super sensitive, alerting fishermen to the tiniest nibbles. A trait that results from the non-elastic properties of the fiber. Enhanced Coating Technology protects the inside weave which adds abrasion resistance and durability.

Drawbacks Of Spooling With Hercules

Hercules braided fishing line, though a step above many cheaper braids, can present issues in quality control. Anglers reports suggest that sections of the line come unraveled in random spools. Research of the Hercules company doesn’t bring up much info besides it being manufactured in China.

Though feedback from anglers reveals a very strong braided line, the colors tend to fade rather quickly. Hercules makes no mention of any color lock application, a process that surely adds a cost to manufacturing. All brands of braid tend to fade after extended use, though brands with color lock technology hold their hues longer.

Best Use Of Hercules Braided Fishing Line


Hercules Customer Photos
Hercules Customer Testimonies

If you are getting accustomed to using braid or casting with a conventional reel, it helps to spool up with a less expensive line. Hercules braid takes the pressure off the beginner who may be afraid of foul casting. Let’s face it. No one wants to see a bird’s nest in their brand new Power Pro Super 8 Slick or SpiderWire Ultracast Braid.


Anywhere that small or gargantuan fish may swim, Hercules braided fishing line has the strength to pull them in. With test ratings as light as 6 lbs and as heavy as 300, anglers can spool up just about every reel on the market.

Hercules Customer Support

One interesting find about Hercules Fishing Tackle is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Braided lines typically come with a standard return policy but due to their nature, rarely offer any type of warranty. Hercules, however, offers up to 20% back to customers who express dissatisfaction. Visit the Hercules website @ Herculespro.com for contact info or to subscribe to their email list.

Final Opinion

84 out of 100 anglers approve of Hercules Braided Fishing Line

If you fish tournaments and can’t accept anything but the highest grade braided lines, your better off going with Sufix 832 Advanced Superline or Seaguar Smackdown. The greater majority of anglers can appreciate a line that saves some resources. Hercules braided fishing line makes a great product for exactly that purpose. Take note that its drawbacks don’t include any compromise in strength.

Do you have a positive or negative experience with Hercules Braided Fishing Line? Speak up in the comment section so other anglers can hear you. Ask any question pertaining to fishing gear or its use and FishtFight will get right back to you. Thanks for reading and until next time, keep your smiles salty and your lines tight.



  1. Ron Bowers

    I spooled up my 16 Aldebaran BFS xg with 4 strand 6 pound test Hercules braid and it appears fairly large diameter for 6 pound braid. It cast ok but not as far as 8 lb Gliss. Could this spool have been errantly marked ? Has anybody else have experience with this line ?

    1. Hey Ron. I haven’t read or heard that Hercules braid has a larger than standard diameter. I suppose it could be a mismarked spool, but it’s more likely the strand size and pick count to blame. If the strands are just a little larger, it will make a difference in the end result. Lower pick count means the braid is not as tight as other spools and could also result in a larger diameter. I do appreciate the feedback and will leave it here for other anglers to comment on. Geoff.

      1. Randy Million

        Hercules pro braid had a bad run on their 80 lb 8 strand that I know of possibly more!! The inner weave fuzzes out and when unspooling defective line from reel it felt like it was bunching up inside weave. Contacted Herculespro and they apparently do not care.

  2. Randy Million

    I need help with defective spool of herculespro 80 lb 8 strand braid I used it side by side identical rigs weight etc, with another angler he caught fish my line broke twice when Tile fishing. I contacted them and they do not care and refuse to work with me to honor their warranty.Please advise.

    1. Hey Randy. Sorry to hear about your poor experience with Hercules Braid. As far as I’m aware, Power Pro is the only braid maker that offers a warranty and for select customers only.

      Most brands offer a 90 day return period, but that’s if you don’t open the package or use the line.

      Still, with all that said it would be nice if Hercules treated their customers better. I’ll publish both your comments here for other anglers to review. It would be interesting to find out if others have experienced the same thing.

      Thanks for your feedback and hopefully Hercules will step up and accommodate you. Geoff.

    1. Hello Dave. Apologies for the late reply. When spooling line, you want to be sure it goes on straight. Another way to say it is without any twists. If line is twisted, it will ravel up on itself just like a hose or rope. If it’s twisted in the new spool, it is a bad product. Send it back. As long as the spool unravels in the same direction, it shouldn’t twist. Make sure you go with the curls if you are loading a spinning reel. Hope this helps. Geoff.

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