Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing – True Jackpot

Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing – True Jackpot

Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing

Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing If you live in San Diego county or you’re here on vacation, Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing is a destination for your GPS. Helgrens will provide to you an incredible fishing adventure! From 5 hour fishing trips along the coast to multiday trips, Helgrens fulfills every fisherman’s needs.


Why Choose Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing?

  • The people: Businesses are built by people, for people. Helgrens specializes in the treatment of it’s customers.
  • Helgren Oceanside SportfishingThe ocean: It just doesn’t get any better. Just north of San Diego, the ocean here is pure and beautiful.
  • The fishing: Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing will put you on the fish, and help you catch them. The only thing they can’t do is make the fish bite.
  • The Price: Helgrens offers competitive prices for their services. Great value, and often less than other landings in San Diego County.
  • The memories: These will last a lifetime. Be sure to bring your camera, smartphone, or go pro with you. You will likely need it.

The Fleet

  • The Sea Trek: Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing60′ long, the Sea Trek rides close on the water. Typically runs 3/4 day trips. Holds up to 39 passengers.
  • The Electra: Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing 75′ long, offers comfort and stability. Typically runs the 1/2 trips. Ability to easily run overnight/multiday trips.
  • The Oceanside 95:
    Just like it’s name, the O95 sits 95′ long. Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing This is Helgrens overnight vessel. Featuring a full galley, estate rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 shower, and plenty of fishing room rail to rail.
The Owners
Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing
Joey And Wife Autumn Helgren

Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing is a family owned operation. Opened in 1978 by Dick Helgren, the business has stayed in the family despite a tragic car accident that took the life of it’s founder.

The business is now run by Mr. Helgren’s son Joey (who is also a captain). Joey has been involved in the business from a young age, and keeps his father’s vision alive. Respect must also be paid to Dick Helgren’s wife Caroline, who is also still involved with the business.

The Prices

Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing All prices are subject to the discretion of the Helgren family. Fuel cost, added license fees, and seasonal demand are examples of ever changing variables. Here’s a glimpse of what they offer vs. San Diego landings.

  • 1/2 day fishing: $55.00 Helgrens/$45.00 San Diego fleet.
  • 3/4 day fishing: $75.00 Helgrens/$145 San Diego. Extra fees for fishing Mexican water apply in San Diego. Not so at Helgrens!
  • Overnight: $135.00 Helgrens/$205 San Diego.
  • 1.5 day: $225.00 Helgrens/$275 San Diego.

These are current prices all taken off the internet. Prices do not include food, drink, or rental equipment.

Final Opinion

Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing Helgren Oceanside Sportfishing offers the highest quality service in Sportfishing. They beat the competition on almost every pricing category. Helgren’s fishing boats are top notch. They are a family company, and contribute to the community. Create experiences, make friends, and capture memories when you choose Helgrens Sportfishing.

Let me know how your trip went. Ask a question. Get advice here. Geoff@Fishtfight.com

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    1. Captain Rick Slavkin is top notch with customer service. It is his goal to put you on the fish, but your personal comfort and overall good time is just as important to him. Thanks for the comment David aka Super Dave.

    1. Hello Jordan and thanks for the comment. I’m glad you brought that up, as it gives me a chance to be clear. Joey Helgren, Rick Slavkin, and a lot of others at Helgrens are personal friends. I decked one season on the Electra, in the summer of 2014. This wasn’t something I was trying to hide,(it is on my profile) and I stand behind every word I’ve written. It is all accurate. Keep in mind, the prices were taken directly from the internet on the day of this post. They may be different today. As I’ve been working on my website here it seemed like a very good idea to help a friend with some free promotion. (It’s not like they’re not worth it) Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and can fish where they like. Helgrens customers are welcomed and encouraged to write positive or negative reviews on Yelp, or right here. I know Joey would want to hear about it. I believe the consensus will uphold this article. Thanks, Geoff.

      1. Rob

        No need to explain. I grew up in Clairemont so San Diego is where my pops took me as a kid and yeh the prices are higher. Now later later in life although my father recently passed we spent last 15 years sportfishing out of Oside. I’ve taken nephews crom Alaska and Escondido fishing Sea Trek with Jerry Kholer, Electra with Joey Helgren and the O95 and these guys always treated all my family with fun, cish and respect. I have no idea what website this is but saw a needed opportunity to chime in. Rob

  1. Roope

    Wow! What fishes!! That would be great food, yummy! 😉

    Thank you for the tips and insights. It would be interesting to try Sportfishing because I haven’t done it before. But I think for me it would be wise to do it with someone who is more experienced in doing that.

    The second last image is great. If that kind of rewards are possible, I would be really interested in to try it.


    1. Geoff

      Thanks for commenting Roope. One of the best parts of the catch is the feasting afterwards. This kind of fishing has many rewards. We all start with a mentor too. Someone to show us how. Geoff.

  2. Daniella

    Hi Geoff,

    What a nice article, I really enjoyed reading it!
    My husband was a fisherman once, he was also owning a fishing trawler and his brother was passionate about sportfishing as well. I have bookmarked your website so I can show this article to my husband, I am sure he will love it!
    Thank you very much for this awesome blog

  3. Joel

    If I’m ever in San Diego county I will definitely look these guys up. Unfortunately I live in NTH QLD so it wont be anytime soon.

    Luckily I fish the great barrier reef fairly regular so it’s not to hard to get onto the fish.

    Just out of curiosity though, are the prices per person within a group? And what sort of fish would you get in that area?

    Love to know as I love my fishing


    1. Geoff

      Thanks for the comment Joel. Interesting enough, I’ve seen Australian’s fishing for one of the same game fish we target. We call it Yellowtail. I believe it is a King Amber Jack down under. The prices listed are for an open group which means anyone can go until the boat is full. If the boat doesn’t fill, the landing will have a minimum required passenger count to go. Hope this helps. Geoff

  4. helgrens is hands down the original of originals i have gone fishing with my dad as kid with helgrens for years now i take my son fishing with helgrins we are 3 generations of fishermen who love helgrens operation please keep them in oceanside??

  5. Matthew

    Hi Geoff
    I have only been fishing twice in my lifetime and I didn’t really enjoy it if im honast.
    The first time I went lake fishing and quite frankly I was bored to death! The second time I fished off a local pier which was a bit more fun but still didn’t think it was for me.
    This ocean sport fishing though has got me quite intrigued. Do they help beginners at all or is it just for the pro’s?

    1. Geoff

      Hey Matthew, good question. Ocean fishing is like any other kind of fishing. There’s slow days, but there’s also days that go down in history. Overall, I find ocean fishing more exciting than other types. Beginners best bet is to start with shorter trips like 1/2 or 3/4 day. Even 3/4 days can be a bit too long for some people. As far as helping new comers? Well it’s a business so they better be doing it. If not, they’re not likely to be taking people fishing for very long. Again, good question and tight lines if you do get out there. Geoff.

  6. Kenny g / snoopy

    I went fishing with my grandpa on the Electra at 13 . He had a heart attack. Found him in the forward bunks. He told me if I liked what what I was doing then get top deck and help the crew. We had to go ashore. He ran the old fishing barge in the days off the pier before there was a fishing landing though of all people dick helgren came down from Pedro I think and bought the docking leesse. For many years they had it and I went topside while tommy, mike, Jeff, mark, Bobby and Joey held the deck. Good people. They taught me so well I became lead deckhand after they left. I loved my job and still to this day help as much. When we had to paint the Electra for dicks funeral I was there. Mixing paint because nobody knew what the heck. Very proud. And kholer had some decks that did not know how to get out of the weeds. Always wanted to go when I can. Others were there but can’t pay my wage but proud as they looked up to me as a previous employee. So this long story will shorten as we remember our loved ones and make sure it shall be set in stone. You will find be trying to catch the boat as it leaves. That’s a seen. Especially when Joey is at the helm. He loves me as I do him. God bless you big doggy. Love always. Snoop. I could tell you more but we would go on for hours. Way more.

    1. admin

      That’s quite the tale. We are on East Coast Virginia way now. Will never forget my time, and will back on board, the Electra one day. I already miss Pacific Ocean fishing, but perhaps some Chesapeak Bay reports and reviews will be appearing on site in the future. Geoff.

  7. Kenny g

    Please never forget Charlie lesbraunce. Ya! I know I’ve forgotten more like lance magee Shultz and maybe a couple others. I’m talking about my old friends when I met you guys and you put me under your wing. So sorry if I forgot to mention y’all . This is a quick how’d and sorrowful hello to my friend Joey. I love ya bro.

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