Saltwater Fishing Tackle – Gearing Up For Good Times

Saltwater Fishing Tackle – Gearing Up For Good Times

Getting The Goods On Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Saltwater fishing tackle is the starting point for Saltwater Fishing Tackleany saltwater fishing adventure.  The avid fisherman and beginner alike enjoy the process of selecting, purchasing, and preparing their gear, all in anticipation of the chance to use it.

The gear we use changes over time and circumstance. I once won the lottery on a scratcher and was able to purchase some nice rod and reel combos. On a scratcher! No joke!

I’ve had to borrow gear before when times were tough. The thing I’ve learned over time is that the right gear definitely helps, but the fisherman makes all the difference.

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    1. You know, good gear definitely helps. I will say though that learning how to fight big fish is most of the battle. There is a technique called short pumping, and I highly recommend learning it if you’ll be going for tuna. The basic idea is never let them get their head pointed back down. Best of luck to you Braden. Geoff.

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