40 Dollar Fishing Buckets & The Case Of The Pet Rock

40 Dollar Fishing Buckets & The Case Of The Pet Rock

Does one organization’s trade show control the world of fishing? Have anglers sunk so low that spending 40 dollars on fishing buckets sounds like a good idea? That’s 40 dollars per bucket. The mumbles and groans are building from coast to coast, but let’s not forget the lesson of the pet rock. Remember those suckers? I mean the rocks. At first appearance, there’s two sides of intelligence here. It’s nothing short of brilliant marketing to make it rich selling pet rocks. But what does that say about the people who buy them? They’re nothing but plain stupid, right? Not necessarily.

The Value Of The Pet Rock

If memory serves correctly, pet rocks were selling around a dollar a unit when they hit the big time. Material was easy to come by and production didn’t take much work. A rock, some wiggly eyes, maybe a mustache, some glue, and presto, a pet rock. In fact, why would anyone ever buy one?

Go on a road trip with kids and stop at the store. Kids see the pet rocks and want one. What kid doesn’t want a pet rock? Besides their obvious worthless value as a decoration, kids probably imagine many other uses for that pet rock. If they don’t, they’ll likely find them anyway.

Use The Rocks That Wash Up On Our Beaches!

This idea was sure to make me rich, but alas, the pet rock fad died down before I was able to implement a plan. The hype died down, but before you laugh at 40 dollar fishing buckets consider this. People still buy pet rocks. That’s right, pet rocks have come a long way from those early days of school-house glue and and newspaper table production. Nowadays, pet rocks come with leashes and their own little homes where they can spend the night. You wouldn’t want your pet rock to catch a chill, would you? Now am I suggesting that you, whoever you are, should order a pet rock or two? Not unless it’s your kid’s dream come true to have one. But hey, who am I to say that people don’t want pet rocks. So here you go, if you want one I won’t stop you.

Fishing Buckets
They Even Provide Breathing Holes For Your Rock!

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What Do Pet Rocks Have To Do With 40 Dollar Fishing Buckets?

Besides the fact that you can throw them in to hold the bucket down, nothing. However, the philosophy of spending your money on something stupid is the same. Wait a minute, kids didn’t think pet rocks were such a bad idea. So do 40 dollar buckets have any value? If you ask me, no. I can’t ever see myself buying a pet rock or any 40 dollar fishing buckets. It costs enough for rods and reels! Anyone that actually takes a closer look at these expensive buckets will find more to them than just plastic and a handle. They’re supposedly almost indestructible. It’s always a good idea to check all the facts before we slam something right? I’m still not sold, but that doesn’t mean boaters aren’t interested. Maybe not for 40, but the idea of a stronger bucket isn’t a bad one.

There Were Already Fishing Buckets For Anglers Before The 40 Bucket

I didn’t really have any awareness about these until the $40 bucket fiasco took place, another reason I’m glad it did. One of the better companies makes a fishing bucket with a seat , rod holders, and strike alarms. It tells you where to fill the water and how much force it’ll hold if a fish strikes with you not on it. The buckets also have a small tackle storage area on top. Sound like a better bucket? I may not be ready to buy it, but it does seem to offer more bang for your buck.

Sorry But I Don’t Have Any Super Expensive Plain Fishing Buckets To Offer

Never fear. I can find you one for about half the price, which is only half a rip off right? Ahh, but it has a cool sticker from a popular fishing company. Wait for it…it has a rope handle that’s resistant to corrosion & effects from the sun. It also offers a lid and seat padding, both sold separately. Enough with my word about it, have a look for yourself.


Fishing Buckets
The Rope Is Covering Part Of The Cool Sticker!

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The Power Of Making Your Own Decision 

If anything sounds too expensive or doesn’t hold good value for the asking price, don’t buy it. I don’t know what it says about a company if that’s the best new product they can develop in a year, but hey that’s their problem. If a trade show turns to alcohol, partying, scantily clad women, and expensive buckets, well same thing. I’m not buying any of it.


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