Okuma Metaloid Reels – 1 & 2 Speed Lever Drag Review

Okuma Metaloid Reels – 1 & 2 Speed Lever Drag Review

Rigid one piece frames, the highest grade aluminum, and cold forged spools. These form the structure of Okuma Metaloid reels. Lightweight, precision cut aluminum is a standing theme among these reels, thus the name Metaloid. Okuma offers the Metaloid series in both single and two speed lever drag options. They also provide a couple of two speed, left hand reels. You’ll find all the information necessary to know these reels inside and out below. The review provides specs, features, best uses, customer service, overall ranking, and more. Find out if Okuma Metaloid reels are right for you!

Okuma Metaloid Reels

Okuma Metaloid Reels
The Okuma 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel.

Product: Okuma Metaloid Single Speed, Two Speed, & 2 Speed Left Hand Reels.

Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100.

Price: Lower Middle Range.

Owners: Okuma Fishing Tackle Corp.

Website: Okumafishing.com.

Intro To Okuma Metaloid Reels

Okuma Metaloid ReelsFor the purposes of durability and performance, high grade aluminum makes the perfect material for offshore reels. As more and more manufacturers come out with metal reel models, what pulls the Okuma Metaloid out of the haystack? It’s true that reels the likes of Shimano’s Trinidad and Daiwa’s Saltiga are worth their weight in gold with a fish on. So what makes the Metaloid different?

The high grade aluminum doesn’t set it apart by its own merits. Plenty of reels have this feature. But pack in a handful of special features, a wide range of specs, bring the price down, and you have yourself a valuable fish fighting machine. Stainless steel components include 4 corrosion resistant ball bearings and helical cut gears, both made to last. A carbonite drag system and precision helical cut gears are a couple of the stand out features, while specs of Okuma Metaloid reels offer a wide range of use.

Okuma Metaloid Models, Specs, & Features

Metaloid Single Speed Models

• M-5NS     • M-5S     • M-12S

Okuma Metaloid Reels
Okuma Metaloid Single Speed Reel.

The M marks the reels as one in the Metaloid series and the number reveals the size. As you can see, single speed models come in only two sizes, the 5 and the 12. The S at the end specifies the reel as single speed and the N means narrow spool.

Metaloid 2 Speed Models

• M-5NII     • M-5II     • M-5IIR     

• M-5IIB     • M-12NII     • M-12II     

• M-12IIR     • M-12IIB

Okuma Metaloid Reels
Okuma Metaloid Two Speed Reel In Red.

Alright. The letters on these reels can make for some confusion. The N still means narrow reel, but notice the additions of the letters B and R on the end of some models. These letters show the choice of red or blue spools and handles. All of their specs remain the same and the standard color is black.

Metaloid Left Hand Retrieve Models

• M-5IILX     • M-12IILX  

Unfotunately, Okuma doesn’t offer left hand retrieve in the single speed models. Neither do they make a narrow spool model for lefties. It is nice to see them fashion 2 sizes of the two speed versions so left hand anglers don’t have to switch.

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Okuma Metaloid Specifications

Single Speed Lever Drag

Okuma Metaloid ReelsAnglers have three single speed models to choose from in Metaloid reels. Two sizes are available and you also have a narrow reels option in the smaller size 5 model. The narrow M-5NS holds than the same size model with the wider spool. It keeps a max 250 yards of 20 pound mono vs 340 yards in the regular size spool. Looking at the larger M-12S reel, you’ll top out at 320 yards of 30 pound mono.

The lever drags set at a strike force of 15 pounds in the smaller models and go full to 24 pounds. You get more drag in the bigger reel which strikes at 27 pounds and maxes at 34. Gear ratios of the single speed models are very fast, one of their advantages. The spool rotates 6.4 times with each turn of the handle. The smaller reels are relatively light, sitting right around 15 and a half ounces. The larger size 12 model weighs roughly 10 ounces more.

Two Speed Lever Drag

In Okuma Metaloid 2 speed models, anglers really have 4 options to choose from. You can get standard spool size models with blue or red colors, but specifications are the same. For spec purposes, there’s two size 5 and two size 12 reels. One with a standard and one with a narrow spool. Size 5 narrow spool models wrap a max 250 yards of 20 pound mono, just like single speed counterparts. This compares to 340 yards in the standard size spools.

Okuma Metaloid ReelsThe larger size 12 narrow spool reels hold a maximum 200 yards of 30 pound mono versus 320 yards in the standard spool. You might lose line with the narrow spool, but they’re so much easier when casting. High gear ratios of Metaloid reels are fast in size 5 models and decent in the larger ones. Size 5’s turn at 6.4:1 while the larger size 12’s drop to 4.7:1.

Slam the size 5 into low gear and it drops to a gear ratio of 3.8:1. The larger size 12 may lose high end speed, but it helps when low gear drops to 2.1:1. Okuma Metaloid 2 speed reels weigh just barely more than the single speed versions, talking a few tenth ounces. Only the standard spool models have the blue or red color option.

Features Of Okuma Metaloid Reels

One Piece Aluminum Frame & Sideplate

Okuma uses 6061-T6 aluminum to machine a 1 piece frame and side plate. The rigid property of aluminum eliminates any reel twist under heavy pressure. It also provides a structure that keeps gears, bearings, and shafts in precise alignment. These things can slightly shift with softer frames.

Okuma Metaloid ReelsCold Forged & Anodized Aluminum Spool

Manufacturers of fishing like Okuma that use cold forging know it makes a stronger spool. Spool strength is important because of the extra wear that line can cause, especially when dealing with the heavy pressure of offshore fish. Okuma anodizes the spools which prevents water from touching metal and forming rust.

Okuma Metaloid ReelsCorrosion Resistant Coating (CRC)

Okuma applies a coat of Corrosion X HD to all internal and external parts of Metaloid reels. The coating actually permeates into the metal forming a bond. Extra protection from rust and corrosion from Corrosion X HD results in reels that can truly stand the test of ocean time.

4 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Bearings

All Metaloid models spin on 4 bearing system. Bearings are stainless steel and corrosion resistant.

Okuma Metaloid ReelsAnodized Aluminum Handle & Ergo Grip Knob

Arms on Okuma Metaloid reels are anodized aluminum and have the cranking design. You see this in the way the handle curves inward toward the reel, and it provides a bit of extra leverage. The handle ends with a palm fitting ergo grip knob. This rubber material helps keep the grip when things heat up and skin gets sweaty.

Stainless Steel Helical Cut Gears

Gears on Metaloid reels are stainless steel, staying in the style of marine protection. They’re also helical cut instead of straight fitting gears. Teeth on straight gears land right inside one another, which is clunky even on a miniature level. Helical cut gears have curves. Each tooth grabs the other at the top point, keeping contact as they move from start to end. By the time they release, the next set of teeth is starting. In this way, helical cut gears produce extreme power.

Carbonite Drag With Cal’s Grease

Okuma puts an effective carbon fiber disc drag system into Metaloid reels. They also use Cal’s grease, a superior lasting product that helps drags engage and eliminate sticking.

Bait Clicker Switch

All Okuma Metaloid models come with a clicker switch. Turn it on when in free spool or with a lightly set drag and it’ll sound when your line starts screaming out. It also sounds when you reel so click it off when retrieving or fighting your fish.

Okuma Metaloid ReelsPrecision Lever Drag With Fine Tune Adjustment

Metaloid lever drags have a strike setting and full is thrown all the way forward. You can fine tune the resistance to within a few pounds more or less with the adjustment knob just under the lever. There have been some concerns about the performance of the drag. Anglers find that the drag doesn’t reach any level of resistance until right at the strike line. One angler discusses a fix on BloodyDecks, though it may be a manufacturer default on a select few models.

Double Dog Anti Reverse System

There seems to be some online confusion around the anti reverse system in Metaloid reels. The best source (the ones from customers) state that Metaloid reels use a double dog anti reverse system. There will be a small amount of back play before they engage, though owners claim it’s not much. There have also been some reports of the mechanical dogs not engaging. This one is surely a manufacturer’s defect. There’s no problem replacing free of charge on these off chance occurrences.

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Pros & Cons Of The Okuma Metaloid


Okuma Metaloid ReelsThe value of Okuma Metaloid reels is most prominently seen by their durability and performance versus their price. There are honest concerns anglers discuss about the reels, but the price is incredibly low for a reel of such quality. Okuma puts a lot of effort into making Metaloid reels saltwater proof.

Line capacities show what Metaloid reels are made for, going only as high as 30 pound mono. Still, the maximum drag provides plenty of resistance at 34 pounds to handle 60 – 80 pound tuna. Metaloid reels are fast, both in single and 2 speed models. You do lose a bit in the larger 2 speed, but you get it back in low gear.

Smaller size 5 model Metaloids are perfect for inshore, near shore, or even rock fishing opportunities. It wouldn’t be right to go without mentioning that Metaloid reels come for left handers and have those narrow options for casting.


It’s obvious that there are certain concerns about Metaloid reel systems malfunctioning. The most concerning of these is the drag that doesn’t properly engage until the strike setting. This suggests that it may be a design flaw, and if so a fix is in order. Other anglers are reporting the reels to work fine. The manufacturing defects are a bummer if they happen to you. Thankfully, Okuma will replace them free of charge in these situations.

What Kind Of Fishing Is The Metaloid For?

You definitely wouldn’t want to get into anything too big with a Metaloid reel. Reserve that for the Okuma Makaira or Shimano Tiagra which are specifically for that purpose. The larger size 12 models will handle medium grade tuna, amberjack, yellowtail, jack trevalle, and the like. Size 5 models are smaller, but they still have a max drag of 24 pounds. That’s not shabby and can handle good size fish. Monster bass or huge Sheepshead won’t be a problem.

Okuma Metaloid ReelsOkuma Reel Support

Customer support is one of the things Okuma reel owners love about the company. Metaloid reels come with a 3 year warranty and Okuma has service centers around the world. They provide full schematics, reel registration, and a service center locator feature on the U.S. website.

The Metaloid Conclusion

Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100 users approve of Okuma Metaloid Reels.

The score would be 90 were it not for the reports of issues with among select users. There does seem to be a drag fix in the event it is a design flaw, though that’s a bit of a pain. All in all, the performance and especially price for what Okuma Metaloid reels offer is outstanding. Definitely test these reels before you bring them out on the water. Make sure they work up to expectations.

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