Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC – Review

Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC – Review

Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC – Magic Cast

Avet reels have become a powerhouse name in California offshore fishing. There’s hardly a trip I can remember that I didn’t see someone using an Avet Reel. Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC is the one we’ll be taking a closer look at in this review. Let’s delve inside, shall we?

Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC

Product: Avet MXL 5.8 MC Reel.

Overall Ranking: 93 out of 100 fishermen approve this reel.

Price: Middle Range.

Owners: Sarkis and Harry Alajajyan.

Website: www.Avetreels.net

Introduction to Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC

There’s a lot to this reel with groundbreaking technologies that have fancy terms. I’ll do my best to explain it in the simplest way that makes sense. Avet Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MCsells their reels with feature options. Here’s what is available with the MX series.

  • Spool width: Available in narrow or wide.
  • Gear options: Available in single or two speed.
  • M.C.: Available with Avet’s patented Magic Cast system.
  • Raptor: Available with the Raptor (dual drag) system.
  • L.H.: Left handed models available only in silver.
  • Colors: Available colors are Black, Blue, Gold, and Silver.
MC – Magic Cast System

The Avet Magic Cast system is described as an “adjustable magnetic anti-backlash cast control system“, which allows you to cast and take your thumb off the spool until it hits the water.

MC equipped reels can perform this freecast no matter the weight you’re casting. It is advised to return your thumb to the spool when your cast hits the water which will prevent backlash.

Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC Raptor Dual Drag System

Avet’s Raptor system is another available option on most of their reels. This is an improvement from earlier models. Avet boasts that their Raptor Dual Drag system doubles the drag resistance on their reels.

Avet MXL 5.8 MC Reel Details

  • Drag: Lever drag.
  • Mono Line Capacity: 20-30 lbs.
  • Aluminum Frame: Anodized finish resists corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel Components: High grade steel nuts and bolts. 8 stainless steel ball bearings, and precision machined gears.Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC
  • 9 Lb Drag Capacity at the Strike Setting: Still allowing free spool.
  • 16 Lb Drag Max: Fully pressed, the drag offers an adequate 16 Lbs of SLOWING power.
  • One Piece Frame: Fully machined, type 2 anodized aluminum frame.
  • AveDrag Washers: Avet uses dry carbon fiber drags which provide smooth peel off, and are wear resistant.
  • All Reels are Machined and Constructed in the U.S.A.

Pros and Cons of the MXL 5.8 MC Reel


  • Anodized Aluminum Frame: Corrosion resistant.
  • Stainless Steel Parts: Strong and corrosion resistant.
  • One Piece Frame: No breakable parts here.
  • Lightweight: The aluminum frames keep the reel fairly light.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Repair Program: If damages are found to be from use or abuse, Avet will repair the reel at a reasonable price for parts and labor.
  • Price: 269.00 is an exceptional price for what this reel can do.
  • Bells and Whistles: This reel has a lot of bells and whistles that may not be needed.
  • Warranty: Listed in the pros because they have one. It could extend further than 1 year.
  • Other Options: This reel surely has its following, but it might not be the best bang for your buck. It depends on your needs. Check out my Penn Fathom Review.

Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC

Who is Best Suited for the Avet MXL 5.8 MC Reel?

You could definitely get a reel that’s a lot more versatile in its uses. Still, the Avet offers a sturdy reel that should last a lifetime. It’s bells and whistles are a real attraction to some fishermen, and I can understand why. The Magic Cast option paired with a good jig stick is an attractive idea. The MXL 5.8 MC would be a suitable reel to match any rod in the 20-30 line class.

Avet Training

I usually wouldn’t add this category on a rod or reel review as I feel most training is on the water, in your backyard, park, etc. It is worth noting that Avet offers a video look at their Magic Cast system.

Avet Customer Support

Avet’s repair program is a strong point, though the 1 year warranty only helps with immediate defects. At least you can get factory maintenance and repair as needed, though I personally use a local business for these purposes.

Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC Avet also offers to provide every bit of assistance possible before you have to send your reel in. I applaud Avet’s attempt at trying to avoid both customer and company the trouble. Get support by following the Avet website link at the top.


At a middle range price which includes all the available add on features, the Avet Reels MXL 5.8 MC holds good value. It’s still priced much lower than many reels that don’t boast all the features this reel comes with.

Final Opinion

My final overall ranking of the Avet MXL 5.8 MC reel is 93 out of 100. The sturdy build and the technological features score very highly in this decision. I do recommend this reel as an option for your fishing arsenal.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Do you use an Avet reel? What is your experience? Any feedback is appreciated and will add to the value of the review. Thanks for your time.




  1. Dan Ruzicka

    I need your advice. Was a self confessed SoCal Saltwater addict, did 7 or 8 trips a year of 1.5 to 3 day. Business got tough and I gave away 7 custom made rods and Penn reels along with ALL mt gear. I am ready to get back in and technology has changed and I really don’t know where to start. I quit as Braided lines were coming on and have never fished those. I am willing to spend on Quality reels. Not sure if I should be looking into reels for Braided line i.e. Smaller for higher test. I know I don’t want to fish with a parabolic bean pole with no back bone. I fished all custom made Calstar West Coast series rods. I am very stout strong guy but like the lightness of Graphite. I am 54 and this will be my last set of Custom rods and state of the art Reels. What do you suggest??

    #30-40 9ft Jig
    #80-120 Troller

    1. Hello Dan. Thanks for your interest in fishtfight.com. Let’s see if we can get you sorted out and ready for the offshore action that’s just starting to heat up in 2017.

      The good news is technology has changed but you’re on the right track with companies like Calstar. Shimano, Penn, and Okuma still make great reels.

      You’re looking for a complete line so there’s a lot of options.

      15 pound isn’t too big a deal. If you want quality you can go with the Shimano Trinidad 14 or 16. I’ve used a Penn International 955 for years. Love it. That’s the gold label series.

      Moving up to 20-30. Save money and go Daiwa Sealine. Great for casting but the drag’s a bit on the light side. It’s worth the extra bucks to go Penn Fathom and get casting and drag. The Fathom also comes in graphite or aluminum frame. Two speed or single.

      As for 30-40 to match your jig stick. Avet makes a top notch reel in the SX 6/4 Raptor. This reel includes all the bells and whistles and Avet allows you to remove some unneeded features for a better price. SoCal knows and loves these reels.

      It’s also worth taking a look a Truth Reels. Wes Seigler has put value and performance in his line of reels.

      For your 40 setup, check out the Penn Torque if you like star drag or Shimano Talica TAC 50-2 for lever drag.

      For your bigger reels, the Okuma Makaira fits the bill and are powerhouse units.

      All these reels have reviews on my site. You can’t go wrong with any of them when used in the right situation.

      For your rods. Stay with Calstar, Seeker, or I highly recommend the Phenix rods.

      Phenix Axis and Black Diamond are stellar offshore rods. Light but extremely powerful. You’ll find most of what you need here.

      Your jig stick could be any of the 3 makers in their Deckhand rods. Super Seekers are probably best of all, but you’ll pay. Again, I’d look Phenix.

      Finally the whole issue of Power Pro braided pain in the butt line. It’s actually incredible line, but creates an issue offshore because anglers don’t know how to fish it. They don’t know how it behaves.

      I’ve seen 30 rods tangled by one guy and his Power Pro. No bueno.

      Their is a way to use it that will extend your line and save money in the long run. Start your spools with braid. Filler up to 1/3 or 1/2 way. Tie on your favorite mono and finish the spool. Your reels will have braided backing. You’ll add yards of line this way for hookups with bigger fish. You also won’t need to change the braid that often. Just the mono on top.

      If fish are finicky, tie a 6 foot leader of flourocarbon onto your mono top shot.

      I use the braided backing on my heavier setups. Anything above my Penn Fathom 30. I still use Pline mono for 30 or smaller.

      I hope this helps out Dan. Feel free to fire off any more questions you have. Geoff.

      1. Dan Ruzicka

        Hey Geoff,

        Thank You for taking the time and giving your expertise. You solved by braid no braid conundrum, I can sleep peacefully now???. That is the best of both worlds and I get to fish with the mono I know how to fish as God intended.

        I have another question that you likely have the answer to. The guy Carl Riccardi who built my custom rods retired and moved to Mexico to fish everyday. Is there anyone you would suggest that does fantastic work here in SoCal?

        Thank You again, I appreciate you guidance.


        1. Hey Dan, my pleasure. Where in SoCal are you located? I’m in San Diego North County and I suggest going to Ken’s Custom Reels. He can order any blank you want, then set you up with his rod guy. If this is close to you, you’ll be glad you went there. If not, give me an area and I’ll find you rod maker. Geoff.

  2. Dan

    Hi Geoff,

    Yes, happy to drive, I am in the Palm Springs area so we are accustomed to traveling to see real fishing gear and expertise.

    Thanks again you have been a great help as I enter back in to the most awesome sport on the planet!!

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